Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Encourage act vigorously enters 40 years, reforming and opening sets out again. On March 29, collect lake area greets Shenzhen city to build a division 40 years. With ” encourage act vigorously enters 40 years of · reforming and opening sets out again ” for the theme, collect lake area was held ” blend in area of big bay of HongKong and Macow of service another name for Guangdong Province actively to build a batch of major projects to center start working, autograph to be reached about release an activity ” , it is Luo Hu 40 years old China absurd display on ” largesse ” . Wonderful Luo Hu. Deng Fei photographs base of innovation finance headquarters (garden of plum of city building of Luo Hu area piece area city replaces unit) foundation stone laying ceremony. The East China Sea is rich the front courtyard that collect a person of extraordinary powers (pond of lotus of the East China Sea collects a city to update unit project) the effect pursues that day, ” major first quarter project centered collect lake area 2019 start working ceremony and garden of city building plum piece area city updates unit project foundation stone laying ceremony ” , ” Luo Hu area capital attraction and industry upgrade project spot autograph is made an appointment with ” , ” area talent and consign of key of safeguard sex housing, and the spot was released ” Luo Hu area 2019 year real issue of 10 big the people’s livelihood ” and ” 2019 year reform plans Luo Hu area ” , started ” Luo Hu builds a division 40 years the theme is exhibited ” . Carry these activities, aim to review Luo Hu to build an area 40 years to do poineering work jointly course, from force of advancement of the derive in precious history experience, worker of cadre of drive whole area reforms vanward the city zone with acting actually to polish continuously ” gold-lettered signboard ” , drive Luo Hu to set sail again in new historical start, the travel before pursueing a dream, the new page that reforming and opening of compose of do all one can sets out again. On March 29, 1979, luo Hu regards Shenzhen as first city area under administration hang out his shingle formally, become the person that the forerunner of great practice mixes reforming and opening to be benefited the earliest. Travel at double speed of 40 years of harships, break through brambles and thorns-hack one’s way through difficulties, this reforming and opening heats up Luo Hu earth, twist of all previous classics, did not change first heart, be pregnant with dare enter dare try, dare be a person first special zone spirit, created your age person to surprise ” Shenzhen speed ” , concentration was born numerous ” the whole nation the first ” and ” take the lead in initiate ” , perfect deduced another ” vernal story ” . Stride new era, luo Hu is grabbed again seize great history opportunity, of blow reform assault fortified positions build up date, early or late with ” cure changes ” , ” canopy changes ” , ” old change ” , ” educational reform ” with zoology civilization the city zone is founded for breach, deep ploughing can develop field of trial of agenda innovation demonstrative district continuously, make with all one’s strength ” economy of deep harbor bank is taken ” , ” burgeoning industry brings large phoenix tree ” , ” innovation banking industry takes Gong Ling ” platform of 3 old strategies, blend in construction of area of big bay of HongKong and Macow of service another name for Guangdong Province actively, stride butterfly solid pace that change. 2019 is to carry out fulfil in the center of ” compendium of program of development of area of big bay of HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province ” the first year. Area of vice director of standing committee of city National People’s Congress, collect lake appoint clerical He Haitao, heart of warden collect Yo expresses, stand in new start, the confidence that Luo Hu sets out sturdy reforming and opening again is determined, with HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province construction of big bay area is key link, transform newlier with the city for main grasper, in order to reform broken difficult problem, promote efficiency in order to innovate, support transition development, innovation development will realize high quality of the city zone development, can develop continuously. Collect lake area 2019 first quarter   of 10 big major projects 1, base of innovation finance headquarters (city building Mei Yuan piece area city updates unit project) , always invest 14.5 billion yuan, construction accumulates 41 thousand square metre with the ground, plan look total floor area 469 thousand square metre, will make for base of top-ranking to mark international innovation finance headquarters. 2, the East China Sea Fu Huihao front courtyard (pond of lotus of the East China Sea collects a city to update unit project) , always invest 4.8 billion yuan, construction accumulates 20 thousand square metre with the ground, total floor area 166 thousand square metre, will make periphery of port of the pond that it is lotus have comfortable and characteristic, delightful internationalization community most. 3, edifice of emerald green lake (Venus market city updates unit project) , always invest 1.5 billion yuan, construction accumulates 5241 square metre with the ground, floor area 42 thousand square metre, will make the function such as apartment of volume business, office, business affairs be the urban synthesis of an organic whole. 4, rich is filled with an edifice (town of city of car of international of clear water river replaces unit 4 period project) , always invest 363 million yuan, construction accumulates 8726 square metre with the ground, total floor area 26 thousand square metre, will make for clear water river piece the portal of the area and building of ground mark sex. 5, yellow shellfish middle school builds a project, always invest 338 million yuan, construction accumulates 19 thousand square metre with the ground, total floor area 43 thousand square metre, plan to build the elementary middle school of 36 classes, offer degree 1800. 6, silver-colored lake 2 small (futurology school) build a project, always invest 268 million yuan, construction accumulates 14 thousand square metre with the ground, floor area 33 thousand square metre, always make the school 9 when plan to build 36 classes years, offer degree 1680. 7, radically reform project, always invest 754 million yuan, plan to fill to be mixed together perfect area under administration 10 32 street, road add up to the waste pipe net of 22 kilometers, right east lake park 5 small duskily smelly water system carries out punish. 8, project of wisdom the city zone, always invest 140 million yuan, plan to build a batch to use the wisdom platform that give priority to with the early-warning of figure identifying, risk, high-definition monitoring that inspect screen and big data. 9, manage a village without property integrated punish project, always invest 110 million yuan, plan not to have village of property management residence to 135 integrated punish, punish total floor area 1.03 million square metre. 10, Shenzhen gem museum, for Luo Hu first PPP project, always invest 74.21 million yuan, build an area 2610 square metre, will make ” one house one library 3 centers ” communal platform. Offer industrial space to promote an environment quality: Always invest 22.8 billion yuan of 10 projects concentration start working   on March 29 morning, base of innovation finance headquarters (garden of plum of city building of Luo Hu area piece area city replaces unit) spot of foundation stone laying ceremony celebrates joyously picture one piece. As collect lake area appoint clerical He Haitao announces 2019 start working of major first quarter project, heart-stirring music rings, mechanical excavation reachs project car salvo, representing 10 big major projects formal start. “This is Luo Hu when building a division 40 years, carry out in the round fulfil ” compendium of program of development of area of big bay of HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province ” , serve national strategy better, accelerate fill neat industry, the people’s livelihood is short board, accelerate the significant move that promotes development in the round. ” collect lake trifling grows Introduction Luo Yode, the major project of the start working in Benciji in all 10, always invest 22.8 billion yuan, predict to finished year to invest 5.9 billion yuan 2019. It is reported, in the major project of the start working in Benciji, the city updates category to look in all 4, always invest 21.1 billion yuan, planned 5.5 billion yuan to complete investment 2019. These projects covered office research and development, high end business affairs, municipal reach the domain such as communal form a complete set, always accumulate with the ground one hundred and thirty-two thousand one hundred smooth rice, program total floor area 693 thousand smooth rice, industrial space will be provided after building 453 thousand smooth rice, defeat the dimensional bottleneck that Jie Luohu develops effectively, drive promotion of function of industry of area under administration and development, enhance a city to bear the weight of force, promote area city environment quality. Be worth what carry is, among them, base of innovation finance headquarters (garden of city building plum piece area city updates unit project) with the East China Sea Fu Huihao front courtyard (pond of lotus of the East China Sea collects a city to update unit project) still part form a complete set cover an area of about sixteen thousand five hundred always make 9 of smooth rice years middle and primary school and cover an area of, will great alleviate its an area degree pressure. As we have learned, in September 2015, according to the deploy in city, foretaste of start off before the others of collect lake district begins a city to update reform, finish class of 32 projects area to plan to examine and approve in all up to now, 31 projects city establishs link appoint examine and approve, already complete project 22, in build a project 35. Already approved floor area of program project program about 4.03 million smooth rice, industrial area is made an appointment with 3.44 million smooth rice. From 2015 up to now, luo Hu offers the ground newlier to amount to through the city 600 thousand smooth rice, distribution plan, construction ” burgeoning industry brings large phoenix tree ” , ” innovation banking industry takes Gong Ling ” and ” port economy is taken ” , formed can duplicate experience of propagable Luo Hu. Next, luo Hu still will deepen a city to update reform, hold to ” it is good that the industry does strong, city to do essence of life, consumption to do flourishing, the people’s livelihood ” , let the lease of life with new coruscate of collect lake old the city zone and vigor. Update category to look besides the city, of the start working in Benciji still infrastructure category looks 6, always invest 1.7 billion yuan, planned 400 million yuan to complete investment 2019. Among them, the foundation is taught kind in including Huang Bei, learn to build project and silver-colored lake 2 small (futurology school) build a project, prevent floods by water control is carried qualitative kind include Luo Hu division radically reform project, wisdom the city zone kind include item of the city zone of wisdom of Luo Hu area, safety of the city zone is administered kind include not to have property management village integrated punish project and project of Shenzhen gem museum. The building of these projects, safety of the city zone of character of environment of zoology of area of Luo Hu of will farther promotion, safeguard, optimize educational establishment, rich style to live, area of strong stimulative Luo Hu ” the city zone of delicate and wonderful high-quality goods ” construction. Create new abidance for economy of area under administration point of growth: Government of collect lake district and autograph of project of 10 big major industries make an appointment with   on March 29, government of Luo Hu district still held spot autograph to make an appointment with with project of 10 major industries. As we have learned, this the autograph makes an appointment with a project to basically cover the field such as economy of IT of health of finance, artificial intelligence, life, new generation, headquarters, include to be cast greatly accuse, edificatory accuses, Heng Li group, treasure can accuse, in establish one bureau group project of 5 headquarters economy, new and high cast group, medium telegraphic ark 2 finance project, yipusenke is ability, medium quanta of division wrestle acute, edificatory eye of category of 3 burgeoning estates. The be born of these projects, will drive Luo Hu actively to industrial transition upgrades related the area and innovate development, for Luo Hu economy creates new abidance point of growth, to promoting core of area under administration competition ability, drive ” innovation banking industry takes Gong Ling ” , ” burgeoning industry brings large phoenix tree ” positive effect arrives since the plan and construction. Among them, luo Hu general and cast greatly accuse to strengthen cooperation, industry of banking of innovation of cooperative construction red mountain takes; and edificatory to accuse a science and technology driving port economy to take the respect such as construction to strengthen group of force of cooperative; constant to plan to build treasure of; of research and development of new material, new technology and industrialization headquarters to be able to accuse in Luo Hu plan to will invest construction. New and high cast a group to plan to assure company headquarters and financing telegraphic group of China of; of company ingoing Luo Hu, before Internet of limited company of management of sea ark asset, China invests fund management limited company 3 orgnaizations are strong powerful combination, plan to be initiated in Luo Hu establish joint-stock company of science and technology of Yi Pusen of; of fund of one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight class to plan to wait for its wisdom health board piece acute of wrestle of the division in Luo Hu; drafts subsidiary settle to establish cerebral health and academy of wisdom medical treatment in Luo Hu, ; of domain of health of life of area of big bay of HongKong and Macow of service Yu Yue edifies quanta to plan to use the part project settle Luo Hu, aid muscularity phoenix tree burgeoning industry takes construction. Reform of key of 5 kinds of big 20 areas class promotes high quality development: “2019 year reform plans collect lake area ” release those who reform be Luo Hu to establish a division to be mixed originally gene inheritance. This second activity was released ” 2019 year reform plans Luo Hu area ” . It is reported, the plan pushs Luo Hu newly this year and deepen 5 respects in all reform of key of 20 areas class. Promoting economic high quality, can develop a field continuously, the plan begins space of land natural resources to be developed as a whole use wait for 4 reform, promote development of collect lake economy ” quality changes ” , ” efficiency changes ” , ” motivation changes ” . In character of promotion the city zone, ensure safe moving respect, the plan begins the city zone to turn 5 reform such as construction management subtly, build ” digital government ” the working platform of He Zhihui the city zone and moving mechanism. In build build in all treat in all share a society to administer pattern respect, from masses most the problem proceed with of care, the plan begins education balanced and high grade deepen reform, compose to build ” big health ” management of property of village of working structure, residence enclothes society of reform, deep harbor to coordinate development mechanism completely pilot reform is reformed 4 times. Pushing field of efficiency of administration of governmental function change, promotion, the plan is begun as a whole normative superintend and director checks an examination to assess 4 reform such as the job. Strengthening the construction of the party and leader respect in the round, the plan is begun deepen structural reorganization, comprehensive advance village party to build, build 3 reform such as center of media of area class be in harmony. Current, structural reorganization completes step of Luo Hu area basically already. Cover the 10 big fields such as education, medical treatment, prevent floods by water control: “Luo Hu 10 big the people’s livelihood are solid 2019 thing ” release   ” Min Weibang this, this firm nation is peaceful ” . This second activity still was released ” Luo Hu area 2019 year real issue of 10 big the people’s livelihood ” . According to introducing, last year, ” Luo Hu area ” search short board, the people’s livelihood of filling bills due, benefit ” the job acts 3 years plan (2018-2020 year) ” carry out in the round, accelerate advance 136 projects construction, always invest estimation 64.3 billion yuan, 2018-2020 year the plan invests 30.1 billion yuan. 2019, the people’s livelihood that collect lake area puts forward around the 19 big reports of the party closely works ” 7 have ” , carry out deep fulfil in the center of reach each working deploy of province, city, insist to be a center with people, high quality is driven fulfil ” real issue of 10 big the people’s livelihood ” , ceaseless promotion masses obtains feeling satisfaction to spend. It is to drive fundamental education to lift qualitative enlarge look. Urge 5 schools new, change extend, add degree newly to exceed 5300. Build 2 fair run nursery school. Ensure 95% above obligation teachs level school to provide lunch noon break to have the student of demand, new-style fair do garden of run by the local people of garden, Pu Hui sex occupy in garden children than achieving 80% above. 2 it is to increase high grade medical treatment to serve supply. Hardware of new courtyard of pond of lotus of courtyard of perfect area traditional Chinese medical science is configured, purchase equipment of 2507 medical treatment, build 11 companies health center, medical treatment of comprehensive promotion basic level serves a level. 3 it is to increase water environment to be administered integratedly. The village in comprehensive executive village and city radically reform project, ensure the water quality such as Shenzhen river amounts to mark, finish 257 villages in all 94254 drinking water are entered door transform, let dweller of more of area under administration drink on ” be at ease water ” . 4 it is to advance traffic to support a processing and construction. Complete construction of 8 municipal road, road of get through broken end 1, build municipal road 5 kilometers above. Build, transform crossover of travel of a batch of people, new rebuild proper motion driveway 13.6 kilometers above. Start big Wang Wutong piece area traffic improves project, finish not less than 20 have the improvement that block a dot up. Advance construction of form a complete set of traffic of periphery of lotus pond port cheek by jowl, finish 40 road to transform. 5 it is to promote communal style service standard. Build 4 street course integrated style service center, advance actively ” two houses one center ” wait for great culture place to build early days job, advance ” leisurely · library ” build and ” preeminent group project takes community ” . 6 it is to improve quality of environment of the appearance of a city of the city zone. Station of transfer of a batch of integrated punish, rubbish mixes the village in finishing 12 cities of municipal public toilet upgrade transform, finish provincial green line second line of mountain of 2 lines phoenix tree patrols paragraph patrol with pan mountain second line paragraph of construction, build park of highway of park of flowers of theme of a batch of characteristic, beautiful scene, community, Hua Yang block and street heart garden. 7 it is to strengthen citizen safety to ensure. Hydrant of municipal to area under administration road undertakes transforming, finish processing of 22 edges slope, transform old old elevator newlier 100, advance old old electric and safe hidden trouble comprehensive platoon checks punish, build 20 schools the lash-up outdoor takes refugee place. 8 it is to advance housing to ensure with all one’s strength. Advance Luo Hu energetically ” second line is land belonging to one production unit but enclosed in that of another the ground ” shanty town transforms He Cuiyuan garden 2, 3 cities are updated wait for a project to build, annual start working raises money safeguard sex housing and talent room 9543, supply 1222. 9 it is to accelerate construction new-style number the city zone. Build the city zone to run command management center, politics look forward to serves construction collect lake platform, ” call center ” unite superintendency platform with incident of whole area society. 10 it is construction of infrastructure of perfect basic level. To 11 police station 86 community alarm Wu room has promotion, advance 83 community party in the round group the service center amounts to mark construction, build pool of green banboos, lotus street 2 daytime attend center, advance community old people steadily day makings center is street enclothe completely. Much channel of supply of much main body ensures: Assume responsibility of the people’s livelihood to allow a resident ” live to be resided somewhat ”     ” the welfare that our company had 117 employee to enjoy room of talent of Luo Hu area early or late. Facilities of living of talent room periphery is all ready, community environment is good also. ” Xiong Xinxiang of chief inspector of center of resource of manpower of Inc. of Zhou Dasheng gem says so. On this second activity, group of travel of couplet of he and restful bank, world, wide field, soft tell motive force the delegate of 4 companies accepted Luo Hu together the key of area talent and safeguard sex housing. Luo Hu serves as old the city zone, it is with the problem all the time oriented, natural resources of active exploration land is built below in short supply tie raise money the new way of housing, transform through shanty town, city the village in newer, city is integrated the much main body such as punish furnishs, how does sex of the ceaseless safeguard that defeat solution reside a project to supply hot water, executive talent housing and start working of safeguard sex housing and raise money 5 years working plan, accelerate advance project start working to build, shorten construction cycle is formed as early as possible supply. Pass much channel to ensure, luo Hu supplies talent housing and safeguard sex housing 6984, the examine and verify that finish merges into fair family that rent a house twenty-seven thousand seven hundred, how to reside a room seventeen thousand nine hundred. Put the reform deploy of authority as strong area, collect lake area takes on actively, aggrandizement responsibility, 2018 is demand of clingy the people’s livelihood more, face census register of collect lake area to be in book annulus await the family that do not have a room to deserve to hire 236 fair rent a house. Year all extend allowance of money of family of town housing safeguard 300, about 2.7 million yuan, right low protect reach low protect brim family to come true ” should protect protect ” .   


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