Dispatch of network of collect lake home: During network of collect lake home is worth Chinese Communist found a party 98 years to found a state 70 years to come with People’s Republic of China, groom to abound basic level leading Party group to knit education form, promote whole of Party member team quality, enhance global consciousness, the job that arouses a Party member is true-blue and go all out in work the motivation of innovation, beijing radical 100 combination Party committee arrives at organizing all Party member on June 29, 2019 memorial hall of column of Hui Zhoudong river is begun greet July 1 ” do not forget first heart, remember a mission well ” activity of thematic party day. Rich of benefit state city collect county east river column memorial hall, repose in scenery of national level key scenic spot inside area of scene of hole of Zhu Ming of hill of area collect float. It is nearby on the right side of east site of river column headquarters – strong empty ancient view. “East name of house of ” of river column memorial hall, for vice-chairman of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference of raw throughout the country the leaf chooses smooth inscribe. 4 are set to show hall and coverall Wu region inside the house, 4 exhibition halls display ” of hall ” , ” heroic hall, ” to mirror the ” that inspect hall for ” of ” prelusive hall, ” respectively, to the south of it river for setting, boundless imposing manner was revealed east the mental scene of river column. Chen Xiaobin’s secretary guides all Party member to face party flag majestic make a pledge, those who review join or be admitted to the party first heart, reviewed oath of join or be admitted to the party. Party members visited 4 old exhibition halls, face picture of a piece of Zhang Li history, a revolutionary cultural relic, party members stop in succession stare, the Chinese Communist with collective great recall guides people indefatigable struggling brilliant history. On the clearing before the house, retired professor Mr Liu Hanquan is college of Jiangxi grain industry we were brought shake diabolo to perform. Year old Comrade Yuan Jinfu of treasure Party committee guides everybody to sing Gong Ge together, is those who experience revolution red? Lubricious spirit, accompanying Gong Ge? does melody go recollecting that to stimulate? Affection flaming years. Subsequently, 100 combination Party committee reported Beijing radical current working condition, to studying model of powerful nation study, grass-roots unit culture of organization of two new parties builds activist and support two new parties build the job outstanding unit undertook commending. 100 combination Party committee is opposite Beijing radical Party committee of combination of golden abundant city, year old the support of Party committee of combination of king of Party committee of combination of treasure Party committee, fiducial combination Party committee, Hong Longshi discipline, ground and participate in thanks, everybody is surrounded sit have communication study. Revolutionary flames of war is already far go, but martyr story already put popular feeling. They were become with blood and life agglomeration do not be afraid of sacrifice, indomitable revolution spirit, incentive people courageously forward. This activity, it is the gules brigade of sturdy and good faith, everybody expresses to want to learn in succession east vertical spirit, the glory that accede and carries on a party is traditional, do not forget the heart at the beginning of education, remember Yo person mission well, encourage act vigorously is entered.


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