Dispatch of network of collect lake home: This day rises, collect lake area plans to go to 14 people crossover is added build overline bridge ceiling, trouble-free elevator, wait to outfit of shop of afforest of body of crossover lighting system, bridge, bridge floor undertake transforming promotion. This project predicts to be in finishing on September 30. Landscape of crossover of travel of collect lake person transforms project effect graph. This is collect lake area appoint the stereo establishment crossing a street that is crossover of perfect person travel, offer what sunshade blocks rain to give an environment, the image of the city zone that reflects modern, human nature to change and the landscape of person travel crossover that begin promotes a project. 14 are about to change the crossover of the body is Luo Sha crossover of Lu Xiling village, roc promote hillock of Lugong of hillock of crossover of crossover, celestial being stage, mud east crossover, Jin Hao crossover, hillock of crossover of bridge of Western Paradise of crossover of cloth heart Lu Honghu, green banboos crossover, cloth heart, gold power, bamboo shoot is crossover of north of Dong Lusong garden, patriotic crossover of road reservoir new residential quarter, Wen Jin boreal road cropland. Landscape of person travel crossover transforms a project to will work at beginning construction recently, to carry out foundation of crossover ceiling pillar, build set scaffold and work of hoisting ceiling steel structure, the interval in will taking up motor vehicle during project construction leaves take or advocate car of complementary path cent takes two side each one driveway. Chief expresses related bureau of canal of city of collect lake area, the project predicts to will be finished on September 30 transform, ask citizen friend to go out afore-mentioned a section of a highway keep away from as far as possible when travel, go out to cause inconvenience to forgive please all right to the citizen during project construction.   


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