Dispatch of network of collect lake home: “Each Party member that I encounter, what every time witnesses a party is great ” , in garden of industry of Shenzhen city Internet, jiang Ying of president of IT limited company says the dimension of Shenzhen city power of business of focusing artificial intelligence so. What outstanding, leading Party group of the Party member knits is warm, let this person have a new capacity to manager of middleaged company of innovation of science and technology: Activist of join or be admitted to the party. There is to grow long story at the back of this. “I assure to help you get back a pay, if denounce,do not come back, I give you from dig down compensate! ” face the fellow villager denouncing firewood that have never met before, garden of laurel of area of Shenzhen city collect lake is street Sichuan is wide bring city Ju Tianlong of secretary of Party branch of the wide flow that bring a district so ” smacked chest ” . He remembers, collect lake area appoint constituent ministry, Gui Yuan is street the party is versed in appoint leaders follow him to had said clearly: Ju Shuji, you do right thing, we are you ” tiring-room ” ! In recent years, it is important that collect lake area makes the same score a secretary-general to work about the construction of the party and organization nearly with be used to the thought is guidance, it is a target in order to build system of organization of party of basic level of new era city, fulfil party of basic level of provincial Party committee, municipal Party committee in order to carry out to build 3 years the action plans to give priority to a line, the block that is core with organization of compose found a party administers a system to give priority to a problem, advance collect lake party to propose innovation continuously, revitalized development to offer strong organization to assure in the round for Luo Hu. “Shenzhen speed ” absurd virgin soil, have countless reforming and opening ” China the first ” the Luo Hu of the record, it is the area that Shenzhen builds the earliest, be linked together with Hong Kong landscape, it is countless people ” Shenzhen dream ” start. Rain of comb of wind of 40 years of wash one’s hair, encourage act vigorously is entered, collect lake whole journey participated in the great practice of reforming and opening, become ” Shenzhen legend ” one part. This hot earth nowadays still vibrant, vigor 4 shoot. 2018, total output value of collect lake area amounts to two hundred and twenty-five billion three hundred and sixty-nine million yuan, grow 7.3% compared to the same period, house of consumption of society of average per capita visits each area completely (county) the first; Every square kilometer yields house Shenzhen the 2nd, lowest of Shenzhen of specific power consumption of 10 thousand yuan of GDP… Luo Hu is old change, Luo Hu cure changes, Luo Hu canopy changes, Luo Hu educational reform… according to legend of fire of reform drive firewood, the reform that each makes noisy goes from Luo Hu, move toward Shenzhen, complete province and even whole nation. The city is corridor of innovation of construction of area of big bay of HongKong and Macow of newer, another name for Guangdong Province, wide deep HongKong and Macow, big burgeoning industry brings phoenix tree… each ” blast tuyere ” , bring new development opportunity, luo Hu’s future is full of an imagination. Luo Hu’s development, since has the process of system mechanism innovation ceaselessly, also be the process that the construction of the party deepens ceaselessly. How to develop what the party builds in processing of the city zone to lead action? How to produce the vanward type effect of Party member cadre? How to enlarge leading Party group to knit the appeal force in basic level and cohesive affinity? “July 1 ” during coming, southern daily and collect lake area appoint constituent ministry composition covers a group jointly, approach of Luo Hu street with community, come to the site that basic level party proposes, witness and experience a party to build the experience that innovation carries out and result. Last a period of time is close of a month interview survey, let us be experienced clearly, the party builds ” Luo Hu password ” be vividly portrayed — it is a center with people, everything for people. The city zone of navigate of Dang Jianquan azimuth is administered. Shenzhen city puts forward, active compose builds the party that is a center with people lead basic level to administer a system, should develop already street as action of endmost of system of national political power, want aggrandizement community to regard basic level society as the action of head end again, the effective changeover that drives system of national political power and basic level society and butt joint, move for what basic level administers a system offer two main strong point. Collect lake party builds this a few years ” fall child ” street with community, have actual demand already, also have grand design. Party member cadre how, there is one steelyard oneself in common people heart. “Company of service of dweller village Party branch, property, course of study appoint group of meeting, dweller ” quaternity, ” party group discuss official business is met ” , ” good and street ” , ” official of village general affairs ” … in Luo Hu community, build with the party for key link, demand of resource of community talent, community, community gets effective connection. The demand of masses does not have bagatelle, the style of quick response, deal with concrete matters relating to work, the warmth that made community masses clear experience a party and force, party serves for people first heart, pull close the distance of party and masses. On June 28, the political construction that straight office of collect lake district strengthens a party and paradigmatic mechanism are founded advance can hold, study is carried out in the center of, the political construction that province, city strengthens office party advances the drive of the meeting, the political construction that comprehensive deploy advances party of straight office of collect lake district and paradigmatic mechanism found the job. 2019, straight office of collect lake district was begun with ” strong duty, standard, lead ” the paradigmatic mechanism that is a target establishs operation of assault fortified positions, insist to be in order to serve reform assault fortified positions ” exert oneself is nodded ” , gene of reforming and opening of inheritance Luo Hu, catch good basic level to administer the key such as ability and processing system modernization to reform a project, advance a batch of small reform, small innovation. Drive collect lake transition to develop energetically, with large phoenix tree burgeoning industry belt develops property of innovation of science and technology energetically for carrier, take in order to consolidate the core position of collect lake finance makes industry of banking of red mountain innovation for target exert oneself, with international city of top-ranking consumption center drives the traditional industry transition such as gem actively to upgrade for surveyor’s pole, accelerate make modern industry system. In ” utmost is ensured and improve the people’s livelihood ” be duped pioneer, advance educational field to be reformed integratedly deep, consolidate collect lake cure revises result, become company of strong basic level health center, make service of solid family doctor, aggrandizement housing is ensured, ensure finish raise money talent room and assignment of goal of safeguard sex housing. Is the party of two new organizations built how to do? Body economy does service fact strong big, ” solid ” word, highlight Shenzhen characteristic. Pan Yingxia of secretary of Party committee of borough of new and high garden says lotus pond Internet, the party is built, it is to build not just ” stage Zhang ” , we should build the party with the service union rises, be aimed at the crowd with garden different area, develop different activity, point requirement ” pain spot ” develop the work. Cherish the real situation dry real issue, take out open-armed dry favour, be apt to to do accomplish sth with true action, ability wins the credit of masses bottom of the heart. “Everything is civilian person, criterion civilian yearning. ” scrupulously abide by conceive for public feelings, bend forward as civilian service, insist to be civilian get right on the job, ability obtains the most extensive common feelings of people to support on ongoing journey.