Dispatch of network of collect lake home: June 26 is ” the world stands poisonous day ” , collect lake area has one to approve ” small mailman ” , appear in ave lane, distribute for the dweller ” the postal parcel that prohibit toxin ” . As we have learned, prohibit toxin to begin the whole people, collect lake area bans poison to do and each are street conduct a variety of activities, to the citizen conduct propaganda bans poisonous knowledge. The whole people bans poisonous small mailman to popularize sailing on June 25 afternoon, by Luo Hu the area bans poison to do guidance, street agency sponsors lotus pond ” international stands poisonous day I am the Dai Yan that prohibit toxin ” the activity is held. Dweller masses, student walks together explode 200 many imprint the balloon that has drugs model of written characters, revealed the numerous people all the people of one mind, determination that eradicates drugs hand in hand and attitude; The literary performance of the masses love to see and hear such as drama of the scene that prohibit toxin, comic dialogue, essay, song, dancing, showed suck drugs to be opposite the harm of individual, family and society, enhanced the consciousness prohibiting toxin of community dweller. “International stands poisonous day I am the Dai Yan that prohibit toxin ” activity. The whole people bans poisonous spokesman — , ban poisonous small mailman. As we have learned, during summer vacation, the area bans poison to do, lotus pond sweet agency of city of street, Shenzhen is versed in the service center will cooperate with postal site, roll out new pattern of the conduct propaganda that prohibit toxin jointly: The whole people bans poisonous spokesman — , ban poisonous small mailman, with drugs precautionary conduct propaganda teachs a line to go up ” the friend is encircled ” push send + below the line ” parcel post ” fast the means promotion that give bans poisonous conduct propaganda. Be driven continuously to maintain at the same time and consequence, go up through the line wide enclothe + the line plays profound effect, recruit ” ban poisonous small mailman ” with the whole people ” the spokesman that prohibit toxin ” , people of effective promotion whole town is poisonous to banning intellectual popularity rate and the consciousness that participate in the fight that prohibit toxin, initiate the precaution that prohibit toxin to publicize education and the whole people to stand poisonous new structure. At the appointed time, 900 thousand times the dweller will pass area under administration friend circle gets knowledge of the conduct propaganda that prohibit toxin, knowledge of 6000 conduct propaganda that prohibit toxin enters the kind that carries parcel post card dweller family, in community, school in all recruit 40 ” ban poisonous small mailman ” ” the spokesman that prohibit toxin ” , begin summer vacation time to reach ban poison for a long time to publicize a society to carry out an activity. “The circus wagon that turn over poison ” promotion bans poisonous consciousness to ban poisonous conduct propaganda to increase, raise what people reachs broad adolescent to know poison, knowledge poison, gas defence, refus poisonous ability, on June 26 afternoon, in Luo Hu the area bans poison to handle support, huang Bei is street do combination happy scene community is begun ” 6 · 26 ” international bans poisonous day theme to publicize — , thing of small fact of the people’s livelihood of happy scene community ” the circus wagon that turn over poison ” teenage shift bans poison to teach base activity. “The circus wagon that turn over poison ” inside the setting has poison of drugs ABC, experience to endanger poison of experience, refus to gas defence 4 area such as skill and check of refus poisonous final examination, happy scene elementary school organized nearly 500 students to see an experience ” the circus wagon that turn over poison ” project, through listening, say, look, the way such as experience, game, students had to drugs and its harm more intuitionistic the understanding with development. Province head gets the better of Guangdong of this second activity specially invite counsel of community of attorney office, happy scene hangs bit of lawyer Chen Tao to popularize knowledge of the law that prohibit toxin for attendant dweller student. This ” the circus wagon that turn over poison ” the activity adds up to recieve visiting masses 600 more than person-time, to be being advanced further ” the whole people prohibits toxin ” project, the knowledge poison that raises community dweller and teenage student, gas defence, positive effect arrived since refus poisonous ability. Build love ” child ” found avirulent community all right on June 26 afternoon, collect lake Ou Dongxiao is street in Song Quan community is begun ” 26 international ban 6 · poisonous day ” thematic propaganda. With song ” the whole people bans poisonous song ” pull open prelusive, through be being sung easily simply and the tune prohibiting toxin that knows easily, with its warm, sunshine, active Qu Feng travels energy, appeal poison of refus of the whole people fights poison. “Teenager Zhi Zeguo wisdom, the boy is rich a nation is rich, the boy is strong a country is strong, the teenager becomes independent a state is independent, the teenager is free a country is free, the teenager progresses a country progress, the teenager is avirulent a the world is avirulent. ” through reading ” be far from drugs, build firm dream ” , the teenagers on red carpet give out a loud cry: Found the good world that does not have drugs. Mobile spot, each community prohibits area under administration poisonous worker, ban poisonous small pioneers with stall, exhibit board, little gift of the data of the interlocution of the drugs model, knowledge that prohibit toxin, conduct propaganda that prohibit toxin, conduct propaganda that prohibit toxin and reveal ban poisonous job to obtain the form such as achievement to undertake poison is publicized banning in last few years, many students and parents stop watch, study.


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