Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Zhou Wu afternoon, han Cuiping, Xie Guiping and Mo Dexing are pulling box of blue visit a patient at home to go to Shenzhen city Ou Cuiyuan village walks along Luo Hu. Han Cuiping is company of emerald green mountain of group of hospital of Shenzhen city collect lake health whole family doctor, xie Guiping is whole family nurse, mo Dexing is green banboos project of company of street emerald green peaceful community, every week 5 dweller of community of seek by inquiry is them is fixed afternoon program. Such program, began to appear in working detailed list of Han Cuiping in May from this year. The constituent force that organizes to strengthen basic level party reachs service power, company of emerald green mountain of Party committee of emerald green peaceful community and center of valve of company of group of collect lake hospital health Party branch is begun ” the knot is right build in all ” the job, carry out ” the party is built + healthy ” processing mode. This covers measure, build a project to come true to be achieved in all through the party in all battalion, enhance consciousness of responsibility of Party member cadre and service consciousness, drive everybody to participate in, everybody endeavors, everybody is enjoyed. “Ailment does not give community, a serious illness can be in company health walk along quick passage to turn examine, this kind of first service was offerred to the dweller convenient service, enlarge medical treatment resource further, healthy from implementation the whole people target close one pace. ” He Cailing of secretary of Party committee of emerald green peaceful community says. “The party is built + healthy ” it is green banboos exploration is begun ” the party is built + service ” an epitome of series project. “Build Party branch go up by force in dweller village ” , ” the party is built lead business door autonomy ” , ” without group of autonomy of property village Party member ” . . . . . . In recent years, green banboos is street around strengthen leading Party group of service basic level to knit construction to give priority to a line, build with the party lead basic level to administer innovation, made a batch ” star ” organization of basic level party. “The party builds a brand to want to produce effect, must promote an organization force, aggrandizement organizes management, ensure catch to become, do to become. ” in green banboos street party is versed in appoint clerical Lai Jianhua looks, the service that use a heart is party of a basic level the value of an organization, Party member and meaning place, also be the happy password of green banboos of warmth of course of study of fitting room appropriate. Build Party branch go up by force in dweller village rubbish everywhere, fireweed is fascicular, the nightly illume that do not have the lamp, every family still is being used bottled and gas… this is community of the green banboos a few years ago east door north road 2075, 2081 uptown picture. 8 years ago, the property company here and contract the village is communal healthy clean company in succession evacuate, from now on here became the village that does not have property management unit again without owner committee already, wholesome environment dirty difference, public security is random, dweller complaints are heard everywhere. “Do a good work for village dweller first half of the year, do real thing in all 292… ” green banboos community the job first half of the year sums up Zhou Daohong of secretary of the 4th Party branch in, cannot see dramatic statement, a data that visible is simple palpability. “Without what special, these are the things that we are doing all the time. ” it how discharge care to solve for dweller masses is difficult to how discharge care to solve for dweller masses? The answer that green banboos gives out is build branch go up by force in dweller village, since 2011, zhou Daohong and Lu Wei are thought of wait for branch Party member, with ” 5565 ” the Party member masses inside village of leader of working law organization begins autonomy, solve of all kinds problem, dissolve contradictory dispute, it is difficult that for common people platoon care is solved, build branch in harden oneself go up by force in the village, it is the banner tree prison of the party in masses heart. “Above 1000 lines, below a needle ” , a multitude of things of basic level work, need careful management. Came last year, green banboos is begun ” build Party branch go up by force in dweller village ” the party builds a brand to establish the operation, came on stage ” green banboos is street the party is versed in appoint ” build Party branch go up by force in dweller village ” executive plan ” and ” ” build Party branch go up by force in dweller village ” the job plans to make how-to ” . Administer content to make working target, task, plan with basic level through coaching 97 dwellers Party branch is built around Party branch oneself closely, green banboos lets Party branch make organization and leader village trade appoint the backbone power that the group such as unit of meeting, property management, dweller and other and of all kinds organization, volunteer develops processing. Party group treat in all let Dang Jianshen enter ” nerve ending ” green banboos community 2075, the success solves 2081 uptown processing difficult problem to administered problem of additionally one catastrophe to offer train of thought for basic level. Walk into water shellfish community nowadays, manage outside common inn, illegal small advertisement, huddle the phenomenon such as stock was lost sight of basically. Original, before 3 months, 110 business door participated in action of autonomy of a business door here, the action obtains effect clearly: Block is complained, execute the law while cost drops ceaselessly, satisfaction of environmental character and dweller, business door is spent all get promotion. Gross area of area under administration of water shellfish community 0.1074 square kilometer, the enterprise inside area under administration exceeds 200, among them jewelry company holds great majority. The area is narrow, the business is much, person flow is large, management is bad, it is the difficult problem that processing of street basic level faces green banboos for a time. Since this year, party of street and sufficient play builds green banboos lead action, in water shellfish community pilot party is built lead business door autonomy, guide through superintend and director give priority to, award is complementary means, bring water shellfish into play adequately area under administration is all the enthusiasm that business door shares community to administer, promote environment of the appearance of a city of water shellfish community quality in the round then, raise environmental protection consciousness of the dweller. To assure to carry out the effect, processing of street the city zone did Party committee of community of associated water shellfish to make ” the city zone of water shellfish community administers assessment of business door autonomy to judge a star to implement plan ” , plan passes the mode of the assessment that judge a star certainly, establish the assessment group that reachs justice labour delegate, business door delegate to give priority to with delegate of party representative, National People’s Congress, dweller, every months draw-out member of 5 assessment panel is all to community business door undertakes visitting grading, basis of business door notch on average undertake the quarter judges a star, the business that acquires 3 stars and above name door, win corresponding award and honor card. Through establishing perfect and active drive and tie mechanism, business of area under administration door the enthusiasm that shares social processing independently is brought into play adequately; Through building the environment of science, standard, lasting effect sanitation assesses a mechanism, drive sanitation of business door environment, sincere letter to manage, autonomic management standardization, normalization, those who make Wu Qiuxia of secretary of Party committee of water shellfish community glad is, “The party is built lead, community is treated in all, business door autonomy, with all possible means win-win ” new phase of water shellfish community is formed already. “The party is built + service ” let green banboos more temperature came last year in May in December, in every weekday midday 11:00, 12:00, volunteer of green banboos community and employee of shop of fine flourishing meal can carry reeky meal to send freely for the old person come. This is not common ” outside sell ” , however green banboos community makes ” share provide for the aged ” love lunch serves. Face area under administration ” aged ” wifeless few of serious, part resides the question with old person difficult repast alone, exert oneself of green banboos community solves community to often live difficult question of Gu incomplete old person, empty nest old person and repast of old person of orphans and widows. Try to find out the real intention through early days survey, the platoon that register checks 20 deformity, empty nest, be resided alone or old person of orphans and widows. Community party group service center and dining-room of area under administration cooperate, make variety distributing food according to old person health and dietary be fond of, solve area under administration the repast difficult question of group of special old person. “Share provide for the aged ” love lunch can be to send a meal not just so simple, the Party member volunteer that sends dish to come and old person chat, understand the difficulty on old person life and requirement, untangle their loneliness. In recent years, green banboos is explored actively ” the party is built + service ” mode, lead action through developing Party branch adequately, make build in all treat in all share basic level to administer pattern. Party committee of emerald green smooth community fills minute of play to assume overall responsibility the overall situation, leadership core action that coordinates each, with the people’s livelihood small real issue is rely on, come 3 years, community holds discuss official business of dweller of thing of small fact of the people’s livelihood in all meeting meeting 27, discuss passed 12 projects category to look, 31 serve category to look, all projects already were finished entirely. On happy road, person of each green banboos cannot fall. For care area under administration inside come deep builder, party committee of emerald green smooth community with ” thing of small fact of the people’s livelihood ” for chance, develop characteristic brand project — ” care sends warmth, the department comes to affection deep builder ” . Community Party committee carries midday show intended for a limited audience through beginning, mid-autumn special performance and activity of solstitial special performance, moon cake of skin of the labour of volunteer of constituent Party member, dweller justice and zhongzi of company project package, ice that make and bag dumpling, will 900 many fresh in the hand of the member that moon cake of skin of the zhongzi that gives heat, 900 many ice and 3000 dumpling send area under administration to deep builder ensures public security and protect clean, thank them to be community neat the contribution that reachs village safety to make, in strong feeling in the festal atmosphere of care, attributive feeling and self-identity feeling are able to promote the dweller’s community. Since this year, green banboos is street the party is versed in appoint use resource of area under administration, begin leading Party group to knit the knot that cross a boundary to be opposite build in all, with ” the party is built + service ” for the theme, exploration is begun ” the party is built + service ” series project and activity, complementary, resource shares implementation dominant position, obtain a service the effect is the biggest change. At present Party committee of emerald green peaceful community has been in charge of central general Party branch to reach collaboration with company of group of collect lake hospital, health center Party branch launchs company of community of associated emerald green mountain ” the party is built + healthy ” series serves; Party committee of community of new residential quarter also is not dance of kylin of culture of involuntary discharge of urine to begin in community of active exploration union ” the party is built + culture ” service; Other each community all joins community actual condition began series ” the party is built + ” activity. As we have learned, street this year party is versed in appoint will strive to be in ” the party is built + service ” respect make distinguishing feature, advance actively will ” the party is built + service ” found the job with civilized town union, reach volunteer work union with Party member volunteer, make full use of the party card company of area under administration group constituent resource, make distinctive party build brand and window, serve resident of area under administration adequately. ■ case ” the dweller’s issue is again small it is an important matter ” Party branch is guided ” double without ” dweller of village implementation autonomy has urgent thing contact for a short while ” Zhou Shu ” , deliver wholesome cost actively, take out the tool such as shovel of broom, rubbish, shovel to participate in village sanitation to clear from oneself the job… ” Zhou Shu ” it is a dweller to Luo Hu Ou Cuizhu community the kind appellation of Zhou Daohong of secretary of the 4th Party branch, look in him, green banboos community east door north road 2075, the atmosphere hard-earned with 2081 courtyard smooth harmony. 2075, 2081 courtyard are not to have property management, without course of study appoint the village of old old house of the meeting, existing and multilayer residential building 10, dweller 209. 8 years ago, the condition of the village is ” two difference two much chaos ” , namely environmental sanitation is poor, public security condition is poor, ab extra population is much, contradictory dispute is much, public order is random. In July 2011, property company and contract public healthy clean company withdraws the village in succession, two villages rubbish forms a pile between each floor space, fly flies all over the sky, such going down can not be a thing. Below the harmony of Party committee of green banboos community, zhou Daohong and Wei of Lu of Party branch member think of collect dweller of call together waiting for a person to sit in together, after everybody discusses, the decision holds water ” temporarily sanitation management group ” , the salary that runs a company with prep above content invites village dweller to manage sanitation, the environmental sanitation problem of the village was arisen by the canal. All things start is bad, “The face is ugly ” ” the door is entered hard ” ” cost closes hard ” the first difficult problem that becomes a group to be faced with, to close neat 20 yuan sanitation expends every month, the 8th Party branch pays resident of green banboos community appoint Chen Yongjiang has eaten many ” a thick soup that close the door ” , encounter what not be willing to pay fee, chen Yongjiang comes to communicate. In the meantime, panel member gives mount of dark communal stair well street lamp from dig down, the dustman also cleans a village everyday, the wholesome environment that improves gradually is looked to be in the eye by the dweller. “The dweller pays wholesome fee actively now, have clean personnel to buy a glove, have what take a tool to participate in cleanness from oneself… ” ” the credit that environmental sanitation job helped us gain a resident, sanitation management group also becomes standing organization, we have accountant, cashier, every months of Zhang Bang makes public the circumstance of fund income and expenses of the group, every half an year is announced to this group congress, all is announced to all dweller end of the year. ” Lu Wei is thought of express, wholesome problem was solved, the problem that masses reflects is increasing, enrage conduit to transform to village coal from dredge toilet, party members grant whatever is requested to the dweller. 2014, because village Lou Dong is too little, do not have a place to hold the issue such as gas meter, gas company abandons transforming village coal to enrage conduit, “Zhou Shu ” seek dweller opinion through coming with Party branch member, taking survey positive result to go collect lake area lives build bureau raise a proposal, the area lives build bureau union to suggested to plan to transform program afresh, let a village successfully connect on conduit burning gas, need concern to light gas to give out to go buying or call a person to send no longer, ensured the safety that use gas, each resident can reduce expenditure every months 100 yuan reach 200 yuan. Last year in Spring Festival night much at 12 o’clock, community a dweller of many years old 50 faints suddenly, the old mother of many years old 80 in the home dialed Zhou Shu’s telephone directly, zhou Shubang is busy call up an ambulance, accompanied one evening in the hospital accordingly. “The issue with again small masses is an important matter, ” the help that mentions a dweller to offer, zhou Shu the first reaction is ” this is our Party member should do ” , aside Chen Yongjiang says however: “The Zhou Shu that sees year of work is expensive already is the first serve for the dweller, I also want a station to come out what to do, our village changed face now, our job gets a resident approbate, worth while. ” community + the old grandma that health party builds the company to build cooperative health service to walk into siesta of community dweller home to just rose in all sits on wheelchair, grandfather of old partner plum sits on the sofa behind her to watch TV, two old people that pass 80 live to basically be taken care of by baby-sitter daily, because ability to walk is disadvantageous, old grandma already had not left a floor one many year. Take the door, green banboos of collect lake area is street agency of emerald green peaceful community is versed in Mo Dexing uses ripe subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy of the Hakkas word had the daily life of a family with old person Lao, this is familiar with come from at for years visit door. “We are discover through coming to visit old grandma is long-term lie in bed, grandpa Li contracts heart disease, gave a company case report health, resemble be without children so beside and the senile old person that has major disease, at present our community has many 20, community reseau member every weeks of meeting assures to come to visit understanding how things stand, tell a company the circumstance health doctor. ” ” old aunt, I am Doctor Han, are you how old this year? The name that retains oneself? You handhold forcibly my hand, play the hand that leaves me with the foot. ” company of emerald green mountain of group of hospital of Shenzhen city collect lake health the hand that Han Cuiping of whole family doctor is playing old grandma, feel her hand power, whole family nurse thanks Gui Ping to take out blood pressure appearance to measure blood pressure to the old person. Through examining the medical record of old grandma, the circumstance that Han Cuiping discovers hematic fat blood sugar arrives newlier only in April 2018, so old grandma inconvenience goes out to had not had been to hospital check-up one many year, she suggests baby-sitter and old person children are communicated, it is OK to if have,need with the company health autograph arranges domestic sickbed service, kang Quanke cure protects the company personnel can come regularly, offer channel of green of group of hospital of slow ill management, collect lake two-way turn the healthy service such as examine, “The old person can enjoy the service in the hospital in the home, what familiar doctor nurse can eliminate an old person is unfamiliar feel with fear, the service can walk along cure to protect, according to two months one cycle calculates, medical treatment charge about 3000 yuan, not less than going to a hospital saving. ” the party builds the basis to build cooperative detailed rules in all, reseau of emerald green peaceful community member when gathering dweller information, if need comes to offer the medical treatment that occupy the home to nurse,service, installation is prevented fall armrest, but with company of emerald green mountain health center is contacted, cure protects personnel to whether suit to offer according to residing public feelings condition to evaluate come to serve, be like a patient ” illness stability, long-term lie in bed, the life cannot provide for oneself ” the person that suit to build domestic sickbed to come for a long time, every success builds hospital bed of a family, give allowance 50 yuan, you Cuiling company health center family doctor is special funds appropriate. On May 23, a flock of dwellers discover when go on a tour of inspection of staff member of Party committee of emerald green peaceful community round a girl, the girl because of trip fracture cannot walk, the spot knows how to rescue them without the person, the staff member sees shape contacts a company immediately health, be less than 5 minutes, health cure protects the company personnel hurried to the spot. In emerald green peace, the dweller encounters communal sanitation, safe problem can be found quickly in community solve way profit from a special team. Health center cure protects member of Party committee of emerald green peaceful community, superintendent and company personnel was comprised together ” contingent of assault medical treatment ” , the group leader is He Cailing, contingent is in inside limits of area under administration when go on a tour of inspection, if encounter help somebody in danger or difficulty of need medical treatment, or appear critical the personnel of serious illness, inform a company of in time health center director, matron, assign cure protects personnel lash-up emergency treatment, safe problem can contact emerald green peaceful community alarm Wu room police officer is assisted. 0, child of 3 years old can enjoy guidance of free children check-up, feed, vaccinate every year 8 times; Hypertensive patient can enjoy free check-up every year, content includes function of kidney of hematic convention, make water convention, liver to wait; The female can enjoy cancer of free palace neck, breast cancer sieve to check, preferential make an appointment see a doctor and green turns examine passageway… this is the welfare that after autograph of dweller of emerald green peaceful community makes an appointment with family doctor to serve, can enjoy. To realize health of the whole people, community urges dweller and company health autograph makes an appointment with family doctor, community reseau member gather information of community dweller health, by company of emerald green mountain health center establishs healthy record. Company Kang Gen makes an appointment with a dweller according to the autograph different and healthy problem, build different small letter group, like children health care group, slow disease manages group, old people management group etc. Small letter group manage by family doctor group, in small letter group can undertake family doctor makes an appointment service seeing a doctor, in company of emerald green mountain health center sees a doctor, by make an appointment time sees a doctor enjoy make an appointment see a doctor passageway of preferential, green turns examine, see examine every time not less than 10 minutes. “It is him dweller has demand to seek a company so health, now is a company health walk into dweller home actively, ” Han Cuiping says frankly, if company health doctor comes to may eat directly ” a thick soup that close the door ” , after cooperating with community Party committee, the company project of familiar dweller circumstance is accompanied visit efficiency very tall, “Offer the resident of healthy service through visitting us to discover more needs us, the life that healthy service is able to walk into more dweller ” . ■ with problem interlocution green banboos street party is versed in appoint clerical Lai Jianhua: Green banboos forms ” 10 minutes of lives encircle ” ask: What with 3 keywords description you are in is street. Lai Jianhua: Course of study of fitting room appropriate, mature form a complete set, be richly bejewelled. Green banboos environment is beautiful, the center sits support green banboos park, periphery returns park encircle: Shenzhen reservoir is faced east, east lake park, park of Xi Jinhong lake, children park, north relies on to surround mountain park. Place oneself green banboos, toward the park that any direction have a beauty inside 10 minutes on foot; Here has the high grade degree of rare, share school of 11 middle and primary school, 15 nursery school, take a child to go out, a recent school can reach certainly inside 10 minutes on foot; There still are 5 cities to belong to 5 hospital, companies here health center provides medical treatment service for the dweller; Still have 3, 5, 7 3 subways routes are crossed from here, go out anyplace from area under administration row, subway station can be found inside 10 minutes of limits on foot. Green banboos is street the most convenience, form a complete set was formed in developing a process the most perfect ” 10 minutes of lives are encircled ” . Besides, here still has space of vast poineering obtain employment, according to statistic, at present ground of street gem assemble shares gem to produce management unit many 3800, year business income many yuan 1000, taxation makes an appointment with 900 million yuan, professional gem trades the market 28, amount to 80 thousand much person from personnel of course of study. Value of annual produce and sale holds share of countrywide gem market 50% above. Ask: Innovation aspect is built in the party, street most is distinctive place reflected where? Lai Jianhua: In the final analysis, the party builds the job to serve for people namely. Green banboos is street hold to ” catch both ends ” , produce effect of type of Party member van adequately already, with good community high grade resource, for the dweller platoon care is solved it is difficult, good to be done for enterprise of area under administration service; Do work of masses of good care difficulty again, send an innumberable families the warmth of the party. In this process, green banboos is street found, made a batch of parties build working project brand, be like ” build Party branch go up by force in dweller village ” ” 10 yuan of food basket ” ” university of community old age ” ” group of Party member autonomy ” ” the party is built lead business door autonomy ” etc. Green banboos is street the party is versed in appoint of initiate ” to masses the report works ” , ” open the door do summary ” , invite masses delegate to award prize for advanced branch etc ” open mode ” mode of basic level job, it is to get more masses of area under administration is extensive reputably, get upper section affirms, street job is a few years continuously in each assessment of city, area be among the best of candidates. Ask: What is the biggest challenge at present? Lai Jianhua: The party builds a brand to want to produce effect, must promote an organization force, aggrandizement organizes management, the means method that makes the party builds the job is more scientific, have specific aim more, ensure catch to become, do to become. Green banboos is next street will join area under administration actual, the action of the member that developing Laodang adequately further and agglomeration are young ” two new ” kongfu of Party member fluctuation, strengthen constituent construction ceaselessly, plan as a whole resource of advantage of area under administration, implementation party builds those who lead basic level processing to be treated in all build in all share. Ask: What word do the Party members that consider area under administration most say? Lai Jianhua: Make good service! Do for masses it is good service, good to be done for the enterprise service! Where is the difficulty of masses and enterprise, our Party member is about where to be. Look in me, doing good service no more than is the intention two words, the service that use a heart is party of a basic level the value of an organization, Party member and meaning place.


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