Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Recently, the lake austral collect lake area is street hold ” Xiang Nahu’s people reports ” activity of large show intended for a limited audience, the spot is lively and extraordinary, attract dweller of numerous area under administration to participate in. Congress activity is divided ” act vigorously is entered piece ” ” good piece ” ” acceptance piece ” ” way of eye of small solid matter develops the people’s livelihood ” wait for canto. On the meeting, south the lake is street with video of water Chinese ink the lake austral means reviewing is street impress of the happiness in process of reforming and opening, to people report street party is versed in appoint, the working concept of agency and working outstanding achievement, reveal with cartoon form street ” 6 change ” construction work mechanism, with annular cover newsreel kind, with story of the lake austral the perspective narrate of average citizen.


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