Dispatch of network of collect lake home: To celebrate found a party 98 years, boreal station community was begun inside field of basketball of area under administration afternoon on June 28 ” do not forget first heart, remember a mission well ” activity of pleasance of day of party of July 1 theme. The spot divides large area to include: Sign in and area of policy conduct propaganda, found a party 98 years of themes are interactive square of commonweal of propagandist area, flow civilian service area, flea market trades area. Street party is versed in appoint commissarial Shi Yunhua, the party is versed in appoint building of Peng Jian of chairman of minister of committee member, armed ministry, union, the party is versed in appoint Zhang Qiaoling of minister of ministry of general affairs of chairman of committee member, the Women’s Federation, the people’s livelihood, deputy survey member, Wang Hui of the first secretary and dweller participate in community of station of vice-chairman of the Women’s Federation, north together pleasance activity. Pleasance activity is strung together in a red singing and dancing burn to do not have new China without the Communist Party ” , ” sea voyage relies on cox ” in dancing pull open heavy curtain formally, 4 area form is diversiform, the life demand that covers a dweller has respectively: It is policy conduct propaganda, real time knows newest country policy. 2 it is found a party 98 years 4 themes are interactive project ” Gong Ge meets army song loud and clear ” , ” cross Jin Shajiang opportunely ” — show pressing plate carries ping-pong, ” breakthrough ring of encirclement “- – PK of circle of part of speech, Dang Jianzhi knows question and answer, contain teachs Yu Le, let a dweller understand Dang Jianxiang to pass knowledge. 3 it is square of commonweal of going from place to place civilian the service has respectively: Patchy clothings, justice cut 2, filling shoe, grind a knife, expire medicines and chemical reagents reclaims, justice examine, what contented dweller wants a project daily. 4 it is flea market, it is an unit with the family, can will build unused article to have sale, all accrual put in booth ‘s charge advocate all, stimulative neighborhood is harmonious. The party is built lead community the job, insist to be a center with people, comply with common feelings of people, esteem popular wishes, pay close attention to public feelings, be dedicated to the people’s livelihood, let people have more, directer, honester acquisition feeling, happy feeling and safe feeling.


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