Dispatch of network of collect lake home: On March 27, shenzhen city program and rich bureau are released ” the village in Shenzhen city town (old village) integrated punish overall planning (2019-2025) ” (next abbreviation ” overall planning ” ) , put forward clearly to be in 2019-2025 year inside program period, the integrated punish partition of whole town delimit is 55 square kilometer with ground dimensions, among them blessing cropland area, collect lake area and south scale of delimit of partition of a mountainous area and integrated punish not under 75% , the others each area not under 54% . Distinction before tear open a lunar month of 30 days greatly, ” overall planning ” hold to ” give priority to with integrated punish ” the village in the city updates train of thought. Core the village in at least 75% cities uses 3 areas the ground will delimit integrated punish photograph asks for opinion draft compared with what will release last year in November, release formally this ” overall planning ” although name in the file,go up undertook adjustment, but the content that involves integrated punish to divided area delimit object, dimensions, principle and delimit program respect to continue to ask for an opinion to stalk of grain as before inside the file. ” overall planning ” show, its are integrated the object of punish partition delimit already still approved newer unit plan to deduct the ground, land reorganize and outfit is used inside limits the ground, shanty town is used inside plan limits transform a plan the ground, construction is used inside limits the Qing Dynasty that use the land cancels a plan use inside limits the ground and, always be 99 square kilometer about with ground dimensions. Among them, delimit is in the dimensions using the land of the integrated punish partition inside program period is 55 square kilometer, before occupying, narrate 56% what always use ground scale. Among them blessing cropland area, collect lake area and south scale of delimit of partition of a mountainous area and integrated punish not under 75% , the others each area not under 54% . Contrast announces before this seek opinion draft version, ” overall planning ” in each area city the village lives with the ground integrated punish partition delimits decided specific dimensions had on the quantity subtle reduce, 10 divisional division into districts of whole town decide dimensions to be 5502 hectare, reduced 8 hectare in all. Former inside Shanghaiguan 4 areas are only model of established rule or practice of division into districts reduces Nashanyi 1 hectare, 3 areas hold the rest changeless. After fine tuning, two areas still are Baoan and dragon hillock the two areas with the largest scale of whole town integrated punish, mix for 1610 hectare respectively 1487 hectare. Construction train of thought from tear open a lunar month of 30 days to although be in,be given priority to to integrated punish greatly seek opinion period, the file of overall planning sex of integrated punish sufferred the village in this concerned city the doubt of villager of the village in many cities. Pull in village mouth after two days when villager of village of hillock of partial bamboo shoot asks for opinion draft to release in this even ” object strongly boycotting integrated punish, requirement city is updated ” banner, but in policy level, release formally ” overall planning ” still held to ” give priority to with integrated punish ” the main train of thought that the village in have a city updates. ” overall planning ” put forward, begin inside integrated punish partition give priority to with integrated punish, establishment of shirt-sleeve and auxiliary sex is added build, functional change, local tear open the village in building the wall that waits for means to update (the following abbreviation ” the village in the city is integrated punish kind update ” ) . Pass small transformed embroider time, increase the necessary communal space inside the village in the city and establishment of form a complete set, promote a space quality, improve a person to rank an environment, strengthen housing safeguard. Ought to integrated punish partition abide by delimit what to kind ofly divide area delimit principle? ” overall planning ” regulation, integrated punish partition ought to be become relatively piece, according to relevant program and technical standard, the element such as the natural element such as integrated consideration road, river and property right border gives delimit. In principle of individual plot area is not less than 3000 square metre inside integrated punish partition. The village in be located in the city such as line of area of scene of basic zoology control line, violet line, history, orange to dominate the town inside sexual area limits uses the land, city of city, area is newer ” 935 ” what the program makes clear is unfavorable demolish rebuild the village in the city uses the land, do not accord with demolish rebuild the village in the wall that plotting builds library policy uses the land, and the village in the city with higher intensity of development of better, current situation uses quality of current situation construction the ground, in principle ought to delimit integrated punish is divisional. Running a side, ” overall planning ” ask limits of space of integrated punish partition carries out rigid canal to control a demand, facilities of the urban infrastructure that decides except legal program, public service or other city are communal of interest project retreat with the ground, Qing Dynasty ask to give with the ground and legal laws and regulations those who demolish outside using the land, inside limits of integrated punish partition must not bring into with the ground demolish rebuild plan of newer unit plan, land reorganize and outfit and shanty town transform kind of town plan. No matter be the village in the numerous Shenzhen city that updates to be faced with a city,be metaphase policy, or to already the look forward to of one numerous room that focusing Shenzhen city updates this huge cake, hold to ” integrated punish ” the influence that brings rear can says tremendous. Syncretic city updates group president Luo Yu to think, to development business, the village in the city is demolished rebuild the land cost after becoming land, relatively the land cost on land auction market wants cheap 1/3 above, put in giant interest vacuum. To development business, participating in integrated punish more is to be demolished long-termly rebuild lien, “Use first grow the means that rents apartment to hold territory under one’s control, can demolish the priority that asymmetry has when rebuilding in prospective instead not only, even if is not participated in demolish rebuild to also can ask to accept demolish rebuilding enterprise to undertake compensatory to investment of its early days ” . Luo Yu expresses, shenzhen is short of the ground to lack a room, future updates a respect to still be unlocked probably in the city, giving priority to more meetings with integrated punish is policy of a metaphase, “Demolish only rebuild to just can alleviate truly the inadequacy that Shenzhen housing supplies ” . And be in ” overall planning ” in, how to also solve instantly living problem to give out to Shenzhen guiding direction, “Encourage the in developing a town with the ground village inside integrated punish partition integrated punish kind update. The standard guides each area to advance dimensions of housing of the village in the city to change all to hire in order inside integrated punish partition transform, of contented condition can bring into policy sex housing to guarantee a system ” .   of vicissitude of the market ” brake ” ” 10 thousand villages plan ”   regards Shenzhen as the city the foretaste of go ahead of the rest in updating person, of 10 thousand divisions ” 10 thousand villages plan ” got in a year of in the past enormous public opinion pressure, its development route and the city that encounter a problem to undertaking to Shenzhen and even whole nation the city is updated and enlist a company and character, provide quite draw lessons from a meaning. 2018 summer, the village in the many cities that garrison Shenzhen plans in 10 thousand divisions, all came out to point to its continuously ” drive up hire ” doubt. In November 2018, 10 thousand villages planned to come out to obtain the information of the room in deep across-the-board halt, and this one view also is holding subsequently in those days communication of southern region media got 10 thousand families on the meeting senior vice president, southern region is presiding Zhang Jiwen of general manager of 10 thousand branches identifies apparitor, Shenzhen really. Announce in respect of 10 thousand divisions annals is medium 2018, this ever got the diversity business of platform of Wang Shi of honorary president of author of group of 10 thousand families, board of directors, was not alluded even. To this, zhu Jiusheng response weighs president of 10 thousand divisions, presiding apparitor, the convergent focusing that 10 thousand villages plan is the interest related side that involves because of its much, the problem compares those who begin expect to want complex. It is to encourage the policy of integrated punish to direct on one hand, it is the integrated punish that must solve on the other hand hind ” drive up hire ” doubt, to Shenzhen, how to capture the contradiction that solves this both, the village in the city that gives Shenzhen integrated punish a clearer development path, became ” overall planning ” the problem that after releasing, solves urgently. To this, luo Yu suggests to be able to rely on the means of finance allowance, solve the devoted problem that the enterprise has integrated punish is brought, dissolve contradiction is the at present acerbest ” transform cost with the fashion shift of drive up hire ” difficult problem.   


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