Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Come to make canopy changes the harm that deep builder knows drugs more, promote its to be far from the consciousness of drugs, boycott drugs and ability further, on June 28, 2019 afternoon, party of hill of Party committee of equestrian hill community, horse group canopy of community of hill of horse of service center combination changes China of unit of building site construction to build bureau of the 8th project limited company began canopy of Ma Shan community to change come deep builder bans poisonous conduct propaganda to teach an activity. In the activity, company project and in build 8 bureaus the staff member distributes material of the conduct propaganda that prohibit toxin for fellow workers, offer for its ban poison to seek advice. Fellow workers attend the knowledge that prohibit toxin actively to have award question and answer, right answer gives in the answer very happy. The activity lets fellow workers know common drugs, knew the harm of drugs, the ego that raised them is on guard consciousness, enhanced them to be far from the drugs, ability that rejects drugs. Canopy changes the fellow workers of building site to say in project of mobile heel company, knew ” tall danger crowd ” and ” Gao Wei setting ” these two concepts, have very great help to oneself, hope company project often comes building site holds a few significant activities for them.


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