Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Should tremble sound meet Luo Hu, what kind of scintilla to go out collision again? On June 28, the management center of network of collect lake TV that make rolls out ” see Luo Hu ” shake phonic date (shake phonic date ID: Kanluohu) . It will be enraged with a series of ground connection, common and lively clarity, interesting nearsightedness frequency work, transmit the new form of new era new Luo Hu, luo Hu’s new conduct propaganda position is built in new media domain. Since June 28, “See Luo Hu ” shake phonic date make one’s bow tries operation phase, will be the same as TV column ” see Luo Hu ” , platform of information of life of the tiny finger tip that believe H5 ” Luo Hu palm lives ” linkage, with the content form with new trend, push the message of the people’s livelihood that sends love to see and hear, show fill the form of the city zone that uses sense energy. Borrow this to enhance dweller of area under administration to feel to attributive feeling of Luo Hu and self-identity, publicize Luo Hu further humanitarian characteristic, advance civilization of the city zone to found, culture of history of transmission collect lake, pass prevailing custom of tide of the city zone, aid force to make the city zone of international innovation pioneer. Information of instant division job, humanitarian history, the people’s livelihood, fashionable tide is bought, cate libertinism… you can be in these information ” see Luo Hu ” tremble find on phonic date. “See Luo Hu ” shake phonic date release content to basically cover service of the people’s livelihood, humanitarian story and information to release 3 respects. Future, “See Luo Hu ” shake phonic date to will use tide model ceaselessly dye-in-the-wood nearsightedness frequency is shown butterfly change Luo Hu, lead the city zone to publicize new fashion, attract more youth to pay close attention to Luo Hu, like Luo Hu.


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