Dispatch of network of collect lake home: The reporter understands from bureau of canal of city of collect lake area yesterday, collect lake area ” 3 horizontal strokes 4 vertical ” project of unifinication of vision of road along the line welcomes progress, the road in finishing slimy hillock road, cloth heart road, Wenjin basically already at present and south the footpath of road, phoenix road and 23 landscape of community park promote, other a section of a highway will this month 30 days comprehensive and finishing. As we have learned, “3 horizontal strokes ” it is to point to Wen Jinlu, east road of knack, Baoan, “4 vertical ” include post of road of bamboo shoot hillock, mud — cloth heart road, deep Na Donglu, bank river — edge river road. This project area under administration essay of establishment of along the line of 7 viatic footpath, road, afforest, public art undertakes integrated landscape promotes, in addition still reach the east of the road austral people, red mountain road bamboo shoot hillock small main road and important node have an area under administration such as the area visual space unifinication is transformed, transform an area to make an appointment with 1.6 square kilometer. Collect lake area regards Shenzhen city as the city zone that develops the earliest, the traffic system traffic capacity that one’s early years builds, economy is poorer, the part is street ageing of dimensional appearance stale, establishment, specific area also changes because of town planning and population expand and producing a function. This project aims systematization ground improves urban style and features, locate in order to match the direction that prospective city updates and the development of collect lake, promote communal space quality with use experience. Road promotion transforms a basis each are street characteristic, compose builds a system of diversiform and whole street activity space, through adjusting greenbelt, optimize street space measure, mix between car line space the setting is wide between slow travel space afforest segregation takes isolation road to affect, perfect system of unified and street label, create orderly visual experience.