Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Construction of lotus pond port gets attention fully, the reporter is versed in from town building Wu arrange learns, lotus pond port was checked and accept through the check at the beginning of complete and fire control a few days ago, will have enlightened requirement this year in September, shenzhen will realize frontier defence, custom first, examine quarantine examines, discharged. After prospective investment is used, will advance each other of interconnection of area of big bay of HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province to connect further, area of big bay of HongKong and Macow of the another name for Guangdong Province that help strength makes international top-ranking bay area and world-class city group. Lotus pond port is one of priority discipline of collaboration of harbor of another name for Guangdong Province, be located in pond of lotus of collect lake area street and southwest corner, north faces Luo Sha road, shenzhen river comes south, the 7th be Shenzhen plan and construction crosses bank of condition land crossing, the check that it is goods and brigade check are omnibus overland port, assume city of Hong Kong and Shenzhen the eastpart part, benefit and another name for Guangdong Province east, south another name for Jiangxi Province, the passenger transport of between give attention to two or morethings of the freight that cross a boundary austral Fujian, it is to realize deep harbor to step group liaison man ” enter on the west go out on the west, Dong Jindong goes out ” the eastpart part of overall situation is important port. Project of port of pond of lotus of graph of exterior of brigade check building covers an area of an area to make an appointment with 17.4 hectare, construction content cent is field of check of brigade check building, goods, cross project of condition bridge, municipal form a complete set to wait for 4 parts, building gross area makes an appointment with 149 thousand square metre, in November 2013 start working is built. Cent of brigade check building is underground 2, on the ground 5, use frame to cut the design of force wall, building gross area 124 thousand square metre. Condition of design passenger discrepancy checks a passageway 23, include 9 artificial passageways and 14 self-help channel among them, close ability to be 30 thousand person-time / condition of discrepancy of day; car checks a passageway 2, traffic capacity is 2000 / condition of discrepancy of day; coach checks a passageway 1, traffic capacity is 850 / condition of discrepancy of day; van checks a passageway in all 6, traffic capacity is 15000 / day. Shell of building of check of deep harbor brigade is consistent, the brigade check building of deep harbor both sides passes bridge of travel of 4 seat coach and a footbridge to join, looking from the exterior is a building. Project of lotus pond port passed the check at the beginning of complete and fire control to check and accept a few days ago. Current, inside and outside of room of building of check of brigade of Shenzhen a side is decorated, and port interior is all the establishment such as area of check of passageway of condition of discrepancy of motor-driven driveway, passenger, goods is already all and finishing, only remnant part afforest, one-stop check the installation that the passageway is transformed and checks unit follow-up to check equipment to debug the job. Project of Hong Kong a side joins at present highway is basic already and finishing, port whole project also is about to finish, equipment installation is spreading out. “Lotus pond port has two big breakthroughs, shenzhen realizes frontier defence, custom first, examine another breakthrough of; of quarantine synchronism examination, discharged is Hong Kong all port before this belong to attrib border forbidden zone, must take public traffic or car of home of illicit of two ground card just can enter port area. Sweet garden surrounds port is Hong Kong after the first opens Hong Kong dweller to be able to drive to jockey to port doorway, the port that enters directly. ” the relevant controller of arrange of Wu of town construction industry introduces, port is connected close mode to take guest, money ” one-stop ” close, in order to come true ” read take to load, synchronism to deal with severally, concentration classifies check to put, fast rigor is efficient ” target. Lotus pond port will have enlightened requirement in September this year, the Fang Xiangyuan that wait for harbor surrounds port building rear but synchronous investment is used.   


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