Dispatch of network of collect lake home: On June 28 morning, development of collect lake area and happy event of city of Shenzhen of reform bureau combination establish limited company of science and technology, in happy event stand to fill cloth quickly auspicious farming approves the market to fill a power station to hold drilling of lash-up of safe production month and safe production management groomed 2019 activity. The division develops and Jiang Deyuan of deputy director general of management board of lash-up of Ma Zulin of reform bureau deputy director general, area attends an activity. Zhang Wenhua of chairman of association of safe production technology, happy event establishs the division Liao Youyong of president of science and technology, relevant unit and each are street do chief and area under administration to charge to provide the nearly 100 people such as enterprise representing with content to spot view and emulate drilling, attended safety to groom.

The content of spot drilling is imitate personnel gets an electric shock and electric car is charging lash-up of accident of the on fire in the process comes to help. After spot personnel discovers danger love, appear in the newspaper instantly and undertake control and be handlinged. Spot general director starts company meet an urgent need instantly according to spot circumstance beforehand case, request fire department and medical treatment personnel help relieve a sick or injured person. Press coordinate at the same time urgent beforehand the requirement of the case has emergency treatment, cautionary, personnel in group the job such as safeguard of scattered, goods and materials. Fall in strong organization, fall in the assistance of each crash crew and fireman, each group cooperates in order in coordination, completed rescuing work of lash-up rush to deal with an emergency smoothly. Drilling undertook about 1 hour. Carry drill of this actual combat, lash-up rescuing group gets rising greatly to breaking out the lash-up of the accident to handle ability. In the meantime, increased to break out accident lash-up linkage cooperation and save oneself each other saves ability, deal with for rapid henceforth, efficient, orderly ground charge picket safety accident lays next actual combat foundations. Ma Zulin expresses in mobile spot, this drilling is imitate drilling after all, come to help to still be put in quite big distinction with actual accident, rescuing meeting encounters actual accident greater difficulty, may exceed our anticipation and imagination. Accordingly, should have done carefully daily safety is on guard and superintend, check erroneous ideas at the outset, play hidden trouble of great strength punish, eliminate the accident in budding condition. After drilling activity ends, the expert of association of safe production technology returned collect lake area to hold safety administration to groom for everybody course.  


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