Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Recently, the political construction that straight office of collect lake district strengthens a party and paradigmatic mechanism are founded advance can hold. Conference study is carried out in the center of, the political construction that province, city strengthens office party advances the drive of the meeting, the politics that studies deploy strengthens office party is built and advance the specific act that paradigmatic mechanism establishs. Area of vice director of standing committee of city National People’s Congress, collect lake appoint clerical He Haitao attends the meeting and speak, collect lake area appoint members of standing committee, area appoint (government) do director Li Xiaoning to chair, area appoint members of standing committee, discipline appoint secretary, inspect appoint acting director He Xingong attend. That day, straight office of collect lake district is versed in appoint the political construction of party of straight office of district of deploy of clerical grave annals and paradigmatic mechanism found the job, next various party organizes scheme will around ” 6 one ” begin the work: “Hold to an all to get ” , want firmly to hold to be gotten for all with the political construction of the party namely; “Around a target ” , want to revitalize development to contribute force for Luo Hu namely, drive Dang Jianhe business ” double hurried of double be in harmony ” ; “Implement a batch of systems ” , fulfil namely since last year, in the center of, the series party organizational system that saves urban print and distribute spends a file; “Establish a mechanism ” , should build quality to build responsibility to fulfil a mechanism around promotion office party namely, build careful standard to assess cadre of mechanism, perfect Party member to incentive mechanism; “Had caught an activity ” , it is solid advance paradigmatic mechanism to establish an activity; “Build strong a team ” , want to carry the advanced sex of Party member team and purity namely. He Haitao emphasizes, want to seek standard work key next, catch the politics of party of straight office of grip real district to build. Want to catch good theory to arm, make the same score thought of socialism of characteristic of new era China nearly with be used to stoutly directional navigate; Want rule of politics of discipline of strict and impartial politics, accomplish from beginning to end ” two are safeguarded ” ; Should highlight catch often catch long, the political construction the party blends in business work in the round, in fulfil ranking and decision-making deploy, be on guard dissolve significant risk, accelerate Bu Qimin to be born short board wait for a respect to show take on; Want serious politics life, build wind Qing Dynasty to enrage political modes of life and relation to their environment.


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