Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Common saying says: Chinese gem sees Shenzhen, shenzhen gem sees Luo Hu, collect lake gem sees water shellfish. 2020, gem of Shenzhen water shellfish will greet an internationalization grand meeting. On June 24, group of water shellfish gem and association of international color gem (ICA) strategy collaboration and group of water shellfish gem undertake autograph of the 20th annual meeting made an appointment with ICA 2020 the ceremony is held. The reporter understands from the meeting, be known as ” vane of industry of global color gem ” annual meeting of association of international coloured gem will do in Shui Beiju 2020, this will be this international grand meeting is held in Shenzhen first. According to introducing, association of international coloured gem (ICA) is current it is profit of industry of safeguard coloured gem exclusively and built cosmopolitan organization, craftsman of the lapidary agency of the appraisal that is engaged in coloured gem technically by many 700 of 47 countries and appreciate, cut, mine advocate peace shopkeeper composition. ICA annual meeting is the main platform that international industry discusses jewelry trade current situation and innovation development, the shirt-sleeve be well versed in of resource of stimulative colour treasure, the natural resources of international of butt joint of chromatic gem market with Yi Weizhong huge country offers an opportunity. Association of international color gem (why does ICA) favor Shenzhen water shellfish? Liang Rui of executive president of group of water shellfish gem is right on the meeting development of group of gem of Shenzhen water shellfish undertakes decoding, he expresses, come nearly 20 years, water shellfish collects the ground from the jewelry company with few amount, develop the case that gem element abounds dimensions huge amount today, basically be 2003, group of water shellfish gem is in water shellfish piece the area makes international of the first Shui Beizhu treasure of countrywide trade center, for jewelry industry wholesale the service that made total trade, jewelry company achieved many 2000 2006. Develop to drive jewelry industry deepness, group of water shellfish gem made field of branch of exposition of Shenzhen culture industry 2005, in addition the force of capital of have the aid of of water shellfish gem, supply catenary to provide financial service to jewelry industry, promote development of Chinese jewelry industry.


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