Dispatch of network of collect lake home: A few days ago, armed police Guangdong saves total fleet to be on duty 100 Party members of the 3rd detachment spent in collect lake bridge special ” birthday ” — birthday of Party member politics, through feeling the history, means aggrandizement that reviews oath, autograph to express determination accomplishment of party spirit of Party member identity, promotion, with full psychosis and high-spirited fight, congratulatory found a party 98 years. Party member of ▲ armed police reviews oath of join or be admitted to the party and make a pledge. Reporter Liao Jian is photographed ” I make a pledge, I am volunteer join a Chinese Communist… ” that day morning, 100 Party members of this group come to the front of building of chirp of chirp of pioneer of Party member of collect lake bridge, facing bright red party flag, reviewed oath of join or be admitted to the party. Clank oath is an absolute sincerity of military Party member, it is a gleam of of harbor of guardianship another name for Guangdong Province of this branch group, confidence that maintains restful stability and determination.


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