Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Shenzhen holds history on scale is the biggest, top end, most flower show of internationalization — — 2019 Shenzhen flower show was in · of area of big bay of HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province a few days ago arboretum of celestial being lake falls satisfactorily next heavy curtain. This flower show recieves an audience to exceed 700 thousand person-time in all. 10 days come, come from the whole world 156 ginseng of 18 countries and area exhibit orgnaization, individual, variety of brought flowers of 1100 many new actor, and come from flower, law, day, Philippine the garden of 12 high-quality goods that each area and park management center present the 5 international garden that affection of bend of famous and horticultural Great Master makes 4 states and Shenzhen, let come round to watch all circles audience that exhibit, too sufficient ” beautiful strong interest ” . The setting of hot passenger flow of huge crowd of people and the flower show backside of too many things to see letting a person, enjoy oneself so much as to forget to leave, more feeling of profundity letting a person is in Shenzhen by this city below setting of construction of area of big bay of HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province, appropriate of course of study of appropriate of room of active construction fitting swims circle of high grade life, realize the determination that high quality develops and effort with all one’s strength. No less than character of place of an expert of domestic famous park: “Here, those who see is beautiful seas not merely, be a city more is wonderful! ” is   top-ranking to mark? ? Numerous beautiful regale lets   of world focusing Shenzhen ” the flower show that this is a high level really. ”     ” international model dye-in-the-wood. ”     ” too beautiful, go all the way, pat all the way! ”     … …   this is in last few days, the reporter covers 2019 Shenzhen flower show in arboretum of lake of Shenzhen celestial being when, hear most deep feeling. Newest data shows, up to on March 31, this flower show recieves an audience to exceed 700 thousand person-time in all, exceed 70 thousand person-time on average to enter the arena everyday look around. This created the record of the serial number that enter garden of arboretum of celestial being lake almost. Can say, shenzhen is carrying this flower show, let the world again focusing Shenzhen, understanding Shenzhen falls in love with Shenzhen. As we have learned, to make one has the high quality flower show that one running water grants international, shenzhen city town manages and execute the law integratedly chief heads for England early or late related the bureau Qieerxi the learn from sb else’s experience of many top-ranking flower show such as flower show, establish a committee of experts, held the conference 38 times to discuss of all kinds issue. Below afore-mentioned setting, 156 ginseng that 2019 Shenzhen flower show invites 18 countries and area in all exhibit orgnaization and individual to participate in prepare, come from among them England, France, Japan, Philippine 5 of 4 countries world-famous horticultural Great Masters still made 5 international garden for this bend affection, make the central point of current flower show, let feast one’s eyes on of National People’s Congress. · of British stylist Michael rub benefit (the secret garden color that Michael Morley) designs is rich, the specular greenhouse inside the garden emerges, shine upon, reflection, present a visual result like kaleidoscope. The Basenfu that comes from France Fu criterion with ” city forest ” concentration reflected Shenzhen to arrive from the little fishing village that gives priority to with farm the leap of modern city, gave trends with horticultural design report of the static state ” Shenzhen speed ” . And of the image of · of water ancient bronze mirror that ocean and Japanese stylist tanaka build the Haipana that Philippine stylist You Luolan brings to be brought and logical sequence of British stylist Daikun ” contemporary kitchen garden ” disentombed of the garden cure force, the person that let look around feels the heart is light, footloose. Afore-mentioned besides, current flower show returns those who installed flowers, flower art, beautiful condition, garden to reveal, and the beautiful culture activity that many 100 rich diversity, contain teachs Yu Le. Look in Liu Qingsheng of members of standing committee of Shenzhen municipal Party committee, standing deputy mayor, current flower show is the significant move that Shenzhen makes world-renowned beautiful wall not only, also be the fashionable party that advocates green civilization, the beautiful thing that is community of area of big bay of HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province fine time, those who answered broad citizen masses to live to happiness is yearning, be helpful for making the more beautiful city environment, integrated competition ability that promotes Shenzhen. “Believe flower show will promote big bay area further flowers culture is mixed between the city the communication of flowers industry cooperates, the green welfare; that lets broad public share big bay area to build cooperates with from promotion of culture communication, industry, area wait for a respect to promote city of big bay area to develop in coordination, the high grade life that promotes appropriate to reside appropriate of appropriate course of study to swim jointly encircles construction. ”   ego pressurization? ? Native land and horticultural authority of straight face international examines while flower show brings work of Gao Shuiping of international Great Master and show, also Shenzhen characteristic achieve horticultural work to respectfully present formerly the world. On this flower show, by 10 areas of Shenzhen city administer (new developed area) , before sea management board and city park management center design the corresponding period of made garden of 12 high-quality goods to appear respectively, these gardens not only vivid the development history that explained Shenzhen and innovation spirit, still representing the horticultural level of Shenzhen. Among them, dragon China area makes ” butterfly change Long Hua ” the artistic package that has advance gradually concern with 3 kinds more and the abstract expression with tie-in flowers, those who build the system between clean is Protean, the raising of things to a higher level that implied meaning area develops. The tourist Li Jianjie that comes from Singapore is profuse in praise to the horticultural work of Shenzhen: “Detail is delicate and stereo! Thinking of to come to Shenzhen for the first time begin understanding from the garden! ” · of Michael of   England stylist rub benefit (Michael Morley) evaluates: “Shenzhen is a very special city, have special climate, a lot of plants like to grow here, shenzhen can not make particularly marvellous garden certainly! ”   honours to each award, shenzhen city town manages and execute the law integratedly Yang Lei of bureau deputy director general says frankly however, the ego pressurization of Shenzhen of this it may be said — — make international of straight area of native land and horticultural work authoritative examine. “Although Shenzhen is horticultural,level and international have certain difference than returning first-rate, but the confidence that each just are encouraged and suggested to also give us to make world-renowned beautiful wall and bottom are angry. ”   mainland is horticultural work blossoms flower show during, shenzhen is wide still invite delegate of official of scholar of about a hundred famous expert, government, enterprise to assemble in, focusing city style and features is optimized, industry of character promotion, flowers the great topic for discussion such as organic conformity, build to drive Shenzhen ” world-renowned beautiful city ” build character to make suggestions. Nod assist for Shenzhen person? ? Civilized soft actual strength once more the Shenzhen that   of refresh city impression overtakes 700 thousand person 10 days first international flower show, the spot does not have the rubbish that throws in disorder! This one act, also become · of area of big bay of HongKong and Macow of this another name for Guangdong Province the setting that 2019 Shenzhen flower show makes a person touch. “The civilized accomplishment that this Shenzhen person place shows exceeds us to anticipate. ” accept when interviewing, the Long Hua area that provides volunteer service for flower show 0 discard Xu Jienan of stimulative meeting controller tells a reporter, she comes up against a lot of citizens to taking rubbish to look for them to ask where ash-bin is during the service, and encounter take a picture the citizen that feels flowers and trees, as long as gently advise, everybody can feel embarrassed pure apology: “I am sorry. ” besides   citizen, the environmental protection concept that this second flower show reveals everywhere also makes a person impressive. During flower show, arboretum of celestial being lake arranges those who include labour of beautiful Shenzhen volunteer, Shenzhen justice to wait inside in all ” red waists-coat ” 2000 more than person-time, divide outside maintaining spot order, “Red waists-coat ” the responsibility that returns the conduct propaganda since bear to guide fountainhead to decrease useless, rubbish to classify and mission. Among them, reduce an amount to realize fountainhead, the environment that assures flower show is neat and pure and fresh, current flower show is by service station of volunteer of area of tourist service center, lake, teach fine time area naturally — Long Hua area 0 discard stimulative meeting is exhibited by installed water device, the tourist needs to take water cup oneself only, can receive water add water freely. Since from March 22 flower show kicks off, the bucket outfit water of a pail of bucket is carried to come arboretum of celestial being lake, and because amount of the tourist inside garden is very much, road compares narrow inconvenience, justice labour people still move water to tent place by oneself. For farther carry out travel fountainhead is decreased useless, this flower show still draws lessons from Taiwan for eat ” not model ” concept — — decline one-time dinner service, offer can pack circularly, reduce the generation of plastic rubbish from fountainhead. Up to on March 31, 2019, not model lunch decreases use one-time eat box to exceed 10 thousand, water bottle of one-time mineral spring 40 thousand. And the follow-up that uses material to flower show deals with, yang Lei expresses, great majority is met repeated usage, itself of celestial being lake is orgnaization of child care of a plant, vivacious plant will continue to breed, a few when the flower will give orgnaization and school. “A city should win respect, depend on the tall economy value that its create not only, more the civilized elegant demeanour that in depending on citizen raise one’s hand casting sufficient, the ways one gets along with others, twinkles. ” after interviewing an end, a media person sighs with emotion, reforming and opening 40 come for years, shenzhen gained brilliant success, accumulated Wei Weizhuang to watch ” good actual strength ” . March toward new journey, urban culture is sent more to the immanent drive action of development highlight, it may be said of this flower show is farther refresh outside the civilized impression to Shenzhen, lead urban culture to march toward new height. The meaning that confronts citizen and visitor still was not used up, yang Lei expresses, this flower show is of Shenzhen brand-new attempt, can be liked by everybody very delectable but congratulate. He is confused to the flower people divulge, more beautiful Shenzhen flower show will be in good-bye of the coming year. “We plan to hold dimensions next year bigger, level taller, international model more sufficient flower show, and the international garden amount of next year can turn over times, will invite more international at the appointed time the horticultural design work that horticultural Great Master shows world high level for everybody! ”     ■ link   ” number says ”   of 2019 Shenzhen flower show 1. Visiting number amount   of 716 thousand person-time 2. Share 156 ginseng that come from 18 countries and area to exhibit orgnaization and individual to participate in preparatory job   3. 10 areas that come from 5 of 4 countries world-famous horticultural Great Masters to make administer of city of Shenzhen of 5 international garden (new developed area) , before sea management board and city park management center are designed respectively make   of garden of 12 high-quality goods 4. Exhibit inside and outside going abroad in all breed of flowers of 1100 many new actor, among them 60% for abroad breed   5. Hold area of big bay of HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province to spend city building to establish the 3 learning activity such as forum, 18 outdoors and literary shows and   of activity of nearly 100 natural education 6. Implement 0 deserted concepts, offer 3350 not model eat is fed, reduce one-time messtin 10000, plastic bottle 40000   7. 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