Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Put on pluvial boots to arrive by wadi going is to look at the daily homework of Gao Guixiu of stationmaster of secretary of community Party committee, workstation greatly. hole canal is located in Long Gang and Luo Hu two areas boundary, encounter monsoon, a large number of silt that river water carries are hoping the Long Haiqiao by culture upland issues accumulation greatly, form ” natural heavy Sha Chi ” , serious menace is circumjacent property of business door life is safe.

To understand a situation, gao Guixiu and community workstation personnel all the time upper reaches of restrospect to river. The Gao Guixiu that represents as National People’s Congress contacted Shenzhen city, Long Gang area National People’s Congress represents Zhang Jing to make the same score. Below the collective appeal that represents in National People’s Congress of Shenzhen city, area, this thing had a solution, look at culture upland greatly project of hole river clear silt in May 2018 start working, project last a period of time 3 months, solved thoroughly ” look at waterlogging greatly ” problem, also crossed an area to administer a beginning for Shenzhen city wadi. “I feel this ‘ leader ‘ not be a leader, it is the person that a play leads action only, but regard a leader as core, want to establish a model, I often urge my group, when doing everything, we should accomplish one branch office very fulfil. ” such story is in east the lake is street and more than. Last year, dong Lehua garden on fire of kitchen of an other people, area of burn of dweller whole body 60% . Patient in the ICU charge of a day passes 10 thousand, life of the person that hurt hangs a gleam of. Between 5 climate, community dweller and enterprise are patient collect together cost of 60 thousand much medical treatment. This warm heart relay also gives east Liu Fang of stationmaster of secretary of happy community Party committee, workstation’s new inspiration: “Community has dweller of a lot of enthusiastic and company, at the same time also many special groups need to help, we are established east fund of happy community commonweal, in encouraging a dweller to participate in community to administer. ” the backside of these vivid practice is east the lake is street the party is versed in appoint party of travel of serious carry out is built lead, multivariate treat in all, the achievement that the 4 grass-roots unit that turn drive administer mode to obtain. “Basic level processing relies on a government one is done bad, want to know common people think of a way, arouse multivariate main body shares enthusiasm. ” east the lake is street the party is versed in appoint clerical Cheng Shiju expresses, basic level processing involves bizygomatic breadth, amount big, work is much, street often be not worth because of hand with community, the task the influence plan such as onerous, ability carry out duty. Be aimed at hereat, the lake puts forward east ” the party is built lead one nucleus multivariate ” community administers mode, hold to a party to build lead, masses of sufficient play enterprise, organism, dweller administers medium positive effect in basic level, the socialization that realizes basic level processing, law is changed, intelligence is changed, specialization. Arouse Party member a secretary in charge of sth to do poineering work ” inside motivation ” when Dong Lehua garden 3 owner sign a name finally when, block up project of safe hidden trouble eventually be able to construction. Dong Lehua is the garden type village with the largest scale of collect lake area field, it is to go up the village of old old house that the century builds at the beginning of 90 time, have a dweller 3493, population exceeds 16 thousand person, 62% of total population of Zhan Dongle community. Because village set-up time is early, the program is not perfect, infrastructure stale, existence jockeys difference of sanitation of ageing of establishment of difficult, fire control, environment, the people’s livelihood appeals to beg wait for all sorts of processing problems more, the happiness that satisfies masses to grow increasingly hard gives birth to vivid need. Because the building is old old, 2 balconies need the labour union dormitory of the garden consolidate, but 3 owner do not agree to bring about a project to do not have law start working tardy. The Party member that lives in labour union dormitory collect there is a daughter that break down in gentleman home, because the room is little, he transforms the balcony into a cubby, after the plan that understands consolidate balcony, face time of close half an year to want conduit to light the predicament of sealing gland balcony, he takes the lead in signing agree with a book, make project be able to start working. Still cooperate community workstation personnel to come to do harmonious work day and night, move with affection Xiao Zhi with manage hind, 3 owner agreed with start working. In east Liu Fang of stationmaster of secretary of happy community Party committee, workstation looks, the Party member is the banner that community administers, party member team is community processing ” beacon ” , bring cravat to move dweller of area under administration to participate in a village to administer jointly. To strengthen team construction, try to be the first of incentive Party member achieves actor, happy community was begun early or late east ” the travel before forgetting heart · continues first ” speech activity, ” July 1 commends activity ” , perfect further ” east happy community ” 5 stars Party member ” detailed rules of appraise through comparison ” , pass a series of act, aroused Party member a secretary in charge of sth to do poineering work ” inside motivation ” . Current, happy community has Party member team east 7, east the activity of fund of happy community commonweal is assumed directly by young Party member entirely, care old person serves a team to participate in emergency treatment to groom regularly, come to accompany old person confabulate, property management is in a vice director to hold the position of the safety of compulsory fire department to work only when captain, be in east happy, the person that is willing to stand to contribute a force is not little. “East Le Youcheng is ripe old assist with of all kinds mass organizations, we hope to undertake specializationing making to these teams next, activity of appraise through comparison develops between the volunteer, the participation of incentive dweller is enthusiastic. ” Liu Fang says. Build for enterprise and dweller treat platform in all on April 12 afternoon, collect lake area east it is difficult that Huang Zhijian of chairman of lake chamber of commerce and Liu Fang are taking oil of rice, edible to come to two to community a home is medium, as usual, huang Zhijian understood the dweller’s difficulty and requirement in detail, encourage them to establish the confidence of the life and courage. Community processing needs every branch to produce constituent power adequately, how to use good Dong Lefeng’s rich enterprise resource, liu Fang builds platform actively, come to visit every time let an enterprise go on behalf of one ibid, thorough a gleam of understands the dweller’s requirement. Dong Lehua has the unit that be stationed in an area field 136, bigger Shenzhen city market supervises substation of management board Luo Hu east lake place, east lake police station east happy alarm the 3rd people of city of Wu room, Shenzhen hospital east the unit such as service center of happy community fitness. For better service masses, city inspect east lake place opened food safety technically to detect freely the window, detect on average for dweller of area under administration everyday food more than 20; Service center of happy community fitness is in regularly east square of Dong Lewen body offers justice examine and health to seek advice from a service, serve masses every months on average 800 person-time; East lake police station east happy alarm Wu room begins legal system to be publicized 6 times, distribute announce leaflet piece more than pieces 8000, the legal consciousness of dweller of area under administration gets farther promotion. Community is special and difficult the group is much, love enterprise and enthusiastic dweller are much also. How to rise their join? In September 2018, fund of happy community commonweal was born east, through ” be thankful photograph of neighborhood · the real situation is accompanied ” the form of neighborhood section raises money money of be apt to 462000 yuan. Fund basically is used at supporting danger aid society of tired, award energy act, specific cover education, aid aid incomplete tiredly, provide disaster relief help deficient up, be ready to help others for a just cause 4 respects. How to spend the money of good foundation? Community made commonweal fund constitution be shown to grandfather, annual foundation project spent how many metropolis to have detailed record. Liu Fang lists in detail annual expense: Arrangement of condolatory and special crowd is mixed before year the Mid-autumn Festival, every time 100, and do not repeat as far as possible, 1 200 yuan, in all 40 thousand. The student that attends key college to encourage community and catch the little boy that criticizes 3 good students, educational foundation expense is annual 10 thousand. To enlarge the force of fund, activity of appraise through comparison of model of home of wind of the most beautiful home encourages everybody transmit, family of bear the palm will obtain 10 thousand yuan. In addition, 5000 yuan be ready to help others for a just cause the igneous hero that fund uses acknowledgment community to extinguish fire in budding condition to destroy. In the meantime, hold water by committee member of community Party committee, house appoint the fund management committee of the composition such as representing of conference representing, dweller representing, property company, enterprise, begin and superintend fund to work. Care community, enthusiastic commonweal, ” one party has difficult, all directions to assist ” love relay activity already became Dong Lexin prevailing custom. It is reported, the lake plans to be in east east happy community is rolled out ” better dining room ” , by community sufficient support the people’s livelihood is given aid to policy, organization of the love entrepreneur that community Party committee appeals career of broad and enthusiastic commonweal, charitable foundation and individual are donated help strength, make ” better dining room ” early sunset ground. Liu Fang introduces, this dining room plans to adopt ” the government goes a bit, the enterprise is contributed a bit, the individual gives a bit ” mode, introduce company of platform of tripartite operation to be in charge of managing, for community dweller especially the repast that the better of 70 years old of above provides convenience material benefit serves, exalt the life of dweller masses character and happy feeling. Street, community and village ” 3 cascade are moved ” the course is various and harmonious, look at the many meters 800 danger wall side community reservoir greatly be able to repair, look at culture upland greatly hole Qu Qingyu, solve old and serious waterlogging to administer a problem, “Look at waterlogging greatly ” solve around of the problem to cost 3 months thoroughly. So efficient processing case is in east the lake is not accidental. For effective conformity resource, optimize a service, the lake is perfected east build ” 3 class linkage ” working mechanism, carry out ” 3 sink ” , class of expedite and fore-and-aft layer manages a passageway. Build street, community and village (piece area) ” 3 class linkage ” linkage job mechanism, intelligence of resource of street gear labor power, block resource decomposes community; Community government natural resources reachs a village dispersedly (piece area) , form ” fore-and-aft and fluctuation linkage, expedite ” administrative pool efforts. Management of innovation executive block and service force ” sink 3 times ” , namely street leader force, street body strength and power of commissioner of community Party committee sink. Carry out street leader to hang a dot to hold community Party committee part-time the first secretary; Street body strength assists community to advance pair of villages in coordination (piece area) processing; Committee member of community Party committee holds a village part-time (piece area) Party branch secretary. Nowadays, look at 604 to community installs system of video entrance guard greatly, deploy fire extinguisher 24000, road shop installed the bitumen that show water, begin rain corrupt billabong project, the face stands to transform outside building of community park, field, dweller etc in also undertaking in succession. The lake drives processing of the city zone to carry with changing processing subtly east qualitative, change with canopy, old change stimulative city character ” butterfly change ” , insist to change processing subtly, realize sanitation of character of the city zone, environment, safe production, lash-up to deal with hard wait for processing level to promote substantially. Since this year, east the lake is street each community in all pothole of ground of repair random paste, backfill 2251 place, deal with ” wholesome blind angle ” 742 place, in all the commonweal advertisement such as the generation below model of viewpoint of value of core of supplementary, newer socialism, age and care publicizes column 136, paste publicizes placard 723, exhibit board 33. ■ case is occupied look first ” Aidongle ” fair number has 7880 dwellers into dweller new convention east happy community, those who open ” Aidongle ” the vermicelli made from bean starch of date of small letter public has many 5000, be community ” mainstream media ” . 2018, dong Lehua garden on fire of kitchen of an other people, area of burn of householder whole body 60% . Be admitted to hospital 5 days, remedial cost already cost nearly 150 thousand yuan, charge of a day crosses the ICU 10 thousand, life of the person that hurt hangs a gleam of. “Aidongle ” date of small letter public is pushed sent ” it is proposal of Dongle’s dweller raise donations ” , community dweller extends aid in succession. Between 5 climate, dweller and enterprise a collect 60 thousand much medical treatment is expended. Hair of family member of the person that hurt will thank a letter, “Look at staff member hardship to rush about the picture that organizes raise donations at Xiaoou, entrepreneur of love of community neighbour friends, chamber of commerce people it is to take an active part in more, reach the hand of aid to us ceaselessly, appreciative sentiment is inexpressible ” . Why can happy community be east 5 days short the fund of be apt to that reachs 60 thousand yuan for patient collect? It is community participated in community processing to provide channel platform for the dweller. Community is mixed in workstation party group the service center created spot of the contribution below the line, dangqun center staff member walks into community, business to spread raise donations of the person that it is, the dweller still can sweep a code enter raise donations group, turn Zhang contribution. East stationmaster of secretary of happy community Party committee, workstation, house appoint conference chairman Liu Fang expresses, “This thing gave us to inspire, community has dweller of a lot of enthusiastic and company, at the same time also many special groups need to help, the platform that dweller need normalizes participates in community in processing. ” east happy community is met with Shenzhen charity accordingly hand in hand, prepared to construct ” Shenzhen city charity is met · east fund of happy community commonweal ” , with ” help deficient up to aid tired ” for the tenet, thereby effectively integrated community resource, the side supports community difficulty group. The ceremony that start that day in all collect arrives money of 462 thousand yuan of be apt to. Community held water technically still east fund of happy community commonweal runs committee, canal appoint of the meeting establish the commonweal side that aims to had made new period to help the work, the help has the community dweller of need to resolve the real difficulty such as medical treatment, education. “Community dweller should participate in community construction, want to know what we are doing above all, what to think? ” Liu Fang science department tells community Party committee idea, the last ten-day of a month opened number of small letter public in March 2018 ” Aidongle ” , become build the of all kinds orgnaization, crowd is benign and interactive bridge inside community. Enclothe more dweller to allow public number, hold an activity to perhaps come to visit every time condolatory, the staff member can take out public order spot of 2 dimension code is recommended, gradually, occupied look first ” Aidongle ” the new habit that small letter fair number makes community dweller. Up to on September 30, 2018, “Aidongle ” pay close attention to an user 4281 people, the dweller is enclothed rate amount to 55% . Platform already released community party to build, the pertinent information such as activity of service of community processing, commonweal, mass organizations 166, read a number to amount to 30 thousand much person-time. In the meantime, pass ” Aidongle ” extensive conduct propaganda, drive begin of all kinds obligation to serve an activity more than 30, the platform of mining community resource, integrated community, favorable effect that shares community service arrived since. “Want not let sb down each pieces of vote ” everyday one big early, hope center of secretary of community Party committee, workstation is high greatly Gui Xiudou can circle a village to turn a few rounds, ground of of all kinds construction is the object that she pays close attention to mainly, for instance alternate construction has conflict, broken bits earth has seasonable Qing Dynasty to carry, jam the dweller’s passageway. Tall Gui Xiu arrived in September 1998 east lake street job, transfer hoped community works greatly in April 2017 up to now. In east the lake is street do worked nearly 22 years, she says, a lot of people envy her to sit in the office to be able to see Chinese parasol hill, but should reply how to had served whole community this problem, do not sit in the office to be able to reply all the time. “Did you come to beautiful a general term for young women ” ” are child and old person the closest how? What problem and difficulty are mirrorred to me, I can provide the service that I can provide. ” such dialog often happens between Gao Guixiu and community dweller. Hope community is the village in the city of Shenzhen model greatly, old old tile-roofed house population is much, much and fluidity backward, dweller appeals to big, infrastructure beg much, party branch secretary is the leader that basic level leading Party group knits, it is the backbone that basic level works, face complex a Gordian knot, try every means of tall Gui Xiudou satisfies dweller requirement. In September 2018, hope community is violated to groove guard of one class fountainhead greatly build illicit undertook demolishing curtilage, the station of public transportation field of community also is torn open subsequently, in traffic disadvantageous circumstance falls, 559 live formerly the dweller finds Gao Guixiu, “Station of public transportation field did not have the secretary, how should we do? ” community Party committee is versed in to street party appoint, agency still has an area appoint district government one class reports one class, used the time of a many week, coordinate the public transportation field that treats left and right sides of a 1500 square metre to stand temporarily. “We look at village villager, shareholder greatly, no matter often call Gao Guixiu less ” beautiful a general term for young women ” , this is approbate to what she holds the position of secretary of community Party committee. ” east the lake is street the party is versed in appoint vice secretary Xie Tongmin says. Severe catch fulfilling is the Gao Guixiu requirement to oneself, stand fast to be as long as 22 years in basic level a gleam of, rush in the job that Gao Guixiu weighs in misfortune danger in forefront, direct early or late participated in wall of Shenzhen reservoir danger to rebuild, groove guard of one class fountainhead violates a building to demolish a negotiation, ” the village in the city ” the main job such as integrated punish. “No matter be,reside appoint conference chairman, or it is delegate of National People’s Congress, we are a piece of Zhang Xuan ticket accumulation comes out, we want not let sb down one Zhang Zhangxuan ticket, serve for people heart and soul, people is satisfactory, I am happy also. ” Gao Guixiu says. ■ the interlocution that be the same as a problem east is the lake street is the party versed in appoint: of clerical Cheng Shiju? Bi Caisong of flesh of drag of abstruse  amine asks   frame Pu Shenghe? what the keyword describes you to be in is street. Cheng Shiju: Charming and gentle of the natural beauty of lakes and mountains, scene, beautiful east lake. Collect lake element has ” city of half landscape half ” beautiful praise, among them ” half landscape ” those who point to is east lake, area under administration has Shenzhen ” the first hill ” — hill of maternal hill phoenix tree and country reservoir of Shenzhen of one class fountainhead, this is the natural beauty of lakes and mountains. Besides natural scene, east development of the community processing of the lake, community also appears piece ” let a hundred flowers blossom ” ” the flower opens full garden ” satisfactory situation. The course tries hard for years, 1+4 of Dong Lehua garden namely ” the party is built lead, four-wheel linkage ” it is mature that community processing runs a mechanism to tend, “4 change ” community processing system shapes basically, the leader action of community Party committee is highlighted further, cohesive affinity, consequence, fighting capacity increases ceaselessly, gathered together greatly community force is participated in, supportive community administers the job, party committee of the community in changing community to administer ” one branch alone beautiful ” situation. Beautiful east the lake is the result that turns processing subtly, the lake drives processing of the city zone to carry with changing processing subtly east qualitative ” butterfly change ” , the organization is begun ” walk east lake ” , with ” footstep measure ” law of job of a gleam of has thrust to move urban government, prevent floods by water control to carry qualitative, safe production, community to administer ” change subtly ” , sanitation of character of the city zone, environment, safe production, lash-up deals with wait for processing level to all get promoting considerably. Ask: Innovation aspect is built in the party, street most is distinctive place reflected where? Cheng Shiju: East the lake is street the party is versed in appoint the tentative plan that offerred innovation community to administer mode this year, exploration compose is built ” the party is built lead one nucleus multivariate ” community administers mode. Government of community of base oneself upon and practice, perfect build contemporary community to administer new system new structure, advance energetically ” wisdom community ” , construction block ” intelligence superintends early-warning platform ” , cogent decrease negative synergism for community, the community that defeat solution administers difficult problem, stimulative block community develops in coordination. Ask: What is the biggest challenge at present? Cheng Shiju: Advance basic level to administer system and processing capability modernization urgently. Processing of current basic level is put in a series of general character problems, if the party organizes leading group construction to be changed infirmly, community job can’ts bear heavy burden; Community system mechanism fluidity of diseased, personnel is great; Diseased, intelligence changes mechanism of inadequacy of ability of community service supply, processing the level is inferior, etc. Ask: Think a word that says to the Party member of area under administration most? Cheng Shiju: Make concerted effort, participate in jointly east lake ” defend hill to protect water ” construction of green zoology home, what do all one can makes course of study of fitting room, appropriate, appropriate swim is new east lake, implementation ” build in all treat in all share ” basic level administers new structure.