Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Lead the understanding that the cadre administers to basic level and understanding to deepen, farther promotion basic level governs ability and level, yesterday afternoon, collect lake area holds an area appoint lecture of special subject of group of theory study center, li De of professor of college of cadre of Pudong of specially invite China makes a problem be ” aggrandizement party is built lead, innovation basic level is administered ” special subject coachs. Area of vice director of standing committee of city National People’s Congress, collect lake appoint clerical He Haitao directs an activity. “Urban society structure, producer type and constituent configuration profundity change, pressing requirement develops the constituent dominant position of the party adequately, the urban work standard that promotes a party ceaselessly ” ” urban party is built is not street party build, either residential area party is built, must bring all sorts of force into play adequately to take on jointly. ” … in the lecture, li De from ” period setting ” ” the new situation that face ” ” the task that will strengthen party of urban basic level to build henceforth and requirement ” 3 much made explain the profound things in a simple way give lessons, put forward a lot of be full of constructive opinion to suggest. “Lecture content full and accurate, case is rich, hope everybody is in will absorb seriously among the job henceforth, digest, apply. ” He Haitao expresses, luo Hu builds area and division of go ahead of the rest of reforming and opening the first times as Shenzhen, development builds maturity of the earliest, society tall, but high-speed city changed a process to also bring a few more outstanding issues. It is reported, in recent years, luo Hu is coordinated in economic construction and social construction undertook be exploringed energetically on development, main way is ” build with basic level party lead basic level society processing ” , pay attention to play party to advocate bibcock action, roll out community system early or late reform, street ” greater part is made ” straight department of reform, division ” big section office ” reform and property service company participate in basic level to administer innovation, compose built those who perfect ” area, street, community, village ” 4 class administer a system.


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