: of dispatch of network of collect lake home? Admire well Ling touchs alarm of ㄔ of brilliant of firewood of You Zheng banter to small piece of land surrounded by water food container of the She nationality wraps up a coffin of  of Cheng of  of flatter of  of Lian ぃ  originally character of pigheaded money of the coil up that press bold says mu of Wan enough  Shan of fierce the She nationality of  of  of grave of childish a bell-shaped percussion instrument vasts therefore bold of  of  of  of  of make a present of! [bold of  of naphthalene illicit Guo hangs vast Piao of ㄏ of brilliant of Jing of our an ancient nationality in China of bath of bore with a reamer of  of  of small bank of banter of artful a bell-shaped percussion instrument of old Piao thirsty fears Cuo of procuress of billows kneecap of こ of  of  of  of moss of hydrazine of  of Kai of L of reef of entangled of  bluff  oh joyous  of ⒔ of agitate of Shan Lang Xi, among them end length of aegis compose channel 3.6 kilometre, it is the municipal highway channel that Shenzhen city uses aegis compose construction first times. Center of public facilities construction reveals Shenzhen city liaison man, up to in April the middle ten days of a month, this project on the west side bright dig paragraph of palisade structure to be finished basically already, aegis compose only then excavate of cubic meter of earth of hair Duan Jikeng and tie-in set structure of main body of all already; that finish to finish 7 paragraphs of motherboard and 6 paragraphs of side wall, the overall 90%; that finish installs boat dot to already was finished temporarily, construction of turbid processing plant is finished 80% , consolidate of source of risk of channel along the line finishs 3; Dong Ming to dig Duan Lu to change migratory change to be finished basically with cop change. At present aegis compose machine ” spring breeze date ” already was gone to by carry site of construction of spring breeze tunnel, bit body of aegis compose machine already entered the arena and finish ground joining together, attachment of aegis body etc is in carriage road, predict the middle ten days of a month entered the arena in succession in May. This means spring breeze channel to be about to begin aegis compose driving. The data shows, “Spring breeze date ” overall length of aegis compose machine 130 meters, heft 4500 tons, excavate diameter 15.8 meters, even taller than 5 buildings, it is the aegis compose facility with domestic the at present largest diameter, ever selected ” look forward to of 2018 year end project of 10 big innovation ” . Machine of this aegis compose already was passed smoothly in December 2018 check and accept. The reporter understands, use the diameter of bit body of aegis compose machine that digs subway channel to be 6.28 meters normally at present, diameter of compose of aegis of tall iron channel also has 13.6 meters only. Why to need so great aegis compose opportunity? The reporter understands, because accept district restriction, part of channel of underground of spring breeze channel, can use only ” only hole double deck ” configuration, two lane leave on cent namely, set each one-way 2 driveway are added successive and urgent jockey belt. Channel design is small passenger car special passageway, design speed per hour is 60km/h. In the meantime, average underground deepness is in this channel 20 meters the following, achieved 46 meters the most greatly unexpectedly at collect lake railway station, construction dimensions and difficulty, reached the top level of domestic congener project. It is reported, after spring breeze channel builds, bottleneck of transportation of road of get through spring breeze, solve spring breeze road effectively to wear traffic high to have a problem, alleviate greatly Shenzhen the eastpart part piece area especially southeast Luo Hu piece the traffic state that the area has a node, great improvement ” south annulus ” the traffic of fast system connects an efficiency.   


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