Dispatch of network of collect lake home: In area of Shenzhen city collect lake east the door is street establish new garden entrance and doorway of people elementary school, a flame-tree that grows newly issues the cobble that piling layer cascade to fold, approach to look, there is colourful word in the cobble of a white, “Love resembles blue sky white cloud ” ” bunny and ballet skirt ” ” not at all can little ” … the child that establishs new community and parents the heart medium idealist garden draw is on these stone. Community this is casual the memory that lively one part is containing dweller and stylist completely, it is the mark that the troops of small newer design leaves a town. In east the door is street the party is versed in appoint clerical Lv Yi looks, “Little beautiful game ” pass pair of each community dwellers ” ode ticket ” (fulfil suffrage benefit) , ” ode can ” (establish rules of procedure) , the ode counterpoises (aggrandizement resource allocation) wait for a method, guide a dweller to be participated in from shallow-layer of constituent activity type turn for active processing kind deepness is participated in, drive compose to build the whole people in all treat the community that share to administer pattern in all, vivid reflect a society to administer socialization, law to change, intelligence is changed, specialization level. Had walked along a picture to the dweller creates the gallery of old photograph, can see east the history of door massiness, “Overturn will do not cry then again east the door, come now east door old street the person of 75% is 25 years old of the following students and worker, return the member that have the outcast of square periphery, it is east the member of door big family. ” present east the door, more and more accept gate of the Near East street party is versed in appoint the about in ideal of clerical Lv Yi. “The street alley that there is temperature ” long what appearance? The answer of the door is east: Find the connection between Dang Qunzhi to nod, party member and masses eat together to play together. Current, east the door is street the party is versed in appoint Party branch issueing administer 103, be in Party member 2171. In recent years, east the door is street the party is versed in appoint in the area appoint below leader of constituent ministry adamancy, move area under administration adequately mechanism, enterprise or business all circles force such as organization of unit, society, party of play basic level is built lead basic level society to govern a function, accomplish applicable to both or all of be in harmony of each other of job of Dang Jianhe the people’s livelihood, make concerted effort drives a party to build the job to appear on the stage again rank. The party is built lead autonomy to arouse a dweller to participate in community to administer enthusiastic time to be answered in July 2017, establish discuss official business of new community dweller to be able to change an election to be about to hold. This, east the door is street the range that wants to arouse is a few wider, the dweller station that lets the enthusiastic person in community, in the prime of one’s life comes out to serve community, the dweller slants on behalf of age structure before the change big case. Establish stationmaster of secretary of new community Party committee, workstation, house appoint the community workstation group that meets director Zhang Xiaoying and her is in ” the turnip is regular ” below the support of professional group, had different attempt. Community differentiated for the election ” electorate ” , “Electorate ” it is each villages, an one ticket. Candidate is him ” go to situation ” , transcribe of 20 much people election speech video, put village small letter group in, for oneself ” play a bank note ” . Through election of a many month, final 44 dwellers represent ballot of many 2000 dweller, new discuss official business of dweller of a community member average age is 46 years old, far under discuss official business of resident of Luo Hu area member average age. Principle of equal opportunity for all, sufficient debate, positive and negative votes… nowadays, these discuss official business meet a member had learned to be used adroitly ” Luo Hu 10 ” attend a meeting discuss, guide a dweller to discover community problem, seek the mechanism that solves a problem actively, drive a dweller to establish group of of all kinds autonomy to solve relevant problem. Develop time as Shenzhen the earliest into piece one of living areas, because plan to be not perfected at the outset, lack of road stricture, communal space, establishment year long disrepair, to community dweller the life brings a lot of worries. Street agency combines the door east design of Shenzhen city town promotes a center, in establish new community to develop small newer design ” little beautiful game ” , “Little beautiful game ” recruit stylist volunteer takes community, with community dweller discuss official business member, a spot investigates community staff member, comb demand. Through expert evaluation and dweller evaluation, transform chose to establish the cool fruit market inside new community 2 courtyard clearing, earth up dark to the edifice doorway of elementary school of passageway, people and establish new garden entrance. Full after 15 months, of 4 plot transform in succession finish. This is a space not just transform, the dweller participates in community to be ignited enthusiasticly of processing accordingly. Look in Lv Yi, company of this party card group in the test that administers in all, community is right dweller ” ode choosing is made ” ” the ode is regular ” ” ode right ” mechanism, share the passion that community discuss official business, community administers what arouse dweller systematism in order, make go out to be built in all treat in all share a society to administer pattern. Heavy model culture east the door makes the arena that belongs to common people take Shenzhen subway a line, to old street the station gets off, go east door old market looks. Every week 5 afternoon east on door culture square, professional song person, happy hand and philharmonic audience interact through note the wonderful picture of communication is time appear. Every activity all attracts 500 more than person-time to stop watch, in the last segment of every show, arena leaves the spot the audience, increasing have fun at courageous philharmonic people, begin a habit every week 5 punctual expect hereat, nature takes microphone self-confidently, cooperate with spot band, complete a musical work with another disparate style, realize oneself star dream. Of old street culture 2018 east concert of door balladry special performance is become gradually east a piece of calling card of door street culture. East the door is street the party is versed in appoint play party is built lead action, hold to ” culture promotion is the soul ” concept, be dedicated to making the historical culture with particular block, business culture, revolution culture, street culture. Everywhere is visible east door Logo, 6 east door old street remembers group of carve, culture of history of hundred years old market had rich expressive carrier; Jiang You attacks memorial hall of group headquarters site and Xie Ting memorial hall to be opened to the citizen east, also be east the door is street base of Party member activity; Shenzhen university painter is in people park crossover is coarse creation doodle, the old photograph coloured drawing or pattern that creates the dweller is in outdoor gallery, tell about east the story that the door goes; Introduce professional orgnaization to run, wait in order to think of square of culture of lunar academy of classical learning, shopping mall for base area, hold frame of street of concert of 23 balladry special performance, whole nation to rouse contest, Huang Mei show of play show intended for a limited audience, participate in mobile masses to exceed 10 thousand person-time… ” we hope to lend this series the activity, model this to open pier namely from 1688 afresh east breath of culture of door old street, explain east door old street the culture of flourishing and deep mental connotation, make never of respond to a curtain call east door culture. ” Feng Lan says. The member that experience another temperature to ensure block outcast is basic rights and interests is weekly 4 arrived at 2 o’clock afternoon 4:30, chen Weikun is met and a flock of roaming about personnel makes an appointment to be in east below door trestle, they have respective job, roam about personnel need shower is tonsorial, the dress that Chen Weikun should come to raise donations and medicines and chemical reagents give these the friend. Second half of the year began last year, the member that be aimed at block outcast, orgnaization of charity of door combination society is established east ” car of shower of street friend flow ” , offer wash bath freely tonsorial service. In east the door is street Wu Zhifang of undersecretary of ministry of the people’s livelihood looks, roaming about is the lifestyle of choose of individual person selected, did not work formally, make a living in order to collect rubbish, roam about personnel also is east a of door big family, should get basic rights and interests is ensured, enjoy governmental service. But such keep an eye on is rejected at the beginning. “The member that there basically are 15 or so outcasts every time now will bathe, we come twice every week after weather heated. ” Chen Weikun is roamed about personnel is called ” old senior fellow apprentice ” , “Ask they call what name not to tell me at the beginning, can help me arrange the booth store that puts the clothes here ahead of schedule now, give us the Qian Juan that sells rubbish to be changed ” . When this particularly custom-built ” car of shower of street friend flow ” when opening trestle to fall, personnel of billow of two 3 distinguished personages came, they register information in the autograph on Chen Weikun’s jotter, the clothes that taking a dweller to donate queues up to await shower, the clip with free barber still can be enjoyed to serve after be being washed. Chen Weikun still has a thick jotter, the circumstance of every street friend and picture were recorded above, “Laoliang has paragraph of time to did not come, seeming is to go to a hospital, worry about him quite all the time, see him again now, I was at ease ” . ■ case more than 30 emergency treatment grooms popularize a number to exceed health of dweller of community of 5000 people get through to serve ” finally 100 meters ” after affirming surroundings is safe, live in Luo Hu 3 students Zhang Chu greets first flapping ” patient ” shoulder: “Gentleman you how? ” check ” patient ” after consciousness, pulse and breath, his both hands 10 show alternate photograph is buckled right ” patient ” undertake CPR (heart lungs anabiosises) . Above setting is not the rescue of room of hospital emergency call, however Shenzhen city Luo Hu district east the door is street held first aid grooms, “Although before also had done a volunteer, but fact of first time begin is held, the hope can help others after. ” Zhang Chu is greeted say. On June 2, lou Sanlou of travel of force of Shenzhen middle school is indoor inside basketball field, held ” the final examination about life ” , come from collect lake area east 500 dwellers with street door assemble in the spot, enter public welfare free emergency treatment grooms and card of emergency treatment of spot pass an entrance examination. This is since last year, east the door is street do to be organized lawfully the 3rd period large commonweal emergency treatment grooms activity. Mobile spot, instructor of major of center of emergency treatment of 4 collect lakes explained heart lungs to anabiosis in detail, AED (divide outside body quiver appearance) use, the knowledge of theory of primary emergency treatment such as traumatic emergency treatment. In the meantime, provide a teacher according to 10 student the standard of realia of a CPR, assistant of emergency treatment of major of group of hospital of 50 collect lakes undertakes to student solid hold groom and assess. “Healthy east the door, conveniently emergency treatment ” commonweal emergency treatment grooms activity, be east the door builds Pu Hui healthy community, make ” gold 4 minutes ” one of significant move of net of coadjutant emergency treatment of the whole people. Medical university of Party branch of ministry of general affairs of street the people’s livelihood and Party branch of center of valve of company of group of collect lake hospital, Guangdong is public defend an institute to shed all Party branch to written guarantee to be being built in all, cadre across holds a post, cross region, cross an industry to collect force of Party member pioneer, it is jointly east street dweller offers the door high grade health serves. Since last year, more than 30 emergency treatment grooms into community, into campus, into the enterprise, popularize a number to exceed 5000 more than person. Emergency treatment grooms the class is east a reduction that the door proposes activity of health of the whole people. Since 2017, the door is organized east street with professional medical establishment, to undertaking monitoring interpose in school student health, make plan of prescription of playtime nutrition filling eat, motion and dental caries intervention, the disease problem that makes campus outstanding gets clear improvement. Extend freely to the dweller accuse sauce boat, be restricted salt is restricted the activity such as candy spoon, guide a dweller to reduce oily salt candy is absorbed with what increase lacteal nutrition. Build standardization in community ” family doctor atelier ” ” psychological advisory room ” promote a supermarket with nutrition… at present, east the door is street already became a state first nutrition sets an example community, successful exploration gives Shenzhen head home ” family doctor atelier ” with whole town the first ” nutrition promotes a supermarket ” . “Healthy east the door ” the project already brought into national health to teach a center ” blend in health all policy ” the whole nation that carries out collection is classical case, obtain Shenzhen city family to develop name of 10 old brands and 2018 Shenzhen small innovation excellent case award. “Discuss official business member should talk for the dweller, handle affairs for the dweller ” ” small and beautiful ” does the design satisfy dweller requirement ” change if the sewage in conduit process manages where? How does the sewage after excavate emerge to do? Make lash-up plan? ” the dweller discuss official business that held in May is met on, east the door is street establish market of new community academy of classical learning the project of thing of small fact of the people’s livelihood of 7 courtyard is being discussed, hear the report of project initiator, discuss official business member raise a chain of question. Considering change the important and urgent pitch of blowdown conduit, discuss official business member conduit of sewage of the decision after discussing is adopted dig half billabong to realize whole to change stage by stage first. Such setting is in establishing discuss official business of new community dweller is normal on the meeting. In establish new community, when discuss official business member not be an easy assignment. “From 2017 the bottom begins, delegate of discuss official business is compared all the time busy, because want to discuss community small transform a project, attend a meeting sometimes even if a long time. ” Luo Chong is the member that establishs discuss official business of new community dweller to meet, in his impression, delegate of discuss official business will attend a meeting, attendance rate is taller. “The change is not 9 people are done a lot of, however everybody does little. ” July 2017, establish new community discuss official business of the first dweller is met 3 years lieutenancy is about to end, change an election to be about to hold, arouse the propagandist language on announce handbill makes a person very enchanted, fill name of statistical tables and reports to enter into an election contest in succession dweller delegate, make a service for community. Attending the Yu Leting that enter into an election contest together with Luo Chong is cool fruit street originally 2 courtyards course of study appoint conference member, worked to be accumulated for him at ordinary times ” the person is angry ” , poll according to many 2000 dweller result, yu Leting shows itself from inside 86 candidate, new discuss official business of dweller of a community member average age is 46 years old, far under discuss official business of resident of Luo Hu area member average age. Before retiring, be in the Pan sword river that the unit is Party member cadre and village dweller are very ripe, investment of energy of he will be big after retiring time administers the job to community. The discuss official business that holds every months is met never absent, besides discuss official business member the identity, he still holds the position of group leader of group of 7 courtyard management, house appoint meeting full-time vice director. “Discuss official business member should talk for the dweller, handle affairs for the dweller, the everybody on the meeting’s active discussion also helps discuss official business house appoint can solve a lot of problems, the enthusiasm that the community that the dweller participates in now harnesses is very tall. ” those who ignite a dweller to share passion is 2018 ” small beauty is surpassed ” . All the time since, old building gathers together, lack of road stricture, communal space, establishment year long the problem such as disrepair brings a lot of worries to community dweller life. Street agency combines the door east design of Shenzhen city town promotes a center, in establish new community to develop small newer design ” little beautiful game ” , with ” small and beautiful ” the design is better resolve dweller demand. “Little beautiful game ” recruit stylist volunteer takes community, with community dweller discuss official business member, a spot investigates community staff member, comb demand. “Be located in cool fruit street 2 centers position, have a vacant lot the clearing of 270 square metre, have cardinal number of certain stream of people, traffic extend in all directions, and on have landscape of a small-sized afforest, it is amalgamative and OK that both is like implementation function is complementary. ” course expert evaluation and dweller evaluation, small project of 2 courtyard civilian satisfies cool fruit street communal sex, easy operation, can carry out a gender to ask by pitch on. The course is transformed, the dweller sees the change with real community, arrive from the indifference previously present take an active part in, put forward actively to rectify and reform fire control flaw, the change of dweller manner gives Pan sword river more power, “Want them to still need me only, I the body can do a dot to make a point more more very much now. ” ■ the interlocution that be the same as a problem east the door is street the party is versed in appoint clerical Lv Yi: Try hard demand of the people’s livelihood as the job from beginning to end direction asks: What with 3 keywords description you are in is street. Lv Yi: The first keyword is ” the origin of Shenzhen nods ” : Street agency established the door 1979 east, be the same as with Shenzhen city age, it is one of street agency that Shenzhen creates the earliest. Be in early bright generation metaphase, build between a few dorp that this takes the door east had market, be called ” Shenzhen old ruins ” , clear Chao Kangxi 27 years (1688) , shenzhen ruins already was at that time install a county newly a famous ruins city. 1979, “Shenzhen ” make city name, shenzhen ruins changes say ” east door old street ” . Have Shenzhen ruins first, shenzhen town was become again after, today’s Shenzhen city is from this and get a name. Can say, door bona fide recorded a paragraph of history that Shenzhen city develops east, it is the historical phase testimony of modern Shenzhen, it is a component that Shenzhen history culture accumulates, it is the genetic dot of Shenzhen. The 2nd keyword is ” the street alley that has temperature ” : Long-term since, east the door is street the development thought that can insist to be a center with people from beginning to end, do good people to be deeply concerned most seriously ” beside thing ” , let reform develop achievement more fairer benefit and street collectivity dweller. We pay close attention to bagatelle of every the people’s livelihood, advance energetically ” a type, one net type ” government affairs serves, year accept government affairs to serve business more than 7000; Solid advance job of job of small fact of the people’s livelihood, year discuss through project of of all kinds the people’s livelihood more than 140, involve amount nearly 15 million yuan. Our give attention to two or morethings loses every force group, suffer from in the light of the disabled, mental disease, difficulty is small protect door etc execute ” case of one group one party ” the side supports the move, year extend of all kinds low protect allowance and gold, condolatory gold to wait for more than yuan 250; The member that be aimed at block outcast, orgnaization of associated society charity is established ” car of shower of street friend flow ” , offer wash bath freely tonsorial service. The 3rd keyword is ” day all the civilization of 300 thousand youth transmits a location ” : Come for years, door commerce shopping mall already made the one side stand of Shenzhen trade line of business east, mirror and conduct the consumption of Shenzhen and fashionable tidal current. Up to now, already had a tall building of 34 large trade, floor area amounts to 1 million square metre, among them 840 thousand square metre is commercial area. Block from personnel of course of study 50 thousand much person, day all stream of people amounts to 300 thousand person-time, holiday more amount to 800 thousand person-time, it is one of commercial flourishing areas with Shenzhen and even countrywide the most concentrated stream of people, also be the significant position that Shenzhen establishs civilized town. As ” countrywide civilized unit ” gainer, east the door is street take the lead in crying in whole town piece ” rubbish not be born, east the door is more beautiful ” achieve article catchword, execute the law in order to publicize education, innovation, start masses, integrated punish to be carrier, elevated a citizen effectively civilized consciousness of the tourist, improved environment of block the appearance of a city, optimized trade group to be in business environment, because come to a shopping mall person flow is enormous, civilization founds working place to arise ” civilized consciousness ” can arrive especially as citizen tourist east the broad youth that the door shops transmits whole town and even whole nation, can say east door shopping mall provides an elephant namely and vivid ” civilized transmission place ” . Ask: Innovation aspect is built in the party, street most is distinctive place reflected where? Lv Yi: The biggest characteristic holds to from beginning to end namely ” it is a center with people ” thought, stand fast from beginning to end with people ” advocate fall forward concerns ” , regard the effort that we work as direction demand of the people’s livelihood in block masses from beginning to end, build through the party lead basic level processing, the need of the good life that promotes block society to administer society of economy of more effective, service to develop masses of more strong, contented block to grow increasingly more promising. Ask: What is the biggest challenge at present? Lv Yi: The challenge basically has 3 sides. It is the case that party of the existence on certain level builds the job and center to the job is out of line and oppose, occurrence business and party are built ” two pieces of skins ” phenomenon, examine the effect that the party builds the job should be reflected be fulfilled in what street center works and be civilian of the service daily in, do not answer will both cut apart to come. 2 it is party of the existence on certain level builds the job ” formalism ” , wen Shan will be the sea, excessive the phenomenon that leaves mark still happens from time to tome, brought heavy working burden to staff member of street basic level. 3 it is street be in Party member knowledge and age structure are not quite reasonable, current and street be in Party member 2171, among them Party member of 70 years old of above 423, junior high school and Party member of the following record of formal schooling 303, party member of major the aged and Party member of low record of formal schooling can be not operated alone ” wisdom party is built ” wait for intelligent study to apply, what the Party member caused to teach management on certain level is difficult. Ask: What word do the Party members that consider pair of area under administration most say? Lv Yi: Everybody comes along, bend forward personally between community masses, do community the people’s livelihood to serve the most outstanding volunteer.