Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Huang Bei is street it is Luo Hu what the area builds the earliest is street, area of the city zone 7.501 square kilometer. Collect lake area is here appoint, the seat of district government, collected center of activity of adolescent of library of collect lake area, area to wait for a variety of culture resource, strong aid push street each development. Meanwhile, “Historical bills due is much ” ” old old village is much ” ” infrastructure is poor ” , also test is worn Huang Bei’s street transition upgrades, basic level processing faces very great pressure and challenge. Huang Bei is street and concise contemporary and comfortable administration serves the hall. “Half moon talks ” salon becomes Huang Bei street the good platform that communicates a dialog with dweller of area under administration. Huang Bei is street it is Luo Hu area appoint, the seat of district government, collected a variety of culture resource. Husband and wife of 12 pairs of better is in happy scene community the applause of neighborhood and the collective wedding that in blessing sound, attended to be sponsorred by community Party committee. In October 2018, happy scene garden combines Party branch to hold water. Huang Bei is street the party is versed in appoint, agency is in Luo Hu area appoint below the guidance of district government, be opposite strictly mark area appoint ” battle of 6 large assault fortified positions ” with district government ” 100 assignment certificate ” deploy, defending ” one is common feelings of people ” , frame case ” a communication bridge ” , knit prison ” one Zhang Wenming net ” , pigheaded piece ” rope of a join forces ” , build firm gules position, safeguard of make concerted effort improves the people’s livelihood, leave no stone unturned captures basic level difficult problem, apply plan integratedly to dissolve contradictory dispute. 2018, huang Bei is street throw 6.59 million yuan of high level in all the plan and construction is street reach community party group center of service center, recreational and sports activities, 10 community party builds standardization position construction to amount to mark in the round, take the lead in hanging out one’s shingle in whole area establish Party branch of 39 dwellers group, build party of 31 dwellers group group service station. With ” great party is built, great service, big government ” for grasper, street innovation makes Huang Bei piece ” party group + ” , ” the party builds E+5 ” , happy scene ” 126 ” more than 10 party such as processing mode builds a brand. 2019, huang Bei is street the party is versed in appoint around ” constituent force promotes ” theme, made street party of 2019 year basic level establishs key task detailed account, add up to begin construction of management of cadre of thought politics education, Party member, Dang Jianzhen ground to wait for 10 kinds of big 31 keys tasks, drive party of street basic level to build the job to promote steadily continuously, show an exuberant vitality. One is common feelings of people ” masses nods single government to serve ” , benefit civilian project responds to a dweller ” 1000 breathe out 10 thousand call out ” Huang Bei is street in the area appoint, below the leader of district government, cogent safeguard and improvement the people’s livelihood works as the key solid advance, carry out energetically ” thing of small fact of the people’s livelihood ” project, with ” masses provides a service by sheet wanting a place, government ” , resolved the Hui Min item that dweller of a batch of community hopes eagerly to solve, promoted community to serve horizontal essence to be changed definitely, turn promotion subtly, strong also reflected street party to be versed in appoint take on with the responsibility of agency. 2018, huang Bei is street receive project of thing of small fact of the people’s livelihood to apply for 207 in all, hold community dweller discuss official business to be met 80 times, discuss through the project 166, involve project total amount thirteen million one hundred and seventy thousand five hundred yuan. Among them, service category looks 119, project category looks 45, objective category looks 2. In collect lake area ” thing of small fact of the people’s livelihood ” in executive rate of project one-year budget, successive two months are ranked the first. White marriage gauze, handsome business suit, beautiful flower… husband and wife of 12 pairs of better is in happy scene community attended in the applause of neighborhood and beatific sound street ” civilian small ” project — the collective that sponsors by community Party committee is bridal. They are average marriageable age 40 years of above, nearly 60 the longest years. This activity, round the bridal dream of many A Baia aunts. New beautiful community had ” build in all share pleasure ground ” , garden of reservoir community peaceful spray became much recreational seat and street lamp… just about confused of each large quantities of this one characteristic, window shows ” civilian small ” project, the happiness that the economic society that makes Huang Bei street develops to have temperature, dweller more has qualitative feeling more, be mixed by the warm reception of masses nod assist in succession. Through carrying out ” thing of small fact of the people’s livelihood ” , still raised a dweller to participate in community greatly the enthusiasm of public general affairs. It is in the light of most dweller blame is deep door come deep builder, community of yellow shellfish mountain is begun ” new city old love ” activity, drive a dweller to share the work such as processing of community culture construction, society, build a rich culture atmosphere, enhance the dweller attributive feeling to community, honorary feeling and sense of responsibility. Hall of administration of a communication bridge ” a type ” handle official bussiness, “Half moon talks ” listen attentively to masses ” thousands of words ” the hall of 370 square metre is capacious not soiled by a speck of dust of bright, floor, there is brand-new free printer in the corner, wait place still intelligence charges sofa, handle affairs dwellers seek advice in a low voice in service window, all in an orderly way… walk into Huang Bei street the administration that runs first floor serves the hall, concise, contemporary, intimacy head on and come. In July 2018, hall of street administration service builds Huang Bei to open again, become resident of area under administration ” the service window of door mouth and open window ” . Street party is versed in appoint according to ” the company does not work to give a division, thing of city run by the local people does not go street ” principle, hold to ” service society, convenient masses ” , make the hall with all one’s strength for civilian, the example that standard, efficient government affairs serves. Enter as room of street census register halt, the hall comes true ” a type ” office, 16 windows can conduct 130 business for the dweller in all, accept integrated business every months on average more than 3000, door politics business more than 2000. The hall still is carried out in the round ” the application on the net, online examine and approve, whole journey is connected do ” service, drive ” on the net whole technological process, get card 0 come ” ” wisdom is examined and approve ” mode, let ” data runs more road, masses is little do legwork ” . Be worth what carry is, rose on March 1 this year, the one horn with service unused hall still is come out by open up, become ” yellow shellfish half moon talks ” field. The Zhou Wu of every half month afternoon, delegate of a few dwellers is assembled in hereat, as big as many professional instructor and all circles Ga face-to-face, enjoy the of all kinds culture of street organization and activity of the people’s livelihood. Terminally topic is street elaborate scheme, dweller of press close to of do one’s best is daily, at the same time suit center works. Already held continuously up to now 8 period, quota of people signing up often ” the second is smooth ” . Huang Bei is street the party is versed in appoint clerical Chen Wei expresses, through ” half moon talks ” salon, administration served the function of the hall to also get be extendinged further, become street a when communicate a dialog with dweller of area under administration good platform. “Can gather together here countless originality and sweat, it is one hid the large stage of infinite likelihood. ” Huang Bei is street the party is versed in appoint Zhong Yuanfeng of director of vice secretary, agency expresses, future is street will perfect this platform continuously, make its become yellow shellfish area under administration further ” politics civilian interactive center ” , ” the center that drafts popular will ” and ” the center that masses controls ” . Civilization of a piece of civilized net founds promotion block environment, sweep black except evil guard ” innumberable families ” Huang Bei is street old old village is dotted inside area under administration, inadequacy of lag of construction of widespread presence infrastructure, congenital program, property manages difficulty to wait for a problem greatly. Before, achievement of environment of its the appearance of a city often is in relevant assessment ” by mat ” . And since last year October, street rank promotes Huang Bei continuously, this year Feburary is before developing whole town 10 more. The appropriate that how promotes block ranks an environment, make dweller of area under administration honest live more Shu Xin, more set one’s mind at, more be at ease, it is Huang Bei street party is versed in appoint the problem that cares most. Be based on this one understanding, street have comprehensive blow from last year ” the environment promotes ” bugle, shenzhen of have the aid of founds the east wind of civilized town, difficulty of straight face pain spot, environment of stimulative area under administration promotes. Canal of street and integrated city executes the law personnel force, execute ” 3 canals, 7 calm ” mode; Carry out the appearance of a city censorial ” small administration ” , aggrandizement serves the superintendency of the company to the bag outside city canal; Build ” city canal superintend and director is checked ” small letter group, implementation management executes the law problem ” conveniently is patted, change immediately, group superintend and director is checked ” ; Carry out ” two one ” plan of high-quality goods project, have in every community make environmental sanitation optionally neat, the appearance of a city is well-ordered ” an a demonstrative street, demonstrative village ” , drive multivariate main body participates in processing of the city zone jointly. Street insist to be begun every week ” walk Huang Bei, beautiful block ” the action, in community Party committee lead, drive area under administration to build volunteer of unit, Party member, dweller in all collective with footstep measure community, collective discovery, resolve difficulty of dense of the appearance of a city. Already approached all right at present 50, share a number nearly 20 thousand person-time. In become cleaner with beauty while, huang Bei is street also become more harmonious in effort with safety. Take up building, default a year of hire, refus to be not moved from, still ask landlord gives him compensation of high specified number? Luo Fang village is updated in the city this was come up against to plant in the process ” the type that touch porcelain ” rent a settle or live in a strange place. As we have learned, dweller Mr Zhang has in Luo Fang village 6 tall build a building oneself. A landed company signed he and Shenzhen last year in March the compensation that tear open change finds a place for after the agreement, inform the Jin Mou that rent a settle or live in a strange place to need to remove contract, and allow economy compensation. Golden gentleman does not go tardy not only, still from begin to default chummage since April in those days, asks indemnity from promote tens of thousands of yuan all the time 500 thousand. Street do wait for a branch to be coordinated with all possible means all do not have if really, mr Zhang to forensic to lodge a complaint, but since adjudicating become effective oneself, jin Mou fulfils obligation not actively all the time. Face such ” Laolai ” , people of innovation of street and active exploration mediates Huang Bei working way method, choose the lawyer with seasoned, masterly business from inside community counsel team, be versed in with street party appoint, community Party committee establishs difficulty dispute to deal with group, fulfil ” thorough a gleam of mediates a law ” , visit mediation through relapsing, rely on forensic court decision, for Luo Fang village city updated a project to remove an obstacle. Since 2018, huang Bei is street the party is versed in appoint, agency strong thrust is entered sweep black work except evil special accuse and denounce at a meeting. Roll out carry out strengthen leading Party group to knit construction 3 years to plan, clear ” weak slack ” the constituent construction of the project that pick a cap, party carries the task of 7 big focal points such as qualitative project to reach ” schedule ” ” construction pursues ” , comb 22 problems detailed list and 32 responsibility detailed list, accelerate leading Party group of implementation basic level to knit construction to be rectified by passivity transform to active management, strong safeguard sweep black change subtly except what evil job basic level builds. Up to this year in April, street add up to punishment arrest experience is black evil crime suspect 148 people, arrest 102 people, destroy experience black evil gang 17. Linkage of rope of a join forces is various the party builds strength, general affairs of manage quiet community ” thousands of strands and loose ends ” community is urban processing ” last kilometer ” , also be party and the nerve ending that the government contacts masses, service masses. Differ in the light of every community characteristic, huang Bei is street the party is versed in appoint sufficient play party is built lead action, continuously build ” one community one characteristic ” the party builds brand project, combine each force to make build in all treat in all share community to administer pattern. In this one process, emerge in large numbers gave a lot of excellent case. Happy scene community ” 126 processing ” mode: Happy scene garden is Shenzhen village of garden of the first individual villa, because of historical reason, establishment of existence infrastructure ageing, recreation equipment of in short supply, power supply is old random place of old, car and violate the rules and regulations are built wait for a problem badly. In collect lake area appoint below constituent ministry guidance, huang Bei is street the party is versed in appoint in village of happy scene garden pilot ” 126 ” processing mode, namely ” one nucleus leads ” , highlight the core that develops Party branch of village of happy scene garden to lead action; “Double round drive ” , guide play of Party member of village resident Party member, property management company to be the first action; “6 discuss official business ” , station of contact of delegate of company of village Party branch, property, National People’s Congress, course of study appoint group of meeting, dweller, community alarm Wu room achieves 6 linkage, participate in village processing jointly. In October 2018, happy scene garden combines Party branch to uncover a shop sign. By December, party of company of whole town property is built and course of study appoint meeting party builds the spot to be able to be held in Luo Hu, personnel attending the meeting will to party of company of property of survey of special subject of happy scene garden build the job to develop a case. The expert thinks, organization of party of this mode facilitating basic level and of all kinds organization reach value community consensus, broken saw respective barrier, from original respective responsibility be in harmony is synthesized homocentric with to, plan as a whole inside self-identity of a value integrated resource, took time to drive a village to ask solution to a problem wins definitely, strove for common feelings of people, it is the successful model that dweller village party builds. New beautiful community ” party group discuss official business meets ” : How demand of dweller of accurate butt joint of essence of life? How to promote a service quality? How to bring a society into play to just participate in community processing each? New beautiful community serves as old old community, face these to be badly in need of settlement key difficulty, made community meticulously ” party group discuss official business is met ” , arouse extensively controller of organization of party of area under administration, ” two delegates one committee member ” , representing of Party member, dweller, problem of the heat that cares in the light of masses regularly, difficulty undertakes discussion, solve the problem in basic level, dissolve contradiction in community. A system of payment partly in kind and partly in cash of Party member area is the main base that Party members of new beautiful community collect popular wishes of basic level public feelings. In new show some village, because new old property has sex,cause financial dispute, before property company was not handled with be being put in financial problem with owner for, do not agree to hand over property management job tardy, party member Luo Chuanjing organizes job tenet labour to chase the home to chase an advise to begin a village to owe cost filling pay, final implementation property has sex smoothly. According to statistic, from 2018 community party group since discuss official business can hold water, the Party member of new beautiful community already collected public feelings popular wishes 345, resolve episode of of all kinds size 36, walked out of ” true canal is used, can last, can duplicate ” good way. Community knot is opposite Wen Hua to build in all: Party committee of article China community builds area basic level processing builds Dang Jianhe to treat platform in all in all, wait for government, school, enterprise with all possible means leading Party group knits force ” twist a rope ” , promoting community while working deepness is begun, effectively reserve party organization builds resultant force in all, answer jointly break out, special or major event. Face the typhoon last year September ” Shan Zhu ” , article China community builds an unit to request a cord from the emperor -submit a request for a military assignment actively in all each, contact community Party committee for a short while, volunteer of associated community Party member and organism in all 200 more than person, after participating in calamity jointly, clear. To solve Wenjin to cross port area periphery the environment reachs the issue that the respect such as traffic safety exists, article China community is built in all through the organization rule joint meeting in all, check of bank of couplet heal up, edge, custom, public security, policeman, Bao Jie, share unit and the business such as bicycle, collective and consultative solve measure, improve car of port periphery person jumbly, car is violated stop receive see a visitor out reach share bicycle chaos to stop wait for a phenomenon. Community of yellow shellfish mountain ” 3 type ” decay: Census register population is aged gather with hobo changing is Huang Beiling community two main features. Huang Bei is street the party is versed in appoint act on ” what problem solves what problem, what issue is outstanding solve what problem with respect to the key ” principle, through building strong ” stereo type ” constituent system builds firm tamp party to build foundation, with ” multivariate and shirt-sleeve, homocentric achieve in all, resource is shared, coadjutant each other closes to ” train of thought is carried out ” embedded ” integrated processing, combinative community is explored actually ” shirt-sleeve type ” establish pattern in all, essence of life follows difficult problem of the community that defeat solution, arouse basic level party to build new kinetic energy, drive Party committee of community of yellow shellfish mountain to realize decay. Shenzhen has color of ground predestined relationship more grumous ” fellow villager village ” , of community of yellow shellfish mountain ” Dazhou village ” share person of about 23 thousand Dazhou. 2007, party branch of flow of Dazhou of Sichuan of community of yellow shellfish mountain holds water, establish company of Bashan’s girl homemaking, cogent the obtain employment that solves dweller of community Dazhou flow and life. In addition, according to ” multivariate and shirt-sleeve, homocentric achieve in all ” train of thought, resource of Party committee of community of yellow shellfish mountain and much branch implementation is shared, hurried of coadjutant each other. If with Luo Hu hospital group company manages central general Party branch,to Huangbei health center Party branch executes mountain company double management, achieve a party to build lead, condominium is built in all, cure raises confluence; With city market Party committee of bureau of superintendency bureau roc writtens guarantee to be being built in all, the management that solves business door, food brings congruent issue; With difficult job Party branch of new flourishing company cooperates, build with the party lead property and commerce development, drive area to change a party to build working development to develop.