Dispatch of network of collect lake home: On June 28 morning, hillock of bamboo shoot of collect lake area is street do the ceremony of safe production month that start and safe conduct propaganda sought advice from day of activity to be in 2019 treasure can the first space holds · . The spot seeks advice through beginning classroom of safe popular science, setting to interact reach many safe popular science to experience an activity, know knowledge mastery of a skill or technique to safety of community dweller and enterprise delegate popular science, enhance public safety to be on guard consciousness and save oneself each other saves ability.
The activity installs many conduct propaganda to consult a table, extend to the citizen data of safe conduct propaganda, exhibit through safe case and knowledge board to knowledge of safety of series of citizen popular science, install flue of fire control imitate to flee for one’s life, platoon of VR hidden trouble checks lungs of study, heart to anabiosis emergency treatment skill explains wait for interactive experience project, attract numerous dweller to come round to experience study. Still install classroom of safe popular science at the same time, invite safe instructor to wait for a theme around the safety that occupy the home, transportation safety, explain safe knowledge and technical ability to the citizen. Next, bamboo shoot hillock is street will thorough street 6 community, begin safety to explain to public continuously activity, content enclothes the safety that occupy the home, danger to change taste safe, fire control safety, take precautions against natural calamities to reduce the many respects such as calamity, invite safe expert to be knowledge of safety of series of popular science of staff of community dweller, company, undertake relevant save oneself each other saves skill to demonstrate, popularize safe knowledge, impart safe skill, promote dweller of area under administration safe quality.


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