Dispatch of Shenzhen news network (reporter Li Hui) on June 28 morning, collect lake area appoint all battle ministry holds an area united front 2019 ” Guangdong helps deficient aid up to strand day ” activity. Personage of delegate of united front all circles answers area of more than 30 collect lake actively appeal, work to promote collect lake area to help deficient aid up to strand and commonweal charities sings new sound of battle of loud interconnected system, win battle of deficient assault fortified positions to gather together to hit all battle energy. Area appoint Tang Hanlong of minister of ministry of battle of members of standing committee, all directs an activity.
Mobile read out Luo Hu united front helped deficient aid up to strand mobile proposal 2019. Subsequently, luo Hu area main controller of 8 democratic parties, the religious activity place such as hall of home of hall of temple of great law temple, buddhist of 10 thousand Buddha, Christian peace, Catholic emperor is represented, the area knows couplet sea of party of Luo Hu of association of Taiwan businessman of meeting, Shenzhen, area puts in new couplet of meeting, area ‘s charge the mass organizations such as association is main chief and delegate, area the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference is all previous and show delegate of personage of a delegate of committee member of HongKong and Macow and economy of blame state ownership to carry on member of Luo Hu united front enthusiastic commonweal charity, be thankful the glory of redound society is traditional, participate in eagerly donate an activity, according to not complete count, the spot in all money of collect be apt to 402716 yuan (include admit contribute amount) . In recent years, united front devotes into collect lake area actively new period helps work of deficient assault fortified positions, according to the area appoint unified deploy, side of speak or sing alternately helps Guangdong up to save village of stone of black of land abundant city and Guangxi Long Lin, Xi Lin two counties, donate area of poverty of activity, organization to be not essence of personage of state ownership economy to allow to groom through holding justice examine and books class, side helps impoverished village up to build the infrastructure of the people’s livelihood such as produce icebox, support ” Wu Shizhi hemp ” the industry takes off deficient project and the means such as subscribe of love of member of constituent united front. According to not complete count, nearly 3 years, contribution of accumulative total of united front member abandons whole area amount of amount to of content, applying almsdeed exceeds 250 million yuan, strong promoted the benefit that help deficient up the traditional goodness of tired, consecratory love, the characteristic advantage that revealed united front and mission take on. Charity of business association of bureau of region industry letter, area, area is met chief and area appoint worker of cadre of collectivity of all battle ministry entered an activity.


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