Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Jing Jijing the ground that the hotel is destined is the happiness that Cai Wu surrounds a person. Cai Wu was witnessed to surround village city to update shareholder apiration to vote here, the autograph tearing open change of village collective property is made an appointment with wait for important hour. On April 21, cai Wu is surrounded plan as a whole house of Cai of unit of the biggest owner surrounds an area village illicit curtilage property tears open change to transform arouse congress is held here, it is indicating in HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province the big setting of strategy of country of big bay area falls, plan as a whole the city updates an area to build city 40 years in Shenzhen, drive is entered during Luo Hu builds a division 40 years, implementation is carried again fast. On May 10, be apart from carry in the round fast be less than 20 days, owner of nearly 700 villagers happilies gather under the same roof here again, witness Cai Wu to surround village city to update private property autograph to be started formally about jointly. Cai Wu surrounds village city to update private property autograph to start ceremonial scene about. The honored guest starts push rod jointly, what look into Cai Wu to surround simultaneously is brand-new future. Chen Hua of president of Beijing radical group makes a speech. Cai Wu surrounds Cai Jianguang of joint-stock company president to make a speech. Beijing radical 100 cities synthesis, of the model that Shenzhen city replaces make. Country of collect lake area endowment bureau, Gui Yuan is street agency concerns chief, house of Shenzhen city Cai surrounds Cai Zhuoxian of chairman of Cai Zixian of Cai Jianguang of industrial Inc. president, general manager, supervision board, base of Chen Hui of president of real estate of Chen Hua of president of Beijing radical group, Beijing radical, capital produces a president to attend an autograph Yang Yuxiong to start a ceremony about jointly. 8 take the lead in signing make an appointment with owner happy event to get an autograph to reward Jin Cai to build light to be in about speech intermediary carry on, cai Wu surrounds joint-stock company to establish a city to update working party from May 2012 up to now 7 years, company board of directors all the time since the demand that city of according to our city renews byelaw and detailed rules, begin apiration to collect, plan project approving to declare, remove compensation finds a place for the condition negotiates, measure of building area mapping, owner counterpoises truly, special program newspaper is approved, hold collective property to remove compensation finds a place for the agreement votes shareholder plenary meeting and private property tear open change to transform, greeted private property autograph to start thing of this great rejoicing about eventually. He to all the time since branch, Cai Wu surrounds broad owner, partner related care, support and the ranking Party committee that assist this project, government, go out brethren, abroad from emeritus cadre, Hong Kong countrymen residing abroad, capital of joint development unit base the member that group and Beijing radical real estate and the city of Cai house encircle a city that will 7 years insist to fight bravely in a gleam of update a working group to become and company cadre employee express the truest acknowledgment. Cai Jianguang expresses, cai Wu surrounds the success that often surrounds to transform those who created Shenzhen city to update ” Cai Wu surrounds mode ” , reflected Beijing radical group and Beijing adequately base the social sense of responsibility of the company reputation with estate excellent Inc. and height, the industry that surrounds financial center area for Cai Wu upgrades explored experience. Be worth new China to establish 70 anniversary, Shenzhen to build 40 anniversary, collect lakes of city to build a division 40 years this year, the issuance of compendium of program of area of big bay of HongKong and Macow of near future another name for Guangdong Province advances Cai Wu to surround to accelerate plan as a whole a division is newer transform offerred superexcellent opportunity. Believe the course is new one round the city is newer, collect lake area appoint the intensive development with district established government builds Cai Wu to surround culture of commerce of financial core, high end, society ” concentrated development division ” , make rival the city of ground mark sex with top-ranking international to build group, arouse collect lake new vitality, the target of a new Luo Hu can realize give somebody a new lease on life certainly, what Cai Wu surrounds will be more good tomorrow. Cai Jianguang hopes Cai Wu surrounds broad villager, owner to carry on Cai Wu to surround a person ” knowledge cardinal principle, consider overall situation ” good convention, with responsible to oneself, responsible to the history, responsible to the descendants manner, grip good luck, sign at an early date about, strive the project tears open change at an early date, begin construction at an early date, build at an early date, give benefit early, for economy of region of bay of race to control of Shenzhen, collect lake ” bridge tower ” , the Cai Wu that builds more happy beauty is surrounded make due contribution, give real operation. Chen Hua says in the speech, the Cai Wu of 630 old histories is surrounded is one of village with Shenzhen the the oldest, oldest special zone. In reforming and opening 40 years, cai Wu surrounds the forerunner of a member that serves as Luo Hu and reforming and opening, created another ” one night city ” legend, rose abruptly on this hot earth brilliant the sex of Shenzhen ground mark such as 100 cities synthesis builds Wang Dasha of hotel, ground, Beijing radical, the one side bright Li Qi that becomes special zone urbanization of villages flags. Cai Wu surrounds the great change of vicissitudes of life that comes 40 years, be the epitome of Shenzhen and even Chinese reforming and opening and testimony. Chen Hua expresses, cai Wu surrounded joint-stock company and Beijing radical real estate to sign collective property to transform cooperative agreement;2018 in July 2018 year Cai Wu will be surrounded in December plan as a whole an area project is special the program establishs link through city appoint relevant conference, greeted Cai Wu to surround the autograph of line of business of village illicit person to be started about again today. At present Cai Wu is surrounded as a whole piece the area transforms all things all to have, capital base is produced and Beijing radical group will hand in hand Cai Wu surrounds joint-stock company and broad villager owner, answer urban government call actively, accelerate the autograph that tear open change to make an appointment with, strive for the end of the year to realize a project to begin construction, let sign agreement owner to be able to answer change at an early date first. For this, beijing radical acceptance centers advantage resource to promote item process with all one’s strength, build a more beautiful home for all owner, make a city again the new surveyor’s pole that newer, industry upgrades. He thanks various government, Gui Yuan heartily street agency is right of the project support energetically, thank what Cai Wu surrounds joint-stock company to give full cooperation, thank each villager owner to the your kind effort to the project supports and cooperate particularly. The autograph of collective push rod that start makes an appointment with the honored guest that participates in a ceremony and testimony Chen Hua represents an autograph to make an appointment with with 8 villagers owner early or late. Chen Hua still represents Beijing radical real estate to made an appointment with owner to issue an autograph to make an appointment with bonus to the autograph, villager owner and development unit chief look into a brand-new Cai Wu to surround hand in hand, everybody hopes heartily to be signed at an early date about, enter the new home that belongs to oneself at an early date. Cai Wu surrounds Qing Dynasty to celebrate owner of new residential quarter Ms. Lin just takes a building to remove the promotive gold that compensation finds a place for early autograph is made an appointment with, very glad. She is certain Cai Wu is surrounded plan as a whole the city updates an area to be able to succeed certainly. She says, think of 4 years half hind can live on modern bridal chamber, the mood is very happy. Believe Beijing radical can not lose popular confidence certainly, press on time had built the building that answer change by the quantity character. Cai Wu is surrounded new 8 lane owner Mr Cai says, the spot is made an appointment with to see Cai Wu is surrounded in the autograph today plan as a whole the program video of an area, the mood is extremely excited, as if the picture of the happy event that saw Cai Wu surrounds person move to a better place or have a promotion. Cai Wu is surrounded as a whole piece the area is transformed is a project of vital and lasting importance that Cai Wu surrounds collective economy to be able to develop to reach a descendants with benefit continuously, should it is adamantine, good to do at a dash do. Cai Wu is surrounded new Mr Huang of 9 lane owner says, city of Cai house encircle a city updates private property to sign the success that arranges a ceremony to hold, carry brace up the energy spirit of broad owner is magical. This is everybody looks forward to long already happy event, be worth to congratulate. The autograph starts what surrounded a person to bring happiness to Cai Wu to anticipate about. My general makes progress with acting actually to support a project with all one’s strength, the hope tears open change to transform can go on wheels. Regard Cai Wu as surrounded a member, I am certain the meeting is better tomorrow. It is reported, answer the arrangement of change property to owner, beijing radical holds to as far as possible place answers change, the property that answer change and control oneself property are same standard, garden establishment is coequal share wait for a principle, ensure owner is satisfactory. The owner property that surrounds newly answers place change at the program south area, place of village owner property answers change south the boreal area at the program, qing Dynasty celebrates place of property of owner of new residential quarter to answer change. Joint-stock company property is arranged as a whole in office property. The village in the city is transformed reveal consciousness of Beijing radical high-quality goods and innovation concept Beijing radical group and Beijing radical real estate are the large estate company that Shenzhen enlists a city earlier to build, regard main industrial field as newlier the city all the time, already was in whole town each area developed many cities successfully to update a project, the village in accumulating rich city transforms experience, got various government, village the extensive self-identity of joint-stock company, owner and social all circles and recognition. Country, province, city arrives at Beijing radical to make an on-the-spot investigation early or late about the leader, right the character of Beijing radical project, design, construction and Beijing base the innovation that replaces a field in the city and contribution, offerred sufficient affirmation. Regard China as well-known logo enterprise, beijing radical group has national real estate to develop one class aptitude, it is collect estate development and manage, club of investment of hotel of class of business already battalion and management, 5 stars and management, property management, finance administration, golf, meal runs the large city that is equal to an organic whole integrated operation business. The city that regards home as the first of all replaces domain major company, beijing radical real estate is held to ” responsibility is base, innovation is fetch ” concept, developed east of scene of day of blue sea cloud, drive, drive early or late impression of scene of Jinghua city, drive, bank the Beijing that river times and whole nation fix eyes upon base 100 cities synthesis high grade old revise a project. 2007, capital base produces denounce endowment 6 billion yuan hand in hand Cai Wu surrounds joint-stock company to Cai Wu often surround undertake transforming, made synthesis of city of sex of Shenzhen ground mark — — Beijing radical 100, created Shenzhen city to update ” Cai Wu surrounds mode ” . The project used 3 years merely to the join the gang that answer change from start working. The ground mark sex that investment of business of real estate of battalion of the 100 countrymans in regarding as builds Beijing radical is built, win multinomial world-class award, realized collective of government, bank, village, villager and development unit ” 5 win-win ” , “Cai Wu surrounds mode ” the demonstrative effect confirm that causes in Shenzhen Cai Wu surrounds joint-stock company and Beijing base the success that joint development often surrounds, more what Cai Wu surrounds is new round transform laid solid foundation, make the model that countrywide city replaces. 2013, beijing radical real estate issues sanded joint-stock company to make hand in hand bank river times project, regard CBD as the center on the west the synthesis of ground mark sex with only area, this project refresh new height of blessing cropland synthesis. After transforming piece area city landscape looks brand-new, hotel type apartment, seascape is big curtilage, the functional assemble such as high-end commerce. Joint-stock company property finds a place for centrally, the clothbound of the apartment that answer change of the villager repairs a standard to reach a floor, hire income promotes substantially. Beijing radical is old the outstanding character that changes a project to go after construction project and design quality, pass an area after Beijing radical is updated, no matter be experienced from urban image, space, profit of value of culture atmosphere, land, rent has qualitative flight, the accord that the high-quality goods consciousness of Beijing radical achieves the villager and society reputably. City of Cai house encircle a city plans as a whole newlier an area it is Beijing radical group answer strategy of big bay area, of new center of lake of collect of give somebody a new lease on life explore again, also be Shenzhen of Beijing radical deep ploughing, of the innovation of strike tomorrow lift. 100 cities synthesis already let Beijing radical Cai Wu is surrounded often surround from ” the village in the city ” become international banking center very quickly, more this new round transform established sturdy confidence, prospective Cai Wu is surrounded will surely make division of big bay of Luo Hu, Shenzhen and even HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province an ablaze city receives a visitor hall. City of house encircle a city updates the example project Cai that whole journey of first community of whole town participates in a program plan as a whole the project is located in an area urban core position, the area makes an appointment with 30 hectare, contain great theater, any crystalline substance the characteristic element such as park of hotel, litchi, it is whole town the first ” plan as a whole newlier an area ” . Since including our city city formally in August 2013 newer unit plan oneself, in government of collect lake district lead as a whole below, city of collect lake area updates bureau and Beijing radical real estate to declare principal part as the program, active exploration plans as a whole a division is special the new pattern that the program weaves. In Luo Hu the area strides the new period that promotes development in the round, cai Wu is surrounded plan as a whole a division is newer transform hold to ” 2 development is culminating development ” concept, it is the example project that public of first whole process of whole town participates in. Cai Wu is surrounded plan as a whole a public of area program innovation participate in mode, district government organized 6 kinds of big public to participate in an activity about branch and program project. 17 famous programs design an orgnaization, 144 teachers and students of 8 universities, 24 industrial experts such as domestic banking, commerce, culture give counsel for the project, thousands of citizen and netizen delegate filled in questionnaire referred written opinion. National People’s Congress of collect lake area and the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference organize special subject to the conference listens to a report and form written opinion, proposal respectively. Study in last a period of time the process is medium more 7 years, he Jingtang of academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Meng Jianmin and design Great Master Mr Chen Shimin, coach evaluation plans for many times plan, committee member of expert of city program committee, listen to a report for many times, thrust moves a project to weigh the system of difficulty problem to solve. The process that the project plans was reflected adequately ” governmental dominant, market is run, the expert presents as leading role, the public is participated in, science is decision-making ” update program new pattern. From the point of survey result, social community surrounds transformed attention to basically be centered in park of great theater, litchi, brilliant mainly to Cai Wu the core that public house of hotel, extensive region world brings piece of mark of land of area culture, city and communal space make a program. From this, what Cai Wu surrounds is newer transform a program to also will be a foundation with popular wishes, inheritance associate with, bear the weight of future, element of culture of reforming and opening of shirt-sleeve special zone, the sex of urban land mark that strives to make have Shenzhen to inside information is built group, the residential environment that the public traffic of convenient and high quality communal and open space, quick environmental protection, appropriate ranks of form a complete set brand-new Cai Wu is surrounded. Industry of banking of innovation of road of Luo Hugong mountain takes implementation base oneself upon core node, make division of example of the people’s livelihood of core of innovation of financial trade center, culture, high quality, make division of big bay of HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province ” urban new sitting room ” program goal. According to introducing, plan as a whole a program of the area in the area plan to make what provide energy more ” urban new sitting room ” , promote culture ground mark the main force of great theater. The program puts forward to undertake demolishing rebuilding to great theater. Make in order to act art, the theatrical function such as the performance is given priority to, hold the compound function such as an art, science and technology, culture concurrently, form internationalization, open the bid of new culture ground of type. Go up through the ground, ground, underground is three-dimensional and stereo the network reachs park of great theater square, Xiaoping picture square, litchi circumjacent characteristic is street organic link, form the modes of life and relation to their environment that sees so that see lambency of green Shui Bixie communal space, make celebrate joyously mobile place by citizen gay festival. Xin Jing, program of program of extensive region space and ground king edifice, Beijing radical 100, new great theater, collective casting develops the symptom of urban new ground of course with respect to perforative reforming and opening, make what provide energy more ” urban new sitting room ” . Plan as a whole the living area of a both wings of area north and south, building floor setting is compound the commercial function that change, upside is freeboard layer residence and apartment. Commercial annex designs the platform in be mutiple level sky, make the zoology gorge that green opens, through taking refugee the layer installs the garden in sky, creation is the biggest the court space that change, form high quality living room. Cai Wu is surrounded plan as a whole after the city completes a division newlier, the Manhaduhuaer that compare a shoulder canary of street, London, Paris pulls De Fang this, center of the world-class mart such as mouth of home of land of the annulus in Hong Kong, Shanghai, culture, consumption center, become a jewel of area of big bay of HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province.