Dispatch of network of collect lake home: In governmental project domain, shenzhen holds to zoology all the time development of preferential, green develops pattern for oriented high quality. The reporter is versed in from Shenzhen town building Wu arrange understands yesterday, 2018, the our city shares 20 many projects to obtain judge for the country, safety that visit town civilized and admirable building site, among them 8 projects are obtained judge ” demonstrative project of construction of countrywide bldg. green ” . Port of pond of university of Moscow of Shenzhen north manage, lotus… … more and more mark sex buildings are in Shenzhen stealthily ” grow ” . However many citizens discover, a lot of major project of our city are when construction, already saw building litter, Yang Chen wait for contaminative phenomenon rarely. Town building is versed in chief expresses to the reporter related Wu arrange, this is this arrange the positive result that boosts zoology civilization to build energetically in project construction process. “The generation that is pair of building litter above all and use integratedly undertake be tuballed effectively accusing, raise building litter resource to change horizontal; next, it is to be in whole town to take the lead in building litter to use pilot project certainly, litter of building of comprehensive promotion application reclaims use a technology, for example but the assembly of repeated usage building of treatment of rubbish of type road, building is prefab piece, a large number of shops install environmental protection to appear water brick to wait. ” this controller introduces. In spot of project of university of Moscow of Shenzhen north manage, reflecting zoology civilization to build achievement everywhere. For example, unmanned aircraft cruise makes site plan be clear at a glance, dirt of building site raise exceeds the liner spray of can automatic open after mark, the VR of be personally on the scene experiences type safety education, three-dimensional and holographic digital building hot ” black science and technology ” , already was applied extensively in project. Except port of pond of university of Moscow of Shenzhen north manage, lotus, obtain this ” demonstrative project of construction of countrywide bldg. green ” the project project of the title still has university of Hong Kong Chinese (Shenzhen) first phase project (next garden) construction of engineering of extend of campus of Shenzhen of hospital of II mark, be good at peace, Harbin Institute of Technology always contracts I mark paragraph, university of hospital of institution of higher learning, Shenzhen on the west. Develop to promote governmental project high quality, sponge city, always face gush of headroom of union, aluminous model, tower crane to drench, artificial lake rain falls the green construction technology such as dirt already was in Shenzhen to apply extensively. Town building is versed in Wu arrange expresses to this, shenzhen future will lead green development with innovating, increase pair of green architectural to popularize strength, strengthen pair of mature technologies further apply, set out from complete lifecycle management, undertake planning as a whole planning to carry out to project of our city major project, for ” green bay area ” construction makes larger contribution.   


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