Dispatch of network of collect lake home: “Zephyr of the four seasons — Tang Yin canvas is exhibited ” will arrive to was exhibited showpiece in Shenzhen art gallery on July 21 on July 3, open to the outside world freely. This exhibition presents the work that in recent years Tang Yin creates ” trilogy ” , namely ” scenery ” ” lotus carries on his shoulder or back ” ” the four seasons ” many 90 high-quality goods. Tang Yin is contemporary and outstanding youth artist, major of canvas of central academy of fine arts graduates, obtain a doctor’s degree, teach now at the academy of fine arts central. Hold an individual to exhibit for many times in domestic and international main art gallery in recent years. Tang Yin’s scenery draws with the four seasons, scenery He Lianhe series is a delegate. The creation of series of the four seasons is he grows to the everythings on earth in nature, the observation that the four seasons fluctuates, comprehend and portraiture, delivering the energy with nature more changeless constant and beauty. The audience can experience Tang Yin to be opposite already of impressionistic origin analytic, the tradition of Chinese bookman spirit that sees him again at the same time and classic and aesthetic idea. This second exhibition sponsors an unit to be Shenzhen art gallery, assist running an unit is limited company of development of art of culture of Shanghai Yue Lin.


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