Dispatch of network of collect lake home: The organization of party of 988 dwellers village covers whole area and the job is enclothed rate achieve 99% ; Build ” fellow villager village ” Party branch of going from place to place 12, administrative flow Party member is close 500, group of the member that accelerate worker of ab extra Wu blends in Luo Hu; Make ” the party proposes ground bid ” , found ” space of business affairs floor + content is in charge of ” Lou Yu party establishs pattern, space of floor of 31 20 above business affairs already built whole area entirely leading Party group is knitted… Huang Bei is street the Party members of new beautiful community review oath of join or be admitted to the party. Scan widely looks, in area of Shenzhen city collect lake on the land of 78.36 square kilometer, each party builds the wonderful example can be found everywhere that leads basic level processing. Be full of the exploration of effect through these, happiness of large quantities of influence common people feel and obtain the basic level of feeling to administer difficult problem to get be settlemented effectively, construction of basic level foundation is more firm. Prop up one side banner, establish a surveyor’s pole, build one party position. In recent years, collect lake area builds party of urban basic level from beginning to end work as sex of strategical, foundation, hold to standardization to lead, sex of systematization construction, whole is advanced, it is grasper in order to build system of modern block processing, function of politics of organization of street community party mixes aggrandizement to be coordinated as a whole ” axes ” action, party of thorough executive community builds standardization to build, the party that makes 1+83+N group the service center is allied, exploration ” wisdom party is built ” , with area of Lou Yu, garden, business the area such as the circle changes thinking to advance burgeoning domain party to build, aggrandizement interconnection is interactive, drive open confluence, promote party of urban basic level the integral effect that build ceaselessly. 18 big since, collect lake area is explored in practice and hold a party to propose working rule, advance a party to propose reform continuously, the basic level party that formed new era to have collect lake characteristic, party to build navigate the city zone to administer stage by stage builds a system. Party of basic level of collect lake the city zone builds the job, came true to defeat a problem to arrive from exploration ” quality party is built ” span type develops, begin to march toward ” force party is built ” systematization promotion, revitalized development to offer strong organization to assure in the round for Luo Hu. “A multitude of things of basic level work, capture closely only ‘ the party is built ‘ this core works, the strong action tower that builds organization of basic level party, ability drives each key such as service of basic level processing, the people’s livelihood, safe production work better. ” Luo Hu area appoint clerical He Haitao emphasizes, new era new requirement, basic level Party committee should get used to new condition actively, fill hard work of neat basic level is short board, cogent strengthen basic level service leading Party group to knit construction, raise basic level party to propose integral standard further, cogent solve difficult problem for common people, do real thing. 1 quality party builds 1 course the system that the system designs party of basic level of collect lake the city zone to build, system and mechanism on January 5, 2018, collect lake area ” ” quality party is built ” hurried fulfils be born from Yan Zhi party in the round ” from the whole nation show itself in 2000 many case, obtain party of basic level of the 4th whole nation to build innovation model optimal case. Since 2015, collect lake area puts forward ” quality party is built ” , the system devises the system that party of basic level of collect lake the city zone builds, system and mechanism. “‘ quality party is built ‘ fulfil be born, indicate party of area of move collect lake built career progress to step new level, it is pair of the city zone Dang Jianjin went to carry a design and integral program on the head, solved a party to who build how responsible, dry what, dry, who comes the series problem such as evaluation of dry, result, compose built responsibility to fulfil, the job is fulfilled, safeguard implements the working system with masses satisfaction, was to cover a party to build the system of concept, ability, system, mechanism and system construction innovation project, achieved a lot of breakthroughs. ” collect lake area appoint chief expresses related constituent ministry. A theme, let quality party propose fight of the slow when be being buckled closely from beginning to end. Compose builds the city zone that is leadership core with various party organization to administer a structure, it is the times sex theme that party of collect lake quality builds. Administer Dangqun construction process and the city zone organic link rises, the party group the fundamental sex organization that constituent network regards Luo Hu as structure of processing of the city zone, be participated in in the round and promote what collect lake the city zone administers mode to rebuild, drive Luo Hu to have the quality, comprehensive, development that can last through the party of quality is built. System of a job, let quality party build from beginning to end the standard can accuse. Collect lake area perfects collect lake party to build liability system, basic level party to build constituent system, party to build business quota system, party to build the job to assess evaluation system, party to build duty to spend system, party to build coverall Wu system, party to build the job integrated, leading Party group of perfect and of all kinds basic level knits carrier of the working mechanism that participates in processing of the city zone, activity and system to prop up. One administers a system, let quality party build be linked together closely from beginning to end with basic level processing. Luo Hu rolled out community system to reform 2014, rolled out street greater part to make reform 2016, drive street party to be versed in appoint become coupling area under administration of straight department of organization of each domain party and division ” axes ” ; Drive community Party committee to make linkage workstation, room appoint of structure of processing of quaternity of force of meeting, society ” surveyor’s pole ” , to advance a village in the round processing offerred a structure to ensure. 2017, unified with living the village is adjusted establish Party branch, to advance a village in the round processing provided constituent safeguard. In ” quality party is built ” lead, party of collect lake basic level proposes occurrent qualitative change: From pay attention to quantitative dilate to transform to aggrandizement quality efficiency, from extensive type management refines standardization management to transform to essence of life, from close dispersive tradition runs mode to open included informatization to run mode change, direct from the problem progressively to demand oriented, value directs change, the Dang Jianbiao that advances to implementation whole from the miniascape type construction that pays attention to individual breakthrough spends change definitely. Of Luo Hu revitalized development to own more firm and reliable basic level tower in the round. 2 force party builds party of basic level of the city zone of farther perfect Luo Hu to build constituent system since 2018, collect lake area is in ” quality party is built ” on the foundation, made Luo Hu ” force party is built ” executive plan, begin 6 operations, from promotion thought cohesive affinity, politics leads centripetal force of force, processing, masses to organize force, organization to enclothe force, ego to innovate force to begin, develop an area adequately action, forging various party organization more strongly strong, promote collect lake party to build strength in the round, perfected party of basic level of collect lake the city zone to build constituent system further. Office unit is an area appoint with district government Wu of kimono of the specific organizer of decision-making deploy, executant, person that fulfil person, loading carry out the main responsibility that carries out ranking and decision-making deploy, bearing the main responsibility that pushs whole area to reform development to stabilize each job as a whole, the position is particularly significant, responsibility is particularly major, political demand is particularly high. In recent years, district straight office is versed in appoint firmly holds comprehensive from masterstroke of Yan Zhi party, closely around ” team of service center, construction ” core task, roll out series act to strengthen office party to build, solid begin with strong duty, standard, lead the paradigmatic mechanism that gives priority to a problem to establish an activity, drive mechanism institution party to build advanced line. Party of office of each area directly under builds let a hundred flowers blossom, each characteristic: Bureau of canal of city of collect lake area establishs urban environment character to promote Party member assault fortified positions the line, build a city to be in charge of a party to build project warehouse, found ” hillock of Party member pioneer ” ; Educational system is driven build the party the job to ask to bring into educational reform overall program, strengthen party of middle and primary school to build the job to make integral arrangement; Wholesome system drives Party branch of constituent hospital group to implement a form to helping each other, drive area health bureau to begin Party member doctor justice examine takes community series activity, build 5 ” new era big lecture room ” , still established collect lake area to defend plan systematic party is built ” lecture and study is round ” . Two new organizations are the fundamental strength that basic level administers. Luo Hu will perfect the party of two new organizations that is core with burgeoning domain to build working system. Sufficient play ” two new organizations ” the political core action that leading Party group knits and politics lead action, rise ” two new organizations ” the job of the organization of the party and party is enclothed rate. Form constituent ministry to take the lead catch, party of two new organizations establishs the whole area that the governmental function branch such as bureau of blame general Party committee, organism Party committee and street community and bureau of area investment promotion, innovation of science and technology fights in coordination administrative mechanism. Current, collect lake area develops two new organizations ” two are enclothed ” special operation. Space of floor of 31 20 above business affairs already built whole area entirely party organization; Area of garden of water shellfish gem, treasure can be Party committee of industry of group, lawyer, soft the party of 8 two new fields such as a motivation group the service center builds in succession; Industry of Luo Hu’s lawyer combines Party committee to hold water, lead whole journey of agglomeration attorney power to participate in Luo Hu to revitalize, industry health development and job of processing of the city zone. Block is the main fulcrum that basic level administers. Party of collect lake force builds perfect party to build the city zone that leads street, community, village 3 class linkage to administer a system, advance community party to build standardization to the village outspread, solve a party to build ” last meters ” problem, make dweller village party build village of leader processing, implementation in all manage the standard job system that share in all. To this, collect lake area comes on stage ” executive party of Luo Hu area is built lead compose to build dweller village in all treat in all share working system 3 years (2019-2021 year) the action plans ” etc ” 1+3 ” system file, planned to organize construction, standard comprehensive and promotion, excellent 3 year topic, choose village of front courtyard of a person of extraordinary powers of famous fine horse to wait for village of 8 distinctive example, their experience practice, the job that forms detailed list type is how-to. 2 practice resource sinks solve good block to administer ” last meters ” regard the building with the earliest Shenzhen as the area, amount of village of resident of collect lake area much, type difficulty of complex, management is great, public security, fire control, dimension is mixed firmly the incident much hair such as safe production, frequency hair. Whole area the building of 33.72 square kilometer inside the area, village of densely covered dweller 988, property company 563, course of study appoint meet 195. Current, dweller village builds leading Party group to knit 466, manage a Party member 14512. “Team of dance of the square in community is much now, a lot of teams put music very greatly, a lot of dwellers all round have an opinion, coordinate very hard, so classics regular meeting quarrels. ” Zhang Sulan of dweller of street new beautiful community says yellow shellfish of collect lake area, square dance faze civilian ever was community in headache thing. New beautiful community passes a party group the pattern that discuss official business meets will solve. Controller of Party committee of delegate of dancing team member, dweller delegate, community took, express respective opinion and view adequately. Final, representing of dancing team member were signed ” convention of activity of culture of square of culture of new beautiful community ” , collect money purchased instrument of decibel of a LED, execute monitoring and management to the noise of square dance. 2018, collect lake area comes on stage ” executive party of Luo Hu area is built lead compose to build dweller village in all treat in all share working system 3 years (2019-2021 year) the action plans ” etc ” 1+3 ” system file, gift village Party branch 5 rights: Authority of authority of discuss official business, proposal authority, human affairs authority, appraise sth through discussion, superintendence. Party group discuss official business can is village Party branch those who use power of discuss official business is main reflect. More and more dwellers share community work in. By 2015 since, collect lake area begins to manage party card company group study issue of small fact of decision-making the people’s livelihood in all, begin community dweller discuss official business to meet 720 in all, discuss through community project of of all kinds proposal 1890, facilitate eye of 1268 services category and be born of eye of 622 projects category, annual dweller discuss official business is met but resolution capital exceeds 100 million yuan. More and more resource sink to constituent extreme. In recent years, collect lake area pursues group of village Party branch, dweller, trade appoint meeting and property service company ” quaternity ” the village administers mode. In December 2018, ministry of organization of municipal Party committee holds property village party to build working site to meet in Luo Hu area, comprehensive promotion ” quaternity ” the party establishs pattern. Gui Yuan is street community of cervine red village builds up the Party member’s force, begin ” build project of one platform, 5 hearts, 6 to door ” ” 156 ” Party member volunteer serves mode, solved basic level leading Party group to knit the problem of weak slack; South the lake is street pass recruit volunteer, comprised a 100 much people ” good community contact member team ” , begin conduct propaganda of public opinion poll, policy, public opinion guiding; East Party branch of ministry of general affairs of street the people’s livelihood and company of group of collect lake hospital are in charge of the door medical university of central Party branch, Guangdong is public defend an institute to shed all Party branch to written guarantee to be being built in all, make ” healthy community ” … nowadays, collect lake area is carried out ” village community project ” , party branch of sufficient play village ” small branch, big platform ” action, link village characteristic and dweller demand cheek by jowl, butt joint, conformity sinks the company of of all kinds party card of the village group resource, begin construction of characteristic village brand extensively. Rely on group of interest of organization of labor of Party member justice, village to wait begin of all kinds and volunteer service, drive a dweller to arouse, volunteer service company group change. “The dweller’s demand is in, our service is in. In the final analysis, dweller village party is built even if should mobilize village Party member and each force, solve dweller problem, had administered the village, found good life for the dweller. ” area appoint constituent ministry undersecretary, area two new class appoint clerical Gao Yanyong expresses. Nowadays, exert oneself of collect lake area solves party of good city basic level to build ” last meters ” problem, arouse extensively each force builds a village to be built in all treat in all share new structure, aroused the vitality of opportunity of survival that party of urban basic level builds effectively, promoted a village processing is normative and orderly. With the thing moving do solid two new organizations ” enclothe twice ” ” we think the party is built before cannot produce value to the company, won’t expend energy for this. But we discover leading Party group is knitted now is to replace us to handle affairs really, those who resolve real difficulty. The enterprise had difficulty, know to want organization seeking a faction to recount. ” 2018, jiang Ying of president of IT limited company handed over Shenzhen force dimension of 48 years old requisition of join or be admitted to the party, became activist of a join or be admitted to the party. Current, collect lake area shares 6902 organization of 667 two new parties, Party members. In recent years, party of two new organizations builds collect lake division the job insists to talk politics from beginning to end, catch establish, hurried develops, exert oneself makes value community, development community, processing community, the organization that enlarges party of two new organizations ceaselessly is enclothed and the job is enclothed, enlarge a party to be opposite continuously the leader force of two new organizations and consequence. The party that walks into Jinyafu to be located in headquarters of center of finance of collect lake world group service center, of greet is company culture grows on outline one a vivid party build mobile silhouette and party to build the party with all ready class in atelier to build working material, join the person that visit to meet those who give out from the bottom of one’s heart to plaint: “You are enterprise of a civilian battalion, it is however most the civilian battalion company that resembles a state-owend enterprise. ” Party branch of Jin Yafu group held water 2011, it is the Party branch that gold jewelry industry establishs earlier. Have the honor to win early or late ” leading Party group of advanced basic level knits Luo Hu area ” , ” leading Party group of basic level of class A of Luo Hu area is knitted ” , ” leading Party group of Shenzhen city advanced basic level is knitted ” wait for honorary title, grow group of an a committee member of delegates of 2 a 2 boroughs party representative, area National People’s Congress, the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, area is represented and an area woman is represented. If say Party branch of group of golden elegant blessing is the party of jewelry industry,build ” veteran ” , so IBC combination Party committee is ” nova ” . Just go on June 21, party committee of path IBC combination establishs Dong Xiaojie, elected member of team of 9 combination Party committee. This Party committee will ” condition of the industry that cross a boundary + industrial entire chain + business encircles Lou Yu ” be in harmony at an organic whole, innovation ” one nucleus both wings ” the party establishs pattern, exert oneself makes the new surveyor’s pole that party of alliance of industry of fashion of IBC extensive gem erects. All the time since, luo Hu prompts two new organizations ceaselessly ” two are enclothed ” mass promotion, the platoon checks 10091 blame public company and 653 organism to cover a situation, develop whole area party of enterprise of many 1000 foreign capital, Internet enterprise builds a circumstance to try to find out the real intention. Check through the platoon, new establish two new leading Party group to knit 104, add two new Party members newly 516. Whole area still formed party of 8 Internet enterprise to build innovation job case. Build besides enterprise party, luo Hu returns a key to encircle industry of the market, lawyer to wait around space of business affairs floor, business, the party that begins group of Lou Yu, trade, trade builds the job. Among them, 100 combination Party committee established Beijing radical 2012, begin a Party member to be fostered into industry mainstay seriously, foster industry mainstay into the Party member ” double education ” activity, get the welcome of edifice enterprise, Party member and employee, effect is distinct. The Hu Bo that is in company of Beijing radical property to work, it is the first one or two organizes a relation to turn to Beijing base the Party member of 100 combination Party committee, he holds the position of department of property management company to be in charge of the job so, because his humanness is genuine affable, harmonious ability is strong, integrated quality is high, lead the respect of accredit and employee by the company, associated Party committee recommends him to hold the position of the company’s mainer brand to popularize department chief, make his ability got bigger put to good use. On the other hand, how do 100 100 edifices prevent Beijing radical manager Shang Anjin, it is the expert that high-level building exceeds how to prevent administrative field inside the industry, party committee often with Shang Anjin confabulate, encourage him to draw close actively to party organization, invite Party committee of his attend as a nonvoting delegate to hold ” July 1 ” review activity of oath of join or be admitted to the party. Below bright-coloured party flag, important place of still wide Jin Zheng organizes the request that offerred join or be admitted to the party to the party. Current, space of 31 business affairs floor of 20 above establish whole area entirely ” Lou Yu + content is in charge of ” associated party organization. Business encircles a party to build an aspect, held water east 2 business austral the door, people encircle Party committee, street leader handling level holds the position of select secretary of trade group Party committee. Industry party builds an aspect, establish Party committee of industry of attorney of collect lake district, lawyer of Party member of conformity collect lake and worker of Wu of law of enterprises, lead whole journey of agglomeration attorney power to participate in Luo Hu to revitalize, industry health development and job of processing of the city zone. The party is built build office Party committee to aid power grass-roots unit to be treated in all in all share after affirming surroundings is safe, live in Luo Hu 3 students Zhang Chu greets first flapping ” patient ” shoulder: “Gentleman you how? ” check ” patient ” after consciousness, pulse and breath, his both hands 10 show alternate photograph is buckled right ” patient ” undertake CPR (heart lungs anabiosises) , “Press, 2 pressure… 30 pressure ” ” 1001, 1002 ” , finish 2 groups ” press 30 times pressure + breathe 2 times artificially ” , zhang Chu is greeted rested tone. Above setting is not the rescue of room of hospital emergency call, however Shenzhen city Luo Hu district east the door is street held first aid grooms. That day, come from collect lake area east 500 dwellers with street door assemble in the spot. Groom through this, can gain emergency treatment knowledge freely not only, OK still card of emergency treatment of spot pass an entrance examination. “Healthy east the door, conveniently emergency treatment ” commonweal emergency treatment grooms activity, be east one of significant move that the door builds Pu Hui healthy community. Nowadays, the dweller with street door can enjoy completely periodic and healthy service east: The family can accuse sauce boat with be being obtained freely, be restricted salt is restricted candy spoon; Can obtain in school student make plan of prescription of playtime nutrition filling eat, motion and dental caries intervention; Can find standardization to build in door mouth ” family doctor atelier ” , ” psychological advisory room ” promote a supermarket with nutrition. The backside of these Hui Minju arrange, leave not the support of system of sanitation of medical treatment of Caire lake area. Bureau of health of sanitation of collect lake area promotes health hard ” build in all treat in all share ” , propose the way that proposes in all through the party, drive medical treatment sanitation high grade resource walks into innumberable families of area under administration in the round. Since this year, begin Party member expert to wait for an activity into community jointly with street community 27 showing number; Expert of about 230 25 Party branch, medical treatment participates in an activity; 53 experts are in company health establish expert atelier, 98 experts are fixed in the company health center sits examine. “Healthy community ” it is an epitome that straight office of Luo Hu district participates in basic level to administer. In recent years, straight office of collect lake district is versed in appoint through fulfilling responsibility, drive innovation of innovation, service, aggrandizement to plan as a whole ” at 4 o’clock linkage ” , walk on advocate duty, establish a mechanism, catch team, strong safeguard, go in paradigmatic mechanism to establish van, for whole area various party organization erects surveyor’s pole, develop what office party builds adequately to set an example lead action. Besides system of medical treatment sanitation, system of Wu of duty of collect lake area also begins duty look forward to to establish an activity in all jointly with individual association of city of guild of headgear of jewelry of Shenzhen city gold, Shenzhen, send policy actively into the enterprise, hear an opinion. In the meantime, this bureau decreases duty to fall cost centers office working group to hold water in time decrease duty to fall cost temporarily Party branch, establish decrease duty to fall vanguard of cost Party member, women builds work group and young commando, give out decrease duty to fall fee proposal, begin decrease duty to fall cost special subject grooms. Up to give lessons currently 68 showing number, accumulative total grooms 22103 person-time. Decrease duty to fall the Party member in expending propaganda team is occupied than 66% , form truly ” banner of one side of a Party member ” . The party builds in task of area class key, difficulty tackle key problem on, also rose to lead action decisively. In second line land belonging to one production unit but enclosed in that of another canopy changes the job in, canopy changed headquarters to build temporarily Party committee, lead the core of the party, play of battle fort action is working forefront, guide Party member cadre actively to produce vanward type effect, hammer into shape in the job party spirit, build result establish line of business, the construction that realizes canopy to change the job, party and personal growth ” tripartite win-win ” . Area appoint politics and law appoint Party member assault is advanced, in ” sweep black except evil ” whole town of the start shooting in the job is hit ” cover a road to borrow ” the first gun, destroy 5 crime gang, get in the center of sweep black guide except evil superintend and director the sufficient affirmation of the group; Region government affairs serves branch of data management board to produce battle fort effect, drive business deal with on the net, exceed 7 to come true into item ” 0 run move ” ; Optimize government affairs to make public, net of government affairs of collect lake electron obtains performance of Chinese government website 3 years to evaluate area county continuously the first.


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