Dispatch of network of collect lake home: The building with the earliest Shenzhen area collect lake, it is the birthplace of Chinese city reforming and opening. Build with the party for led Luo Hu public hospital reforms last a period of time more than 4 years, already made the reform brand that is famous in the whole nation, in still be being deepened continuously at present. Collect lake area defends be good at bureau to hold ” the party is built + healthy ” conduct propaganda serves an activity. Party member expert is dweller justice examine. Party branch of administration of courtyard of traditional Chinese medical science of collect lake area is taken an active part in send cure to take community activity. Wu Song Qiu passes the building with Xu Huangwen static the earliest Shenzhen area collect lake, it is the birthplace of Chinese city reforming and opening. Build with the party for led Luo Hu public hospital reforms last a period of time more than 4 years, already made the reform brand that is famous in the whole nation, in still be being deepened continuously at present. Collect lake area appoint wholesome health is versed in appoint (predecessor is sanitation of Luo Hu area and Party committee of family planning bureau) build in the party in leading cure the practice that change, various party organization studies requirement whole system seriously the speaking spirit that comprehends Xi Jinping’s secretary-general to go up in countrywide sanitation and healthy congress, ” do not have comprehensive well-off without health of the whole people ” the concept falls real grass-roots unit, will ” it is a center with people health ” those who regard whole system as each job is basic abide by, let masses of dweller of area under administration enjoy more cure to change bonus. Collect lake area defends party of be good at bureau to be versed in appoint Zhengliguang of secretary, director expresses, collect lake cure changes to be forever on the road, should build the party from beginning to end lead place in the first place, change medical service join or be admitted to the party of be in harmony is built, drive sanitation of whole area medical treatment to serve Xiang Yiji layer to attach most importance to a dot, transform for the center with health, implementation allows a resident ” little fall ill, little be in hospital, value ill, little responsibility ” cure changes an end, achieve collect lake cure to change new phase again. Raise a flag directional, build around the party lead cure to change to strengthen an organization to build cure to change 4 years to come in the round, collect lake area defends party of be good at bureau to be versed in appoint remember an area well appoint of district government exhort, build around the party lead cure to change, strengthen the constituent construction of the party in the round. Gaze at ” complete ” , the organization that realizes a party and job ” enclothe twice ” . 2018, center of valve of hospital group company is reorganizationed by 4 Party branch 15 Party branch, collect lake Fu protects a courtyard to recombine 10 Party branch, leading Party group of implementation basic level is knitted and work to be enclothed completely; Hospital of collect lake people sets 3 2 stage newly general Party branch and recombine 19 Party branch, drive branch construction with general branch, let the able, comrade that wants to work hold the position of leading Party group to knit chief, build leading Party group of strong basic level to knit backbone force. Outstanding ” build ” with ” one’s deceased father ” , strengthen democratic centralism and branch to test a system. Make ” about building Luo Hu hospital group is comprehensive from system of liability of Yan Zhi party ” , ” the announcement that about fulfilling party conduct Lian Zhengjian sets main body responsibility to evaluate the work ” , establish perfect hospital group within the party democratic system, perfect the discuss official business of Party committee interior and decision-making mechanism; Clear Party Committee of all levels (general branch, branch) clerical duty, aggrandizement ” one hillock double duty ” with branch test, build strong organization construction is essential. Capture ” grind ” , full-scale development begins survey. Collect lake area defends party of be good at bureau to be versed in appoint began basic level survey 2018 with hospital group Party committee 25 batch, the difficulty that builds the job with party of survey of close quarters of worker of party work of nearly 120 basic level and problem reach a proposal; Bureau Party committee is held 5 period analysis of study of special subject of special subject Party committee is met, deploy fulfils Lian Zhengjian of Party committee party conduct to set main body liability 11 big 27 Xiaoxiang tasks, begin ideological job and Ji Jianlian analysis of situation of politics labour shaped, build organization of strong basic level to walk on duty duty ability. There is spirit in the heart, around the party the cure that build hurried changes to strengthen a thought to build Luo Hu area to defend party of be good at bureau to be versed in in the round appoint carry out seriously ” healthy China ” the strategy, according to the area appoint deploy science is engineered, fulfil meticulously, prompting resident of the most high grade and public service ” obtain feeling ” fluctuation kongfu, revealed collect lake cure to change exuberant vitality and lasting development power. Stricter requirement, outside its go. Establish party of Wei Jian bureau to be versed in appoint the party establishs the office, drive Dang Jianshen to enter whole system in the round; Establish Party school of Ou Weijian bureau, aggrandizement cure changes join or be admitted to the party of be in harmony to establish a concept, realize Dang Jianpei example to be enclothed completely; Fulfil and hold to system of the first topic for discussion, the first topic for discussion all is conference of various party organization special subject studies idea of socialism of characteristic of China of new era of 19 great mind and Xi Jinping, the 2nd topic for discussion tells party class to lead a member. Secretariat of various party organization is begun in all study and tell party class 90 more than class second; Construct big lecture room of 5 new eras, tell with essence of life, extensive learns, grind read and discuss greatly wait for a form to lift study climax. Realer style of work, inside its heart. Exert oneself strengthens Party branch to standardize construction, build in the round ” activity of thematic party day ” system, fulfil seriously ” 3 meetings one class ” life of system, organization is met system and confabulate talk system. 2018, luo Hu defends be good at system various party organization develops an activity 80 batch, ensure standardization of Party branch activity, normalization; Severe catch year to groom greatly, the system made an appointment with 1500 person-time to attend life of code of party constitution, party disipline, organization to should know to should be met, lawfully administration groom. Cadre of broad Party member and worker use the academic armed head of the party actively, become a pioneer actively, tree surveyor’s pole, station the person at the head of a procession, nowhere is not in the vanward type action of the fort action that leading Party group knits and Party member. Strong root is strong body, since around party building go to a doctor changes to strengthen a team to build cure to change in the round, collect lake area defends party of be good at bureau to be versed in appoint hold to ” the talent is the first resource ” concept, introduce construction of team of talent, aggrandizement to drive cure to rectify an overall situation as Party committee, regard the largest dominant position of future of decide the issue of the battle as the talent, let respect talent, support talented person, care talent to become collect lake cure to change most ictus, through introducing talent of medical treatment of high administrative levels, for Luo Hu hospital group development made solid talent raise. Hold to high level to introduce a talent. Since 2015, collect lake area introduces sanitation of medical treatment of each administrative levels 390 people of talent, among them 281 people of 37 people of doctoral, Master. tall title 51 people, deputy tall 76 people, course leader 41 people. Share 34 people to be maintained to be talent of medical treatment of area high administrative levels; 8 people are maintained to be talent of Shenzhen city high administrative levels, include a place to get a soldier ability is 4 people of 2 people, mothball stage handsome appearance, abroad C kind 2 people of talent. New in introduced talent, number of academic leader Party member reachs 144 people, occupy introduce a talent to count 37% . In August 2015, appoint to a position of board of group of collect lake hospital year only Dr. Wu Song of 29 years old holds essence of life concurrently to allow medical academy dean for hospital group assistant dean. Wu Song currently holds the post ofsecretary of Party committee of group of collect lake hospital. Insist to recommend group of talent of high administrative levels. Of group of talent of high administrative levels introduce, drove collect lake cure to change make medical treatment raise, benefit at civilian. Hospital group recommended 5 3 engineerings groups successfully, include two A among them kind group: Beijing assist with the hospital Langjing and group of diagnosis and treatment of disease of heart of basin of academician department of gynaecology and Shanghai grow prostate of academician of grand of sea hospital Sun Ying cancerous essence treats a group definitely. 3 B kind group: Chinese academy of medical sciences mounds outside group of ill prevention and cure of heart and vessels of hospital Professor Gu Dongfeng; Zhejiang university is accessary wave of the court of a feudal ruler of bridge of surgery of pancreas of courage of the 2nd hospital teachs a group; Spirit of Wei of government office of the first accessary hospital teachs the third Military Medical University examine medical group. The measure of talent of medical treatment of high administrative levels that introduced 2018 grew 650% than 2014, the clinical and professional level of group of Luo Hu hospital and scientific research level promote significantly. Hold to a talent to serve safeguard strong. It is to fulfil housing safeguard. Came 2015 2018, collect lake area appoint district government provided 14 talents housing for the talented person of medical treatment of high administrative levels that hold; The doctor of be in hospital that is invite applications for a job, whole family doctor provides room of 50 have enough to meet need. Party committee of group of collect lake hospital is rented through the market wait for means, for sanitation of various and of all kinds medical treatment ability offers the person how to reside housing as far as possible. 2 it is to fulfil a talent to reward. Came 2015 2018, area finance extends for talented person of cognizance medical treatment of high administrative levels the talent is rewarded in all 31.8 million yuan. 3 it is to fulfil enter a school of conjugal obtain employment, children, grind the integrated service such as long allowance. The party is built lead cure to change, those who made career of health of collect lake sanitation span type develops. In November 2017, hospital of people of collect lake division passes a province successfully ” 3 armour ” hospital evaluation, realized Luo Hu to achieve 3 armour long-cherished wish for years. wind respectful discipline, since building convoy cure to change to strengthen discipline to build collect lake cure to change in the round around the party, party of Wei Jian bureau is versed in appoint hold to from Yan Zhi party, hold out discipline and custom in front constantly, elevate discipline of Party member cadre consciousness ceaselessly, implementation by ” punish to seldom be counted ” to ” be in charge of great majority ” extend. The discipline consciousness of Party member cadre and custom consciousness had remarkable promotion, realizing a party to establish the big target that convoy cure changes stage by stage. Caution education pays a focal point. Collect lake area defends party of be good at bureau to be versed in appoint insist to begin caution to teach with hospital group Party committee, with beside person, beside case, adopt caution education to exhibit, broadcast caution to teach piece wait for a variety of forms with case bulletin, have party conduct to cadre of broad Party member education of cheap politics caution, make worker of cadre of broad Party member raises politics to stand, enhance politics to decide force, deep and vigilant, the derive in self-conscious con teaching material is taught a lesson, raise oneself refus corrupt to prevent the immune force that change ceaselessly. Disease of Party committee of hospital group Party committee, courtyard of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, area accuses central Party branch to use beside beside job education person, with the party conduct that this unit produces cheap politics violates profundity of the case that violate discipline to teach on-the-job cadre employee, formed wind Qing Dynasty to enrage good atmosphere. Talk about with remind ” crucial minority ” . 2018, party of Ou Weijian bureau is versed in appoint, discipline appoint in the light of subordinate unit multinomial job is caught fulfil existence to be communicated again light fulfil, the problem that heavy form sells at a discount, talked about the leading group member of a hospital about, offer serious criticism, point out the germ of the problem deeply, make hospital team member red face, gave sweat; Zheng Liguang is in democratic life of Party committee of courtyard of area traditional Chinese medical science is met on, the demand rises politics to stand, violate the case profundity that violates discipline to draw a lesson to this unit, bureau party is versed in appoint vice secretary, discipline is versed in appoint clerical Jiang Shunsui protects courtyard discipline to teach a month to arouse in area Fu on the meeting, side issue waits in thought style in the light of this courtyard, undertake remindful in the round, word words and expressions sentence hit crucial point continuously. In those days, collect lake area defends party of be good at bureau to be versed in appoint to Party member cadre especially staff of cadre of above of hospital leading group, middle-level, key, sensitive post begins caution to teach peace treaty to talk, conversational activity adds up to more than batches of 40 120 person-time. Apply supervise hold discipline ” 4 kinds of configuration ” catch catch early small, check erroneous ideas at the outset. Collect lake area defended party of be good at bureau to be versed in 2018 appoint be versed in with discipline appoint apply in the round ” 4 kinds of configuration ” , installed prevent accuse to an outpost of the tax office with what punish, prevent worker of Party member cadre to move toward ” break the law ” , protection is most. Hospital group Party committee realizes col reach, grab from each branch, from catch seize small talk take as the point of departure early, standard cheap of each party conduct politics system, search a risk to prevent accuse flaw. Party Committee of all levels and discipline appoint expedite complain the letter is visited and inform against channel, the newspaper is checked surely. In apply supervise hold discipline ” 4 kinds of configuration ” while, aggrandizement discipline is carried out, let cadre of broad Party member realize the awe-stricken, fear that put stop, guard a bottom line. Arrive from 2018 this year first half of the year, collect lake area defends party of be good at bureau to be versed in appoint be in respectively party of Xi Hui city, area group service center and many street began 8 large ” the party is built + healthy ” send cure to take community activity, each Party branch attends an activity to achieve 120 much batch, many 300 expert of many about 180 Party member, medical worker attends. The party builds led Luo Hu medical service to change came true to be a center in order to treat a disease to transform to what be a center with people health. Zheng Liguang expresses, collect lake cure changes is an exploration only, the demand of dweller of the requirement that leaves party and government, area under administration still has bigger difference, party of Wei Jian bureau is versed in appoint feel cure changes the job to allow to weigh and the path is far. The party is versed in appoint construction of politics of will farther aggrandizement, firm establish ” 4 consciousness ” , sturdy ” 4 each are believed ” , carry out seriously it is important to fulfil Xi Jinping’s secretary-general speaking spirit, around ” the basic level organization that Guangdong province strengthens a party builds 3 years of actions to plan (2018, 2020) ” , with ” constituent force promotes ” for the theme, with 4 ” dare to take on ” drive Luo Hu party of wholesome and healthy system builds the job to go up again new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position, deepen Luo Hu further public hospital reform. Wu Song of elegant demeanour of Party member of group of collect lake hospital, secretary of Party committee of group of collect lake hospital, assistant dean, essence allows medical academy dean. M.d. , special hire a researcher. Country and technology of key of group of gene of local combination tumor are clinical applied project lab is standing vice director, director of institute of surgery of make water of Shenzhen university secrete. Oncology of branch of surgery of make water of secrete of society of Guangdong province cure group assistant group leader, guangdong saves vice-chairman of association of reproduction of secrete make water, guangdong visits committee member of youth of committee of major of tumour of reproduction of make water of secrete of the association that fight cancer. Obtained China medicine science and technology 2014 second-class award, obtained scientific China an outstanding personality to give young scientist 2015 award. In March 2015, wu Song suffers hire for assistant dean of hospital of Luo Hu’s people, become Shenzhen city’s youngest hospital assistant dean. On Feburary 25, 2016, selected ” Forbes ” choose inside the Asian range that the magazine publishs ” a list of names posted up of characters of 30 30 years old of the following Asias ” (Forbes30 Under30 Asia) a list of names posted up of medium healthy medical treatment. China shares 7 youths Cai Jun selected. Was maintained to be by ministry of organization of provincial Party committee and hall of province science and technology 2016 ” Guangdong supports a plan especially ” youth of innovation of science and technology is excellent talent, of the same age wins 51 labor medal of first prize of province government science and technology, whole nation, obtained in July 2017 judge research and development of emphasis of nation of ministry of science and technology to plan a chief scientist. Wu Song pursues basic research of surgery of secrete make water and clinician job all the time, combine cystic cancer clinical issue, to its hair opportunity of survival is made and fluid of community make water is not had achieve a sieve to check a technology to begin exploration, with the first / collective the first or newsletter writer in factor of influence periodical of learning of international of 15 minutes of above publishs positive result 6, obtain batch of cystic cancer sieves to check a country to invent patent 2. Qiu Chuanxu, medical service of collect lake area raises secretary of Party branch of shirt-sleeve and senile ill hospital, dean. Regard party work of a basic level as worker, qiu Chuanxu is in ordinary post, the patient and the idea that serves with be an old person heart and soul, painstaking work style of work, consecratory spirit that perserve got Party member masses and senile patient reputably, shaped the image of worker of an outstanding party work. Principle of his party spirit is strong, dare criticism and self-criticism, always note party spirit of put sb in a very important position, party disipline, party conduct severe him bind, him requirement, solidarity is raised appoint with the Party member, abide by each discipline of the party self-consciously, develop activity of Party member confabulate, resolve the difficulty that the Party member encounters. Qiu Chuanxu pays attention to branch to build, built whole branch system to push branch work; Fulfil ” one hillock double duty ” responsibility, build the party the job and business work to be united in wedlock cheek by jowl, with the party the cure that build hurried raises shirt-sleeve career progress, produce effect of type of Party member van, lead next activity of old person of seek by inquiry of the community below the Party member, community justice examine activity, hold respect old series activity. The sufficient affirmation that medical service of Luo Hu area raises party of shirt-sleeve and senile ill hospital to build the job and each business to get ranking party organization and senile patient and height are evaluated. The hospital received acknowledgment to believe 21 2018, silk banner 16, obtain ” hospital of people of Luo Hu division is outstanding Party branch ” , ” women civilization hillock ” , ” the whole nation respects old civilized name ” wait for honorary title. Huang Wenjing, company of mountain of yellow shellfish of group of collect lake hospital health center director, party member of the Communist Party of China. Came to attended standardization of doctor of Shenzhen city whole family to groom 2012 2009, obtain evidence of qualification of whole family doctor with outstanding achievement. Was gone to by choose 2015 Australia cheats accept person university and practice of whole family medicine to train a center to grind long half an year. Huang Wenjing special have deep love for a company health center, she abandons staying in the opportunity of 3 armour hospital, arrive actively company of yellow shellfish mountain health take on the dweller is healthy ” keep goal person ” , take root community 10 years. Establish many medical treatment to serve a group, often use breathing space, come door, give action inconvenience dweller check-up, build domestic hospital bed to the old people that has need, provide intramuscular injection, change medicine to nurse, catheterization, change the domestic medical treatment such as guidance of gastric canal, rehabilitation serves, accumulative total builds domestic hospital bed 330 pieces, average age is 77.8 the old people of the service years old. Old person of a lot of community because memory is bad, every thing all should ask many times, she always can not tire of its are irritated the smile replies, old people calls community of mountain of shellfish be fizzlinged out ” close small cotton-padded jacket ” . In Huang Wenjing guide below, company of yellow shellfish mountain health obtained 2015 ” optimal doctors and patients is harmonious ” company health, area ” young civilization date ” and ” preeminent company health ” title; 2016 city class ” young civilization date ” ; Outstanding 2018 Party branch and ” cure raises confluence ” outstanding unit. Her individual is obtained 2015 area ” domestic sickbed serves outstanding individual ” title, 2016 area ” company health job is advanced individual ” title; 2017 Shenzhen city ” hand of 38 red flags ” , 2018 year whole town first ” doctor of 10 old prominent young people ” nomination, collect lake area ” new take on new as advanced type ” title; Saved exclusive delegate as Guangdong 2019, enter the throughout the country ” whole family medicine is outstanding talent ” groom project.


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