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Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Mention 5G, a lot of people won’t unfamiliar. On June 6 morning, industry letter ministry extends formally 5G business uses license plate, the mark is worn times of 5G of Chinese make one’s bow. On the forum of city of wisdom of friendly city of 2019 Shenzhen international that held this year in May, shenzhen municipal Party committee expresses in clerical Wang Wei, shenzhen already became the city of net of independent group of the first 5G of Chinese. Current, shenzhen also is driving 5G to be in the confluence of 6 big fields applies Wu of harbor of clear video of VR/AR of Internet of car of intelligent network couplet, unmanned aircraft, industry, cloud, freeboard, wisdom, the deepness of network of 5G of implementation of do one’s best, technology, product and application is shirt-sleeve, pull movable course of study in order to apply to develop.    On June 21, luo Hu ” double week is released ” hold show intended for a limited audience of innovation of science and technology.  The text that releases this is ” 5G is endowed with can industry of Luo Hu artificial intelligence sails drive ” .      Luo Hu serves as the city zone that takes the lead in undertaking 5G industry grows, how can fall in 5G ode after all, produce advantage of the city zone, bring new development to change? On June 21, luo Hu ” double week is released ” hold show intended for a limited audience of innovation of science and technology, shi Xingzhong of director of bureau of innovation of science and technology of collect lake area carries the enterprise of 5 science and technology inside area under administration to be brought jointly ” 5G is endowed with can industry of Luo Hu artificial intelligence sails drive ” the theme is released, decipher falls in 5G setting, domain of industry of Luo Hu artificial intelligence. The reporter understands from the meeting, luo Hu is driving 5G industry the play on development leads actively and set an example action. After the agreement is signed, chinese telecommunication has 153 5G radical to stand in synchronous start working to build in Luo Hu at present, predict to will debut in September this year, can open 300 to December base station, can open 600 to 2020 base station, cover whole area the Lou Yu of all key industry. After Luo Huyun computation, big data and 5G combine settle of building site of wisdom of first 5G of A whole nation, the development soil that can make artificial intelligence is in early on April 30, government of collect lake district and branch of Chinese telegraphic Shenzhen sign strategic cooperation agreement, area of focusing collect lake ” 5G wisdom the city zone ” build demand, enclothe in signal of 5G of area of industrial garden area, key, the domain such as wisdom city construction forms comprehensive collaboration, quicken Luo Hu to be in the layout of 5G domain, of area of big bay of cooperative output radiate, demonstrative whole nation ” wisdom collect lake ” interconnection each other knows demonstrative area. What is 5G after all? Zhao Fuyun of divisional company general manager casts Luo Hu of Shenzhen of Chinese telegraphic Inc. gave this one issue. Introduce according to him, 5G is to point to system of communication of the Five Dynasties, comparing original 4G is a promotion that measures level. “5G times is the times of an interconnection of everythings on earth, it is the person is using a mobile phone not only, however all sensor and connect between all thing, so 5G since gradual progress also is change, it is whole society of a profundity change. ” he says. The business characteristic of 5G has 3: Low when delay, big join, large flow. 5G carries end when delay 1% what have 4G only, this makes must drive automatically, car content is able to come true in coordination. Bandwidth rate respect, 5G bandwidth rate is 100 times of 4G, join counts every square kilometer to achieve 1 million, can in the Gao Tie with 500 horary kilometers genteel free is used. In addition, 5G supports network section and margin calculation, very agile on deploy. So, what can these advantages of 5G bring for the industry? After cloud computation, big data and 5G are united in wedlock, can make the development soil of artificial intelligence. Delay when 5G is low, the characteristic of big join, big bandwidth, after with artificial intelligence automation union rises, what dare not imagine originally is automatic drive, car content cooperates with, it is OK that industrial automation, long-range diagnosis and treatment and video are waited a moment came true through automation method. 5G application is rolled out quickly in Luo Hu. Building site of wisdom of first 5G of countrywide is in Luo Hu. In the past, of a lot of building site how to prevent, existence of catastrophic early-warning respect is difficult. Had 5G, can be above the worker’s safety helmet compositive and high-definition photograph picture, fixed position and to telling a function, the removability big bandwidth that uses 5G undertakes real time monitoring, intelligence attempers, risk early-warning, incident is answered put. “Before these workers as a result of dedicated job, sense organ of be enslaved to be enslaved to, do not know the arrival of circumjacent danger. The assistance that adopts 5G is OK and long-range early-warning, allow a worker can be observant and alert, ear listens all directions. ” Zhao Fuyun says. Look in Zhao Fuyun, the subscription of bilateral agreement is burgeoning to Luo Hu belt of industrial belt, port economy belt, innovation banking industry has position of 5G network lead, take the lead in realizing deep harbor of big bay area the each other of infrastructure is connected, the sense is extraordinary. After the agreement is signed, chinese telecommunication has 153 5G radical to stand in synchronous start working to build in Luo Hu at present, predict to will debut September. Predict 300 the meeting is enlightened in December base station, can open 600 to 2020 base station, cover whole area the Lou Yu of all key industry. “At the appointed time, the terminal network series of 5G will be mature rise, just undertake deploy of form a complete set. ” Zhao Fuyun says. B meets artificial intelligence how to be prevented in medical treatment of wisdom garden area, wisdom, wisdom when 5G, wisdom content flows wait for foretaste of go ahead of the rest of key industry domain to have pedestrian cross street, can issue a directive immediately, make the car around automatic decelerate jockeys; There is drain on the road, can tell the car of the course immediately, the course with compasses safer lay off… this is about of viatic of the wisdom in ideal. It installs those who have countless to send feeling equipment, join traffic canal controls a system, have top-ranking computational capacity, can think. Traffic of Shenzhen city town plans to design a research center, planning a such compose build the car of intelligent network couplet that is based on 5G technology to apply integral solution. 5G resembles a bridge, car and traffic these two parallel were received one case repeatedly. This plan wisdom road and wisdom the car combines together, viatic is felt and computational ability can be endowed with to the car can, the position of the car, condition and perceptive information can pass on road. Traffic canal of future accuses systematic general to be able to provide a service for entire object, provide the system of completely spatio-temporal perception, complete element of environment of person, car, road is able to cooperate with. Current, this center had faced Luo Hu to begin the early days of demonstrative division of car of couplet of network of intelligence of clear water river to plan. According to the program, demonstrative area construction will divide a level: 1 phase basically are to face infrastructure to build, in clear water river piece arrange of upside of a few of the area main road signal of travel of route of lever of wisdom street lamp, car controls a system, shift to an earlier date on lever of wisdom street lamp obligate 5G is small base the installation interface of the station; 2 phase will begin applied demonstrative work in the light of different application setting; 3 phase basically are focusing industry service, offer construction of form a complete set. Like traffic of Shenzhen city town the program designs a research center such, the collect lake company that takes advanced side in 5G and industrial confluence still has a lot of. Company of spark electron engineering, international content sheds go smoothly of technical Inc. , banyan today industrial group, medium the much home company such as Hang Huadong photoelectricity and Chinese telecommunication Luo Hu distinguishs the company is signed ” 5G go ahead of the rest sets an example, how to prevent in medical treatment of wisdom garden area, wisdom, wisdom, wisdom content flows, the foretaste of go ahead of the rest of key industry domain such as unmanned aircraft, exploration 5G technology uses promotion, the industry that help strength upgrades. In respect of wisdom medical treatment, the AI of palace neck cancer that Yi Pusen rolled out applied 5G technology assists diagnostic series product: The equipment of two printer size, can finish storehouse of sampling, coloring, production, card to place, preview, bar code identifying, electron microscope is automatic the measure such as analysis of scanning, AI, reach from offerred example first visit to a doctor of palace neck cancer reports finally, hand in by doctor check. This series product applies banner depth of field to extend a technology, can let every cell appear very clearly. In the meantime, of the huge cell that the product has freeboard Qing Dynasty to spend tag, can be opposite 9 kinds of cells 5 kinds microbial undertake discriminating, identify precision to achieve 99% , particularity is achieved 80% . The intelligence that C obtains exploration of respect of bigger energy industry to be based on 5G technology to apply without robot of man-machine, industry makes solution 5G and unmanned aircraft encounter, also let an industry gift bigger energy. In glory of summer of vise general manager of limited company of Shenzhen of Hang Huadong photoelectricity introduces, the video signal that can transmit 2 4K issues without compression circumstance in 5G, and the video signal that 1 360P can send only below 4G, this is tens of promotion of times. Accordingly, 5G can raise unmanned aircraft product to be in greatly mapping, how to prevent, the efficiency of respect of direct seeding of check of electric power make one’s rounds, V R. Mapping respect, 5G can let be in without man-machine mapping while real time makes high resolution three-dimensional district information; In lash-up communication comes to help on, because company share does not have man-machine product high load to achieve 55 kilograms, can bear the weight of the shift of 5G base station ” God ” , do not suffer the ground to be apart from limitative influence; Respect of check of electric power make one’s rounds, can adopt 5G data chain, make do not have man-machine to still work normally in invisible circumstance. Industrial robot industry produces a change because of the arrival of 5G likewise. International content sheds Shenzhen city today Ceng Wei lofty shows technical Inc. vice president, 5G makes industry mobile robot mutual the latency time between reduced 30% above, let system of intelligence of industrial shift robot become a possibility, realize the collection of huge industry data, realize the cloud on interconnection of everythings on earth, data finally. “Future, we explore the intelligence that is based on 5G technology application to make a solution. ” Ceng Wei lofty expresses, at present the company had built the first batch of intelligence to create 5G pilot network in industrial garden, the combination that following industrial robot in operation 5G now checks, plan to build 5G lab, begin the research of the industrial gateway that is based on rock-bottom data to collect a need and sensor and 5G technology union. D is strategical burgeoning industry ” quantity ” ” qualitative ” double promotion is burgeoning industrial development focusing is in artificial intelligence, life is healthy domain of two big focal points in recent years, increasing the burgeoning industry position that is a delegate with artificial intelligence is in Luo Hu. Collect lake division achieves bureau director Shi Xingzhong to think, at present collect lake industry grows more and more focusing, focusing of burgeoning estate development is in artificial intelligence, life is healthy domain of two big focal points, form ” south science and technology of financial trade, north innovates ” amlposition develops pattern. In July 2018, burgeoning industry takes large phoenix tree to bring into the layout of program of burgeoning industry space such as Shenzhen artificial intelligence formally. Nowadays, burgeoning industry belt builds large phoenix tree to had become collect lake transition to expand major strategy position. This industry belt removes Yin Hushan on the west, lake of road of hillock of edge north annulus, mud, cloth heart road, radiation collect with boreal area, classics collect sanded direction east outspread to lotus pond, include clear water river, Dong Xiao, east pond of lake, lotus 4 street. Build an area to make an appointment with 12 square kilometer, can build an industry to make an appointment with 4.5 square kilometer with the ground. Current, industrial belt gathered in all strategical burgeoning industry achieves 440, the 98 keys enterprise that brings into superintendency service realized battalion to close 2018 exceed 20 billion yuan. Among them, clear water river piece the area will make base of artificial intelligence property, innovation of technology of focusing artificial intelligence and setting application (AI+) , build small town of base of artificial intelligence property and characteristic. Rely on region of silver-colored lake valley, plan test-fly experiment infrastructure, dig space of periphery of small hole reservoir, introduce key laboratory and research organization, transform red hillock park, make park of theme of science and technology. In the meantime, rely on clear water river many road is built, blend in 5G business to use, nobody drive, multivariate information is collected, the construction of infrastructure of artificial intelligence application such as wisdom traffic. Heart of Dong Xiao cloth piece base of industry of health of life of construction of area exert oneself, information of focusing biology medicine, life, spirit standard medical treatment, health serves, make modes of life and relation to their environment of life health industry. The area that Luo Hu relies on near neighbour Hong Kong medical treatment of the environmental advantage of city of half of landscape of advantage, half, civilian battalion is resourceful wait for an advantage, urge construction of base of life health industry. Current, astral silver-colored medicine, medium a batch of life such as the medical treatment of medical treatment of couplet pharmacy, Yipusen, far east, gigantic vessel, science and technology that collect a pine are healthy bibcock enterprise already assemble Luo Hu. In addition, lotus pond piece industry of Internet of area criterion layout collects an area, IT of focusing Internet application, new generation, make IT industry modes of life and relation to their environment. This area still will build poineering base of innovation of deep harbor youth. “Burgeoning industry belt already made large phoenix tree future of decision collect lake, lead transition of old the city zone to expand core carrier. ” Shi Xingzhong expresses, according to industrial program, to 2020, preliminary building high new developed area of the eastpart part, become Shenzhen state tall newly-added district to extend an area: Industrial belt forms innovation element assemble, burgeoning industry to be the modern industry system of pillar, burgeoning industry dimensions amounts to 130 billion yuan; Preliminary building base of artificial intelligence property and area of of all kinds and professional garden 15, it is important to become center of innovation of industry of Shenzhen international science and technology the city zone; The industry such as health of artificial intelligence, life, IT is formed collect effect, company of new and high technology exceeds the country 500. Number is read arrive from 2015 2018, luo Hu is strategical measure of burgeoning estate company increases nearly 500 from more than 200, production value increases more than yuan 1000 from more than yuan 300; To the end of 2018, what battalion receives 1 billion yuan of above is strategical burgeoning enterprise 23, pay taxes of 20 million yuan of above have 39. Luo Hu is new and high technical company measure 120 from 2015, increase 277 to 2018; Whole society research and development throws defray to was two hundred and ten million five hundred and fifty thousand yuan 2015, was four hundred and thirty-six million five hundred and seventy thousand yuan 2016, achieved eight hundred and nine million three hundred and fifty thousand yuan 2017, average amplitude 196% . Patent of quantity of 3 kinds of patent application, accredit quantity, invention applies for a quantity to grow 84.7% compared to the same period respectively, 103.41% , 115.92% . Innovation carrier shares 67, increased 22 2015 quite.