Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Be located in the foot of mountain austral body of hill of cloth heart hill, with Chinese parasol hill green line is linked together, can look down at the pan mountain green line with Shenzhen panoramic reservoir will be at the beginning of July enlightened try move. This green line gives birth to state environment experience to be a center with landscape of Chinese parasol hill, with ” delicate ” ” open interest ” for jumping-off place and footing, net of couplet of combinative other people jockeys management, intelligence guides the system such as illume of travel, wisdom builds wisdom green line, cultivate flat of belt of aquatic of outfit of pool, osmotic shop, filter, landscape to wait for a series of rainwater through rainwater sponge of catenary design construction green line, environment of zoology of hill of continuance phoenix tree, compose builds complete green gallery. Green line along the line in all node of 13 place landscape, among them interactive terminal of AI of setting of 8 tourist attractions.
Can look down at Shenzhen reservoir cleans out golden hill green line panoramicly. Pan mountain green line is based on original pan mountain second line to patrol the road undertakes rebuilding, can experience second line to pass culture along green line. Green line withheld along the line police box of 5 office sentry post, and the recollection that a paragraph of 192 meters second line involves purse net to serve as the history, call line of second line reason, name of friend of booth of the place have a rest second line booth. In green line construction is about to be over man-hour, to raise green line appeal and culture connotation further, city of collect lake area is in charge of and execute the law integratedly bureau the expert that invites group of gardens of 7 cultural circles such as Jiang Kairu, scenery walks pan mountain green line, on the foundation that in the design the unit names formerly, undertook the tourist attraction names again, undertake public opinion collect, determine green course finally 13 landscape node, the name of 3 dak.


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