Dispatch of network of collect lake home: The clear water river that is 13.6 square kilometer in gross area is street, 18 industries update a project to drawing the outline of the outline that it did not come to: “Burgeoning industry brings large phoenix tree ” there is river of 4 settles clear water in the project of 10 keys industrialization of program blue print, service of artificial intelligence, trade, satellite applies those who wait for burgeoning industry to introduce, will drive traditional content to flow to transition of contemporary service line of business to upgrade; Besides build a division, clear water river still has the hill body greenbelt of 7.3 square kilometer, the zoology protection job of wild park of natural mountain forest, outskirt lets green hill green water last beautiful.
How does clear water river come true to be by land belonging to one production unit but enclosed in that of another street change ” garden street ” ? This backside is base oneself upon of clear water river street progress is real, the party builds the gain that leads 10 big project. “It is a center with people, want the way that regards us as hard people’s demand namely, should issue great strength especially strengthening basic level party to build in the round, build build in all treat the basic level that share to administer pattern respect to make beneficial exploration in all, drive continuously street each enterprise develops quickly, exalt the acquisition of masses of area under administration feeling and happy feeling. ” in clear water river street party is versed in appoint clerical Wang Hua is unripe look, build a project with the party to lead, promote 10 big project, according to catch strong faction to be versed in appoint, catch real community Party committee and the train of thought of the branch that pay work to send force continuously, “· of street of garden of green water green hill is restful river of harmonious clear water ” the target can come true certainly. “Where is difficulty, where is the Party member ” November 2016, “Canopy changes ” the job is started formally, clear water river is street the leadership core that holds to a party and lead action perforative in ” canopy changes ” whole process, accomplish key job and difficulty to be in where in where, Party member, solve a problem to regard as examine the touchstone of party building effect. Street party is versed in appoint as a whole plan Luo Hu ” canopy changes ” Yu Long piece the area works, held water temporarily Party branch, be versed in by street party appoint secretary, piece district director is senior hold Party branch secretary part-time, piece division headquarters plenary session is temporarily Party branch enlarged meeting. Insist to fulfil Party member cadre to be stationed in a dot to connect a system, smoke cadre of Party member of mediate class, family level to hold the position of reseau group, specific responsibility group assistant group leader, also be party group group leader at the same time. Commander of a gleam of of since of Party member cadre, also be combatant, be the first executive policy, decision, produce plugger of Party member cadre and clerk effect, to tenement, business door 22 thousand person, begin explain to public policy offers an autograph to make an appointment with, pay the service of one continuous line such as the room. The lead one’s men in an act that is cadre of Party member leader, set an example to drive and struggle difficultly, inside the time that is less than half an year, yu Long piece the area achieved first early or late an area 3 index to clear (to clear is checked namely before the party message to clear that check, derelict room checks to clear, party to refuse) , first. Civil negotiate an autograph to make an appointment with phase of assault fortified positions ” canopy changes ” the job receives an official satisfactorily, mutual 20 groups, 66 the individual wins a division ” canopy changes ” headquarters bulletin commends, piece area ” canopy changes ” the job gets superior leads sufficient affirmation, also be mixed by the support of an area party approbate. “Canopy changes ” the person’s story is between the colleague buccal mouth according to legend, for instance ” loose elder brother ” , true name thanks Yang Song, it is stationmaster of secretary of Party committee of jade dragon community, workstation, still hold Yu Long concurrently piece division headquarters coordinates group of assistant group leaders integratedly. Speech not much, deal with concrete matters relating to work agrees dry, assault is advanced, it is dweller of numerous jade dragon and colleague unanimous to his opinion. Liu Xun of small boy of 90 the year after next just leaves the member that army holds the position of reseau to jade dragon community, join ” canopy changes ” after the team, the member that he basically assists group of the 20th reseau to had done party autograph to be moved about works. A Peng inside reseau surnames owner, its building first floor did not lease others set up shop in fact, just serve as general housing to rent. But to get more benefit, he to piece division headquarters is lying, want to win the relevant compensation that the government spreads to business. “You say lease went, ask you to call tenement to confrontation together, I give the cost of Shenzhen going there and back. But if not be to manage, not be business shop, then you lie namely, information of give false information, it is bilk, will be punished severely by law. ” the rhetorical question that faces Liu Xun and hold to, the owner that tells be in the wrong oneself talked in whispers a few, run with respect to gloomy ground, also do not carry business to lay compensatory issue again. “The member that serve as reseau, we should be good at serving for party already, but also should dare to cry sometimes board, truer, preach manages, cannot unprincipled concede. ” Liu Xun says. Drive industrial high quality newlier to develop with the city ” compared with Renew, Rebuild these words, I prefer to describe clear water river with Regeneration butterfly change. ” in clear water river street party is versed in appoint clerical Wang Hua is unripe look, regeneration has vigor reborn meaning, the hope is passed ” canopy changes ” clear water river can butterfly change renascence. It is chance newlier with the city, street high level, Gao Shuiping begins clear water river make overall plans, wait to space of space of hub of traffic of area under administration, industry and person house undertake be adjustmented in the round, layout. With ” east into the strategy ” ” burgeoning industry brings large phoenix tree ” ” square of innovation of Gong Gang international ” construction is chance, clear water river establishs development to build group of 4 headquarters, specific responsibility and 13 projects group, through 2, dog 3 years the service makes 25 keys build a project as soon as possible be born. Make special job plan, the key advances the city such as blue hill of square of innovation of red hillock international, silver-colored lake to update a project to build, for ” one school one cereal ” blue print be born lays solid foundation. Current, clear water river is street will be carrier with traffic hub, build the industrial modes of life and relation to their environment of efficient, green, compound, vigor. Be like street and main cooperate upper concerned section to accelerate advance the subway construction of station of transfer of 17 14 date, wires, make street storage region hard ” east into the strategy ” northeast portal. The construction of orbit traffic will be street take close connection with industry of large phoenix tree, economy of countryman of area of basis collect lake, industry, Internet ” 935 ” burgeoning industry belt expands program and large phoenix tree how-to, this area will guide further the burgeoning industry such as originality of service of artificial intelligence, trade, satellite application, culture, drive traditional content to flow to transition of contemporary service line of business to upgrade, implementation high quality develops. It is reported, clear water river is street square of innovation of international of red hillock of plan and construction, will use at recommending innovation headquarters company, make an industry take core to lead an area, the key develops the artificial intelligence, aerospace industry that is characteristic with satellitic application, constant of remote sensing of the division in planning to introduce, resurgence and (north is fought) wait for bibcock enterprise. The party that compose builds confluence to be treated in all group homocentric circle speaks of nowadays ” yellow eldest sister ” story, li Hong of secretary of branch of committee member of Party committee of plum garden community, senile association still is touched very much, “Community party is built, not be to only community party organization, company is versed in constituent party is built, however Dang Qunrong closes to be treated in all. ” ” yellow eldest sister ” this name Huang Ying, shanghai person, on the century follows the Shenzhen below marital Ni Yu Runa at the beginning of 80 time. Come for years, huang Ying pays close attention to community all the time ” empty nest old person ” , wu Shunxin’s husband and wife is the object of key keep an eye on of yellow eldest sister, two average per capita already passed 8 a period of ten years in one’s age, at ordinary times Wu Shunxin’s old partner is long-term lie in bed, rely on Wu Da’s Mom to take care of more, but once Wu Da’s Mom also fell ill, take care of two old responsibility to fall on shoulder of yellow eldest sister. Once Wu Shunxin trip, yellow eldest sister is accompanied all the time Wu Da’s Mom is taken care of in the hospital, till its children comes from Shanghai. Wu Shunxin’s husband and wife is received by its children after Shanghai, yellow eldest sister of more than 70 years old accepted new job again, continue of keep an eye on of need of man-to-man help community ” empty nest old person ” . If Niyu also is an enthusiastic person, after retiring, he is in charge of community style job actively, often organize community Party member and old person to participate in all sorts of activities, it is the good helper of community workstation. “Our community party group very harmonious, activity of Party branch organization is the real demand that expands from community sets out. ” Li Hong expresses, come for years team of style of association of community old age often begins compulsory show, begin civilized town actively to found, show of neighborhood section activity, healthy service, love by dweller masses, ceng Huo gets areas of 2018 year collect lake the award such as gold prize of contest of dance of the 2nd square. How to let basic level party establish spirit of working ground connection, does effect of basic level processing let common people look so that see, feeling? Development of clear water river is advanced ” benefit laborer Cheng ” construction, the key catchs good the people’s livelihood patient of obstacle of special family, disabled, children staying behind, spirit waits for construction of small real issue and family of poverty of area under administration, family planning the care side of special and difficult group is helped up and accessorial hair knock off is made; Safety of the blowdown channel that the nail of land abundant city that drives side of speak or sing alternately to help up presses down new Rao Cun on the west, reservoir defends the project such as consolidate and villager square, arouse actively at the same time the love enterprise inside more area under administration and social force join rank of the assault fortified positions that help deficient up, help new Rao Cun take off deficient to become rich at an early date. ■ case retires not to fade! Old Party member continues to give off light calorific ” retire not to fade, quit post not quit a party, rice secretary is our calm Nereus needle. ” the Tan Yingkui of vice secretary of Party committee of plum garden community that goes head on, the hand that holding Mi Yongsong of secretary of vice secretary of community Party committee, the 3rd branch says to thank continuously. Party committee of plum garden community has a Party member 712 people, among them capital construction engineer is occupied than 83% , they were 2005 mostly engineer Party member changes because of the state-owend enterprise make those who turn into community, average age 65 one full year of life. Come for years, the old Party member that is a delegate with Mi Yongsong of old Party member is producing more than heat all the time, become the mainstay of community Party committee. The engineer old Party member that holds the position of committee member of committee member of community Party committee, branch secretary, branch at present shares 61 people. Administer of plum garden community issues 24 branch, among them 21 branches differentiate with Lou Dong branch, committee member of branch secretary, branch still holds dweller young group leader, Lou Dong part-time to grow at the same time. While accordingly they are doing good branch to work, a mu when still run good dweller group 3 distribute land, for Lou Dong dweller service arrives home. Plum garden community Zou Hongtao of secretary of the 10th Party branch is among them. Come ten years, the village resident such as village He Huanyu goes farming herd, Gong Gang on the west golden lake road cannot avoid to pass a reinforcing steel bar to solder temporarily ladder, because way is shorter, here became the first selection that goes Feng Guang elementary school goes to school and buying dish old person. Because quality closes nevertheless, often the child tumbles in that, pedestrian classics can shake even too, the dweller rebuilds of stair appeal to beg figuration of form of conference of the Party branch that be entered by Zou Hongtao belt to be treated in all into community case, the Party member is taking project plan to arrive street treat discuss official business to be able to go up to strive for capital with PK of other community project in all, 2015, the cement stair of strong safety is replaced temporarily stair. Tan Yingkui expresses, the emeritus age according to formulary community Party committee is 65 years old, but ” community old person is much, young community Party member does not beat the door of dweller home, meet thorny problem or need to have ‘ say to go up word ‘ person station comes out ” , mi Yongsong is broken rules by everybody so remain in office. Village share building carries community red hillock on the head on the west problem of hidden danger of safety of existence fire control, top of fire control passageway, building is built by the dweller shed is used raise chicken to plant dish, street try to come to communicate with community staff member failed, everybody recommends crises consistently the old Party member such as Mi Yongsong establishs advise group, spring 2016, the member that wait for 8 Laodang does not consider Mi Yongsong and Zou Hong Tao to go up sweat of intense heat of summer flows, come to do explanatory work from door to door. “Who dare tear open my shed! ” stubborn old person is blocked before advise team, “Is everybody torn open do not tear open with respect to you? Fire control passageway is to use safeguard you are safe is not to use kind of food. ” Mi Yongsong says sturdily. Final, below patient explanation of everybody, the old person complied with everybody’s advice, by a definite date 8 days demolish the action to finish the job smoothly also. “An unit is before retiring is again familiar did not pass, say josh laugh problem was solved at ordinary times, criticize two face to face them also won’t too care about. ” the secret that the member that one language of Zou Hongtao speaks Laodang shares community to administer. Old old community is transformed is community dweller’s urgentest now desire, the dweller building of plum garden community is built at going up mostly century 80 time, because be Hai Sha building and some time, the ceiling of many families falls off slack even, lou Dong does not have elevator, the old person that lives in the high level is nice mount a building not easily not to wish to leave a floor easily, would rather a person ” curtilage ” be in the home. This year old old uptown in transforming apiration to collect the job, community branch secretary besides guide a Party member to take the lead in attending apiration to collect, outside agreeing to transform, still will collect task break up the whole into parts, it is an unit with dweller group, branch secretary guides a Party member to come to undertake policy read out, contact foreign owner through looking for a relative to look for a comrade-in-arms, assistance finishs apiration to solicit the work. At present the village transforms Gong Gang on the west apiration is collected agree to lead amount to 98.3% , achieve smoothly expect an end, lay next solid foundations to advance home to build the job next. “The first word that the dweller sees me now is ‘ rice secretary, can we move out this year? ‘ civilian beg somewhat, I answer somewhat, my present main job advances a village to transform the job namely, help everybody realize this desire. ” Mi Yongsong says. “Desperately 3 man ” and a flock of ” omnipotent person ” ever spread all over ” handclasp building ” clear water river is street Yu Long piece division second line is land belonging to one production unit but enclosed in that of another the ground nowadays already level off becomes an open ground, piece the area gives move sth to make room land of 180 thousand square metre to use the land as burgeoning industry reserve, add the 300 thousand square metre side last week to use the land, according to the area, gather with the ground, industry wait for an advantage, will develop the burgeoning property such as industry of spaceflight industry, energy-saving environmental protection energetically, the back end support that makes Shenzhen urban district and high end of urban form a complete set serve an area. The change of all these comes from the Luo Hu 2016 ” canopy changes ” . Yu Long piece the area is located in provincial Gao Wei safety of geological calamity area, fire control weighs disaster area, piece region house gross amounts to 12378, enter a dweller 30 thousand person is amounted to when masses is most. In addition, classics of this area Ceng Li 3 more large-scale check violate the act that tear open a building, involve a number numerous, move a job of the autograph that reach hurried to bring an influence to conduct propaganda… how to bite off the difficult problem that this hard bone became Xie Yangsong of secretary of Party committee of Yu Long community to face. “‘ canopy changes ‘ it is battle of field assault fortified positions, need the joint efforts of everybody. ” the member that Xie Yangsong discovers the reseau that strings together the door for a long time to walk along alley and landlord, tenement and even sublessor are very familiar, by reseau member appear personally opinion of explanatory policy collect, conduce to reduce communication cost. Then he puts forward to execute compressed turn management, yu Long piece distinguish 24 reseau, bring 24 reseau group and 9 enthusiasm of specific responsibility working group and creativity into play adequately. Answer owner and tenement by day seek advice, register the incident that breaks out inside division of the information that moves staff, processing, the phone tells owner in the evening newest ” canopy changes ” information, go canvassing party comes headquarters undertakes communication. Began in September 2016, in the member that empty building, everywhere controlling a building can see the reseau that takes wind on foot. In thanking the heart that admire a pine, reseau member be ” omnipotent ” a flock of people. “Canopy changes ” early days job just began, reseau member Wang Jianxiong’s wife is produced in native place child, but the birth that he fails to see a son because of working reason, asked for leave ahead of schedule then, but receive reseau to grow the announcement with stationmaster one after another however on the long-distance car that come home, the requirement is all reseau member 15 check 2 times when finished information of pair of the owner inside case a few days ago. After had seen wife and son hurriedly, wang Jianxiong takes a car to go to from the hospital that evening time drive. Via education of community Party committee, sign up for street party to be versed in appoint approval, wang Jianxiong already became a Party member nowadays, still obtain ” 51 work of Shenzhen town are numismatic ” certificate. Do not carry the high strenth work that comes day after day, yu Long piece area Zhang Peifen of vice secretary of Party committee of community of assistant group leader of group of the first reseau, Yu Long eventually be laid up, this has been she goes to a hospital the 3rd day to make an a bit continuously. Look at pulling disease disgruntled the Zhang Peifen of the body should be driven toward Yu Long again, the husband that accompanies her to come to a hospital couldn’t help eventually: “So big individual, can you learn to cherish him body? ” regard Yu Long as vice secretary of community Party committee, zhang Peifen is specific assume more than 100 when municipal Party committee put forward community party to build standardization to build 2016 particular jobs, should be in ” canopy changes ” the each project activity that service of year the people’s livelihood finishs before entering substantial phase; Serve as Yu Long at the same time piece division headquarters the assistant group leader of group of the first reseau, arrive with colleague assault ” canopy changes ” the forefront of the negotiation. Of Zhang Peifen arduous did not waste with sweat, complete reseau stage account, the record is worn ” canopy changes ” day of day night since. Look at Zhang Peifen to pulling tired out body to come home everyday, the husband couldn’t help eventually: “Are you so painstaking graph Where is what? You also face the identity that hires staff with respect to ah ” . “Have nothing to do with the identity, I like this job, I hope to be able to be ‘ canopy changes ‘ the job does bit of significant thing, since accepted this job, I must have been done, go finishing. ” Zhang Peifen’s manner is self-confident and sturdy. Be misunderstood to blame by the dweller, cannot take care of ailing family to did not let Xie Yangsong stop pace, he what coordinate group of assistant group leaders integratedly part-time is one of jade dragon majordomo, the need when which reseau and owner negotiate is assisted, he always is the first and reseau member together arrive for a short while, when which the leader inspects condolatory need to uphold order, it is good that he always is taking a colleague to cooperate actively to be done ahead of schedule about the branch, accomplish. “I am secretary of community Party committee, although at every turn need not I am in charge of, but when anything crops up am I the first who is the first? The head is not taken good, the job does not have something made to order well. ” ” ‘ canopy changes ‘ that meets us warm blood of have one’s bosom filled with, often still answer the years that remembers that paragraph fights bravely in all with work in the same placing now, ‘ canopy changes ‘ Dou Ting came over, encounter difficulty to had learned to be faced easily again. ” Xie Yangsong says. ■ with river of problem interlocution clear water street party is versed in appoint clerical Wang Hua is unripe: The construction that invites new era party always asks air plant asks: What with 3 keywords description you are in is street. Wang Hua is unripe: Restful harmony, this is the goal with basic level the mainest processing; Green water green hill, “Green water green hill is golden hill silver-colored hill ” , clear water river is solid begin area under administration the prevent floods by water control of 4 rivers shifts simple work, advance river of pen rack hill, clear water two rivers are opened in the round in area under administration of clear water river, do one’s best the aquatic state environment with very street protection. Finally is beauty can last, the project demolishs Gong Gang on the west after rebuilding, we will make headquarters base here, the clear water river that the hope updates through the city can realize Regeneration, vigor second birth can develop continuously. Ask: Innovation aspect is built in the party, street most is distinctive place reflected where? Wang Hua is unripe: Innovation should have a base, catch solid base to work to just talk to go up only innovation. For example, land belonging to one production unit but enclosed in that of another ground is street old old current situation is changed hard temporarily, but mix completely neat and complete can accomplish, the key is to should be determined to be driven with all one’s strength. We are built with the party strengthen a city to administer strength to lead, from ” dirty chaos is poor ” careless Bu of community of the village in the most serious city begins punish on the west, put from the basiccest ash-bin orderly grab, buckle cent dot easily to regard punish as the key, same place repeats buckle minute of double to relevant responsibility person punishment, build at the same time ” deepness is clean ” lasting effect mechanism, serve as the target of environment of the appearance of a city that establishs civilized town ” deepness is clean ” normalization requirement. Environments of 74 street the appearance of a city rank in former years integratedly in, the clear water river that is located in land belonging to one production unit but enclosed in that of another ground is street the record that has mat background for many times, through special deploy ” deepness is clean ” the clear water river of the action acquired entire division in January 2018 the first, whole town the achievement of the 10th. Ask: What is the biggest challenge at present? Wang Hua is unripe: Two this years we are catching real party to build the job all the time, basic level builds shoulder heavy responsibilities. At present our main problem is atmosphere of be used to of Party member university, late survey not quite grumous still, in learning lack extended program, “Two learn to be done ” educational activity remains to strengthen. Ask: What word do the Party members that consider area under administration most say? Wang Hua is unripe: Do not forget first heart, go before encourage, solid the great project with the new construction that pushs a faction.