Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Enterprise of finance, science and technology, medical treatment, culture, originality gathers, street has beautiful cafe bar bookshop, is the building full of contemporary feeling… can you imagine this is the appearance of hillock of prospective bamboo shoot? “The city updates the industrial area that adds the post that it is bamboo shoot newly 300 much square metre, here will become the collect finance, science and technology, culture, city CBD that lives at an organic whole. ” hillock of bamboo shoot of area of Shenzhen city collect lake is street the party is versed in appoint clerical Quan Hongliang expresses, build through the party lead, bamboo shoot hillock this in former days ” China the first storehouse ” butterfly turn into a bright phearl on the axes in the city.
Hillock of the bamboo shoot that feed flavour — activity of sale of work of community of finished product of project of culture of fruit of inheritance history tea is fervent in undertaking. Do party of good basic level to build, also need to make great efforts one time ” embroider ” . “The scale of the bearer outside community of bamboo shoot hillock and native is about 2: 1, letting them unite is the key that does good community work. ” regard community as the first foreign secretary, bamboo shoot hillock is street secretary of Party committee of community of bamboo shoot hillock, house appoint conference chairman Wang Fang sees there is a few in area under administration ” strange ” phenomenon, native activity and ” foreigner ” end is apparent. To break this one deadlock, she did not think less. Through ” tea fruit culture is popularized ” reach ” community neighborhood section ” wait for a project, dweller estrangement is eliminated stage by stage, the enthusiasm that shares community processing also rose. In recent years, bamboo shoot hillock is street the party is versed in appoint around basic level processing and community build a theme, build be versed in with street party soundly appoint administer a system to lead the block of core with community Party committee, build with the party belt group build, hurried company is built, strengthen community leading Party group to knit construction ceaselessly, dig integrated community resource adequately, begin actively treat in all build in all share an activity, coordinate jointly solve key difficulty problem. Through play ” two new ” constituent Party member is the first action, start enterprise of love of area under administration to participate in a knot to support an activity to the side, sufficient conformity, shift social resource, breed and hatch society force, drive community to realize a society to administer modernization, preliminary formed in all business is treated in all build the society that share to administer new structure in all. The party is built + compose of culture of carry on one’s shoulder builds harmonious and good life to wish scene the early morning June or dusk, walk into big lake park, those who receive you is the lotus of about 120 thousand square metre, water lily, cool breeze Xu comes, shui Bo is out of fashion. Flower show of carry on one’s shoulder of big lake park begins to hold from 1988, already became annual Shenzhen citizen raise one’s head and look admires the beauty of flowers with what long for amusement. Stand on the Zhu Jingting of lake center, close Ke Xin admires rainbow bridge to leave red whitening scene of all kinds lotus, overlook criterion can the appearance of edifice of king of general view ground, Beijing radical edifice. On a plank road built along a cliff of lotus sweet lake, the citizen chooses optimal perspective to use the group photo of mobile phone record and lotus. Still many carrying is worn ” spear weak point prepares Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan ” the photography lover that searchs for twin lotus flowers on one stalk-a devoted married couple, “Search twin lotus flowers on one stalk-a devoted married couple ” it is to carry on his shoulder or back every time the grand opera of flower show, according to statistic, the odds that twin lotus flowers on one stalk-a devoted married couple appears is 1/100000, very rare, what can see this flower so is true colour encounter be thinkinged is lucky with lucky. Look at the citizen of one annual increase, bamboo shoot hillock is street and restful Bin of construction ministry Wang Bin feels proud quite. “Admire carry on one’s shoulder to be able to foster a dweller to be opposite natural awe-stricken and aesthetic, the people smile in the park is much, much more interactive, pat nice picture to still can send friend circle to share. ” in last few years, problem of street community public security got bamboo shoot post seasonable punish, a lot of contradictory dispute get appropriate is handled, masses satisfaction rate rises considerably, came true ” hair case little, order stability of good, society, masses is satisfactory ” ” restful community ” establish a goal. The taking of this one target, as street as bamboo shoot hillock with ” 4 carry on one’s shoulder ” for carrier, begin restful ” 4 into ” mode is inseparable. Bamboo shoot hillock is street ” carry on one’s shoulder ” homophonic, party of combinative grass-roots unit is built, the key such as community processing and restful construction works, compose was built with ” 4 carry on one’s shoulder ” what culture is carrier is restful ” 4 into ” mode, use the figure of carry on one’s shoulder build in all share the state that controls social happiness in all in, go out in order to make open, include, creative ” the party builds culture of + carry on one’s shoulder ” , combine content of flower show of Cultural Festival of traditional festival, park, carry on one’s shoulder and routine, improve community human relation, further exploration, breed, lead build in all treat the society that share to administer new structure in all. Bamboo shoot hillock digs the educational natural resources of the park adequately, nature of elementary school of central He Honghu is taught to teach a center to establish lotus task to research experience field in park nature, teach study for circumjacent school and community dweller. In the Hong Hu elementary school of lakefront of big lake park, the park becomes the 2nd classroom of the student. Annual in March, the engineer that the school invites big lake park will coach the student is planted lotus, student and parent also can identify the lotus that raises a park to taste garden of carry on one’s shoulder. The lotus seed that spring sows is at the beginning of June blossom and bear fruit, lotus is put in big lake park to exhibit. Pool of a lotus, what the first smallpox opens is very few, the amount that opens the following day is double the first day, each days later, a day of amount of double opens lotus before the metropolis. If arrive the 30th day, lotus leaves full whole pond, so excuse me, did the lotus in the a fewth day of pond open an in part? “The 15th day? ” ” wrong! It is the 29th day. ” on the classroom that such setting often appears in nature of big lake park to teach a center, the teacher can give student introduction famous lotus law, “Go all out finally, those who go all out is not luck is mixed clever, however perseverance. Life early days disrelishs a trouble more, be disinclined to learn more, miss the person that you his mind disturbed and work possibly later, miss new view. ” between current lotus exhibition period, nature of big lake park taught a center to hold classroom of nearly 20 lotus. Volunteer teacher guides through lotus see, the form such as originality handiwork, natural note, guide citizen tourist to observe nature, experience nature, experience the interest of lotus. The party is built with the people’s livelihood ” the resonance that be the same as frequency ” ” this outside ” ” pood ” party of harmony of double shirt-sleeve hurried group the relation lives in bamboo shoot hillock the work on the Cui Yaotang at hand of 2 courtyard added community of street Hong Hu again many, recently, the village is combed go out to rank an old person alone, as him of old Party member active demand and old person form each other to help coadjutant group, see the daily life of a family of their Lao Lao regularly, the outfit in a respectful form of address for an old person that acts to inconvenience prevents slippery armrest, send strong cool seat. “Cui Shu is the enthusiastic person of community, still by street judge for job of small fact of the people’s livelihood is excellent 2018 worker. ” face bamboo shoot hillock the praise of grand of staff member leaf of thing of small fact of the people’s livelihood of ministry of general affairs of street the people’s livelihood, cui Yaotang lowers his head to laugh laugh say ” I cry then officious ” . In mouth of Cui boast hall ” intermeddle ” be begin to pay close attention to from bagatelle, side dweller is solved beside thing. Cui Yaotang often sits to chat together with the dweller at ordinary times, business shop is placed in disorder sell waiting for problem of street environment sanitation is heard from inside daily communication. “Discuss official business member can be civilian conversation, mirror the aspirations of masses, it is the pull wires person of Party member and masses, still can become a friend with dweller, leader. ” as dweller discuss official business member, cui Yaotang knows very well the responsibility that goes up personally, “There was a project cost last year 50 thousand much, the project after joint hearing of discuss official business is discussed is cut 89, can 5 money solve why should spend 20 yuan? Governmental money is not spent in disorder casually, want a flower to be on edge, now is masses pipe fund, guard a pass more severe ” . “Civilian small not be lively calculated, want to form extended program and window. We ask individually community civilian small project covers the more group such as youth, old age as far as possible, the potential demand of the youth in mining, project category eye and institute of service category eye occupy specific gravity to be 7:3 about. ” bamboo shoot hillock is street the party is versed in appoint Zhang Qiaoling of minister of ministry of general affairs of committee member, the people’s livelihood expresses, street change each community fragments civilian small project undertakes planning as a whole, directive community covers the item group broaden the scope, undertake supervisory guarding a pass to the project from fountainhead. To plan as a whole, advance job of job of small fact of the people’s livelihood, bamboo shoot hillock is street and annual working deploy is held to advance the meeting first, the executive main body that ensures community regards the people’s livelihood as project of small real issue, make sure job of small real issue adds up to the people’s livelihood in order compasses undertake. In collect dweller project demand to go up, community Party committee also left great merit husband one time. Through community consensus meeting, spot asks need, come to collect a variety of means such as the opinion, draft demand of community the people’s livelihood publicly to dweller of area under administration, arrange to the classify of demand of the people’s livelihood that collect, form significant demand. Ask adequately after needing Yumin, bamboo shoot hillock is street and open collect project of thing of small fact of the people’s livelihood to the society, receive what organism offers whole town to arrange 400 many projects. Go up through the net fair show, each community Party committee is guided house appoint discuss official business of delegate of meeting, dweller, dweller member etc undertake filtration discussion, carry 120 many items finally. In addition, street still introduce tripartite to evaluate an orgnaization, whole journey intervenes the whole technological process that serves category item is superintended, farther standard purpose of small solid matter carries out the people’s livelihood, just should not in time to carrying out the behavior of compasses undertakes corrective, those who ensured of all kinds project to begin is professional. “So you still remember me. ” cropland shellfish community many years old 80 break the staff member that before after old person Li Fengzhen is invited to attend birthday to meet, be opposite alone, goes expressing sympathy and solicitude for to say, she lives in the area at ordinary times social welfare courtyard, but meet to play birthday of community old people, oneself sit the bus also should answer community. In 35 owner of the village austral hillock of bamboo shoot of boreal station community many 20 are old person of senile sky mew, after attending birthday to meet, the hand that often playing a staff member says ceaseless. “Old people birthday is met ” in bamboo shoot hillock street since each community begin 3 years, had met from birthday of onefold constituent old people, development is become guide ” community is isolated crowd ” come true with average resident ” pood is shirt-sleeve ” , or this locality dweller and foreign resident come true ” this outside shirt-sleeve ” main platform. Bamboo shoot hillock still is in build ceaselessly ” pood is shirt-sleeve ” and ” this outside shirt-sleeve ” platform. Relatively specific to the crowd, comfortable the project that at be in street level develops, take the lead by ministry of general affairs of the people’s livelihood, advanced a few cross community item. If combine hillock of bamboo shoot of area under administration of bamboo shoot hillock, Tian Bei, cropland heart,the village in 3 cities is rolled out ” our home ” , ” newsreel of special subject of memory of bamboo shoot hillock ” large cross community culture category to look, a batch of aborigines and new dweller already got along very harmonious, 2018 on community neighborhood section, this locality daughter-in-law people sign up actively ginseng perform a program. In addition, street union ” hillock of healthy bamboo shoot ” the strategy, begin ” the person of the same trade that initiate a step ” children is inchoate development teachs a project, build community ” scientific Yo directive center ” platform; Begin ” guard with strong and pervasive fragrance ” children sex safety defends educational project; “Commoners female artisan ” the activity is preferential recruit is low protect, low margin, sheet is close, ” liver mosses is beautiful ” , family of a serious illness or entrepreneur knot help a boy or girl friend to the side. The party is built lead make city of environment of business of high grade battalion ” in axes ” on rise abruptly new center opens Shenzhen map, discover not hard, bamboo shoot hillock piece the area is located in in Shenzhen city axes, its area the dominant position is unparalleled. From the point of trend of north and south, bamboo shoot hillock is the central area of join Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Dongguan, it is the main area on belt of axis of progress of city of area of big bay of HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province; From the point of thing trend, bamboo shoot hillock is east the starting point that advances the strategy and join hub. Difficult industry other people sheds project of base of headquarters of industry of banking of center, Internet, China and foreign countries to carry long boat other people sheds a center… aid through 9 big projects turn 5 big industries, hillock of prospective bamboo shoot will be hit cause the collect finance, science and technology, culture, city CBD that lives at an organic whole. As we have learned, government of collect lake district will give priority to an axis to make innovation banking industry take with red mountain road, along the axes in the Shenzhen with this 2.5 long kilometers, the skyscraping ground mark that will not will have many 300 rice above is built unpluggingly and case, make put forth effort the assemble of orgnaization of the large finance that hold a card such as bank, negotiable securities, insurance expand a division. And bamboo shoot hillock reachs Luo Hu as Shenzhen city an area of innovation of area banking reform and development of Internet finance assemble, will become the one aspect of the matter that the pace on this industry belt strides the most quickly. Butterfly the bamboo shoot hillock after changing will recommend a large number of companies, face the growth amount that shows geometrical level, how to let street social government, enterprise serve ability to catch up with the pace of development is bamboo shoot hillock street party is versed in appoint clerical Quan Hongliang’s afraid problem. Try to become Shenzhen to be worth expectant CBD most, bamboo shoot hillock already had preparation. Street party is versed in appoint, community Party committee and area under administration are bigger enterprise or business unit party organization built a party to build system of working joint meeting, every quarter is called together, in all important matter of business area under administration, drive the key difficulty problem that solves party of area under administration to build heat problem and block processing. Basis ” bamboo shoot hillock is street plan of business servive routine ” , every week 2 it is day of street company service, through ” company of service of bamboo shoot hillock is daily contact small letter group ” normalization begins business servive routine, resolve the real difficulty that masses and enterprise encounter. ■ case still counterpoises the shareholder enlarges a the Democratic Party to build guide a company to walk up can develop course continuously ” new share Party branch came to a Tian Xin many basic level Party members, company major item and decision-making the discussion central point that makes branch meeting, former ‘ one person said to calculate ‘ the times ended. ” the record that Zhou Jianzhong searchs a mobile phone carefully, ministry of call together expenditure can decide to establish asset management committee this year in April, asset management committee is responsible let all shareholders know company assets state, “After great democracy of enlarge of the shareholder that return power, of the company run more open also transparent ” . Zhou Jianzhong is joint-stock company of Tian Xin of area of Shenzhen city collect lake standing vise general manager, new member of a directorate, after the company changes a vote, street party is versed in appoint increased pair of companies and other cooperative with company Party branch supervise superintendency strength, broad villager interest got cropland heart village ensure, the satisfaction to the board of directors spent the shareholder to also rise. Such condition is very difficult imagination before June 2016. In September 2015, former president of Tian Xin joint-stock company coils fund flee to other place, this case one, in Tian Xin the village causes tremendous concussion, the normal motion feel embarrassed of Tian Xin joint-stock company thinks afterwards. “The shareholder of the village puts forward to want to enlarge democracy, cannot say to calculate by partner delegate, 300 more than shareholder has cropland heart village who does the right choose to hold the position of president. ” Li Junqing of old Party member of cropland heart village expresses, is the shareholder very afraid ” do debt and we concern? Need not to need a shareholder to help repay a debt? ” of chair of board of directors contend for how to defeat solution? Bamboo shoot hillock is street and successive hold informal discussion of shareholder of joint-stock company of 8 Tian Xin, listen to a shareholder to develop the view that reachs a case and proposal to the company. The informal discussion covers delegate of shareholder of Tian Xin joint-stock company and old, medium, green shareholder 100 more than person, the popular wishes of 79% supports new election board of directors. Change an election to prepare the job to be begun very quickly, bamboo shoot hillock is street made ” share collaboration company changes an election job plan ” , held water in March street change a job to head a group, congress of the member that the course changes an election to move, change an audit the job, talk about Party member of Tian Xin village to wait for pre-construction to work about, on June 30, creativity of Tian Xin joint-stock company adopts a shareholder to pick way continuously, plenary meeting of shareholder of the 6th board of directors, supervision board classics is voting and successful generation. New a board of directors is indicating according to compasses generation lawfully by Tian Xin village former president coils a series of problems that case of fund flee to other place causes, the effort that passes government of Party Committee of all levels nearly 3 years, got real significance go up eventually dissolve. Company Party branch changes a job to be finished smoothly also, joint-stock company Party branch works each daily receive farther standard. Accreditation of street party labour is stationed in 3 community ” the first secretary ” hold share collaboration company part-time to collect money appoint director, enhance a party to constituent counterpoise is participated in decision-makingly greatly and be supervised, gift party organization superintends grasper. Besides introduce company of outside force standard to be run daily with superintend, aggrandizement branch construction becomes agglomeration company to develop the main grasper of join forces. The company established mutual supervisory mechanism, prevent camera bellows operation, stamp of firm of perfect field heart runs a system, the management of seal and affix one’s seal his are in charge of each by resolution of company board of directors. “New secretary bridge amounts to a lot of things to be able to discuss to discuss with everybody surely, make great and decision-making before, we can hold Party branch meeting first, spend other meeting again then. ” Zhou Jianzhong says. “Every quarter finance affairs is public the shareholder after showing can look for company upper levels to reflect a problem directly, we have a problem to also can look for Party branch report directly now. ” the shoulder that Li Junqing pats Zhou Jianzhong, “Villager of cropland heart village cares a city to replace the job most now, the dweller looks for me I look for you to prepare group, supervise and urge you are accelerated push the work. ” preparatory group is to begin the city replaces the job, elect 45 owner delegate from many 160 owner, the member includes representing of Party member delegate, dweller of veteran cadre, Hong Kong to wait. Before preparatory team member puts forward to make public invite public bidding to develop business, want to invite professional lawyer group, depend on lawfully first compasses evaluate company assets and fair show at all shareholder. Psychological advisory room makes an appointment beg hard ” power of heart of hillock of bamboo shoot of strong and pervasive fragrance ” psychological service is walked into Ms. Tan is closing double key point beside the dweller, a short while, she issues cerebral sea mile in the picture on white paper ” pluvial go-between ” picture, according to the picture of everybody, tong Xuexia can decode the pressure state of the person that create, for instance pluvial quantity and dense degree and pressure size are concerned, the person’s size and clear degree represent the understanding to oneself. “Workload is occasionally big, bagatelle also piles in the home, pressure came insensibly. Oneself also did not face up to pressure this problem, as time passes, disposition can become poorer, classics regular meeting gets angry to the person beside, groom this, I also mastered the method of a few decompression, face pressure later, can undertake ego dredge. ” Ms. Tan mouth grooms mediumly is hillock of bamboo shoot of Luo Hu area ministry of general affairs of street the people’s livelihood holds ” power of heart of hillock of bamboo shoot of strong and pervasive fragrance ” mental health lecture, lecture with ” duty field pressure manages ” for the theme, invite a nation especially cerebra of institute of science of spirit of instructor of parent of certainly of front of advisory division of 2 class psychology, United States, Korea trains give a lecture of Shi Tongxue glow, guide everybody to be adjusted through ego psychology ease pressure. “Power of heart of hillock of bamboo shoot of strong and pervasive fragrance ” mental health lecture is bamboo shoot hillock the one annulus in building mental health to serve a system, besides the lecture, “Power of heart of hillock of bamboo shoot of strong and pervasive fragrance ” mental health service often still is walked into community, school, enterprise or business the group such as the unit, promote masses mental health accomplishment, breed proud self-confidence, reason gentle, active up social state of mind. From ” power of heart of hillock of bamboo shoot of strong and pervasive fragrance ” of the benefit in project of mental health service still have thunder gentleman couple. On March 5, 2019 morning, the lady was taking gentleman of thunder of dweller of area under administration of bamboo shoot hillock, moustache to write ” complete sincerity shows the real situation to be civilian solution care to the letter warm popular feeling ” silk banner comes to bamboo shoot hillock street agency. Introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad lady expresses excitedly: “Hillock of acknowledgment bamboo shoot is street the mental health that offers for our dweller seeks advice from platform, still have major of Mr. Tang Ling sweet heart coachs, let us each other are known to respect between husband and wife, do not atttack, not cross the border, although also can produce brawl and conflict, but we know seasonable rehabilitate become reconciled more! ” thunder gentleman couple is on bad terms as a result of long-term affection relation and be close to divorce brim, below the help that seeks advice from Shi Tangling in psychology, both sides of husband and wife found the problem that exists in the relation, through the adjustment with conscious both sides, spouse concern got clear improvement, also not be again ” the person is in the home, the heart is outer however roam about ” . Psychology seeks advice from a service to demand exceeds supply in bamboo shoot hillock, “Our service made an appointment to had discharged two lunar hind ” . Bamboo shoot hillock is street the party is versed in appoint Zhang Qiaoling of minister of ministry of general affairs of committee member, the people’s livelihood expresses, “Power of heart of hillock of bamboo shoot of strong and pervasive fragrance ” mental health serves an item with bamboo shoot hillock advisory room is the domestic psychology of street hobo member position platform, the service covers psychology case seek advice, advisory team of native land psychology grooms, group mentality coachs, mental health conduct propaganda. Since November 2018, “The domestic psychology of street hobo member seeks advice from bamboo shoot hillock room ” by professional psychology advisory body the team is entered be stationed in operation, every week 2, 6 offer psychology freely to seek advice to serve with cure for dweller of area under administration. Psychology seeks advice from room investment to run 21 weeks, make an appointment every week advisory number all reachs saturation. ■ with hillock of problem interlocution bamboo shoot street party is versed in appoint clerical Quan Hongliang: The surroundings that makes quiet happiness for common people asks: What with 3 keywords description you are in is street. Quan Hongliang: It is solidarity above all, team member comes from all corners of the land, but for civilian of the service the heart is consistent first, team is in-house very unite, fighting capacity is strong. The 2nd is enterprising, street each task index is discharged in whole area first, what if whole area takes the lead in the first times finishing community party to build standardization,build is street, put together controls the job successive 3 years of whole areas the first, confused of window of job of the people’s livelihood is shown, thing of small fact of the people’s livelihood gets dweller of area under administration is approbated consistently. The 3rd be butterfly change, through the city newer, integrated punish is aided push finance, content to shed health of trade of headquarters, characteristic, life and culture originality ” 5 big industries ” , make road of 2.5 kilometers red mountain become area of innovation banking industry, form bamboo shoot hillock piece mark of new ground of area entrance portal, make the collect finance, science and technology, culture, city CBD that lives at an organic whole. Predicting future 3 to 5 years, the industrial space that adds 3.1 million square metre newly, prospective development is inestimable. Ask: Innovation aspect is built in the party, street most is distinctive place reflected where? Quan Hongliang: Bamboo shoot hillock asks every community Party committee builds the job to go up to make an unique window at least in the party. Current, street each community built dweller discuss official business meeting system, guide a dweller to participate in community construction, participate in public general affairs to build platform for the dweller, realized big housekeeping everybody is discussed, everybody does big housework. Adopt platform of dweller discuss official business, solve the bagatelle beside community civilian, urgent matter, tickler quickly, make fund of thing of small fact of the people’s livelihood can active wait for weak point of the people’s livelihood to construction of infrastructure of village of old old house board reach community special group tilts. The place that has a Party member should build an organization, cannot let a Party member do not search to arrive home. This year second half of the year, treasure can accuse will build an activity to provide enough space for the party, hope construction becomes high level party to establish demonstrative point. Street party is versed in appoint pay attention to play ” two new ” constituent party organization is the first action, start enterprise of area under administration to participate in side of social commonweal, care to support an activity, establish enterprise love side to support special fund, form love side to help lasting effect mechanism up, share 13 domestic companies and area under one’s jurisdiction at present ties of 59 difficult families is right the side is helped up, offer the comprehensive side such as medical treatment, education, obtain employment to help up for difficult family, help every year support fund 400 thousand yuan of above. Ask: What is the biggest challenge at present? Quan Hongliang: Through updating butterfly change, hillock of bamboo shoot of second half of the year will have a large number of enterprises to enter halt, can our social government and service catch up with the speed of development? We need to provide excellent service after high-end enterprise is garrisoned, so much talent collects bamboo shoot hillock, want to build high grade battalion business environment, those who realize demand of company person with ability and governmental service is good join. Ask: What word do the Party members that consider area under administration most say? Quan Hongliang: The wish with the oldest common people lives and work in peace and contentment namely, make the surroundings of quiet happiness for common people, it is the thing that we should do.