Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Although leave,open formally still have time of a few months, but Shenzhen city Luo Hu district comes before already many dwellers are carried ” explore battalion ” pan mountain green line.
Green line of mountain of collect lake pan is a collect landscape, recreational, zoology and culture the path of light green of essence of life at an organic whole, hopeful is by this year June before finishing open. City of collect lake area is in charge of and execute the law integratedly bureau for the graph a few days ago, the information that Mr Nie that lives in red bamboo head is informed pan mountain green line to be about to debut is particularly excited: “Although establishment has not been built completely good, but strong this environment, also should be experienced ahead of schedule below, the place that takes a walk later is chosen here. ”   as we have learned, pan mountain green line is provincial green line lake of 2 line collect paragraph important landscape nature landscape centers paragraph, sha Wan road patrols to hope the bridge is exported greatly along pan mountain second line since Cong Cuiyin road, full-length 7.07 kilometers, endure reservoir of arboretum of celestial being lake, Shenzhen closely, stand by scenery of Chinese parasol hill scenic spot area, hopeful is by this year June before finishing open. Collect lake element has ” city of half landscape half ” beautiful praise, half above land is in zoology control division, how protection develops zoology resource, is implementation the whole people shared? This Luo Hu did beneficial exploration on green line construction. Green line becomes branch 4 themes division Cong Cuiyin road enters pan hill green talk, road is by cent grey, black, red 3, 3 are respectively: Driveway of footpath, motor-driven and bicycle ride trade. City of collect lake area is in charge of and execute the law integratedly the bureau is green appoint do director Yang Shiming to divulge, original pan mountain second line patrols road of a section of a highway is palletter, person car confuses a condition relatively serious, and after transforming a project to carry out, billabong of implementation person car. Go downward along green line, “Wind-bell cereal ” appear in at the moment. This division name a person for a particular job that covers an area of an area to make an appointment with 25000 square metre cultivates the arbor such as wood of wind-bell of wood of wind-bell of chrysanthemum wind-bell wood, kermes, silver-colored scale to build hill sea to spend Lin Jing to watch in great quantities. Yang Shiming introduces, pan mountain green line will be hit to create 4 themes division: The your beautiful writing that reflect variety paragraph, thematic plant is open interest of palace pink Chinese redbud and mountain forest of; of safflower hyacinth bean paragraph, thematic plant is safflower carry on one’s shoulder and green orchid; hill lake is folded emerald green paragraph, thematic plant is sweet camphor tree and green corridor of Mu He; to see get the better of paragraph, thematic plant is bitter Lian and La Huaying. Final implementation the four seasons has characteristic, charactizing a fine spring day each. Besides, the biggest characteristic of pan mountain green line is OK the edge walks along an edge to review ” second line closes ” story. Cross when the car in green on the road, the abatis of flash of along the road and police box as if recounting patrol in former days the story that Staff Sergeant arms patrols. As we have learned, to preserve memory of green line history, luo Hu is adopted to 5 existing police box ” long old as usual ” transform strategy, establish face ceramic tile to undertake cleaning external, repair, undertake whitewashing afresh to metope, and chirp station is hit to cause the Guan Jingping desk that offers citizen uprise overlook. “Wisdom green line ” the pan hill green way that Jie Suoquan new experience has tall Yan Zhi still holds concurrently ” high intelligence quotient ” . As we have learned, along the line of pan mountain green line in all node of 13 place landscape, among them 8 tourist attractions installed AI interactive terminal, divide big theme according to tourist attraction characteristic and crowd, can undertake interacting by period of time and tourist. Yang Shiming introduces, the AI multimedia that the citizen can carry district of date of public of green line APP, small letter, small order, green line is interactive the channel such as terminal, get the service on substantial line, if parking lot information, toilet information, intelligence guides,see, the activity is interactive etc. In make sure infrastructure provides the greatest comfortable experience for people while, security as much important. The citizen is in when encountering emergency, one key appeals lever and client carry one key to appeal the function can be offerred quickly ” call the police / medical treatment / find a person ” service. Green line still identifies person face the technology to blend in scene of green Taoist or Buddhish rites in, realized tourist contrail, green line to seek a person, brush a face to wait for multinomial applying into collision of garden, data. The tourist also can brush a face to get visit information, already visited tourist attraction, distance, time-consuming already, current condition to wait for instance. Not only such, system of wisdom green line is returned data of environment of real time monitoring, collect chroma of temperature and humidity, wind speed, baric, ultraviolet ray, PM2.5, air to lose the data such as oxygen ion, combine the weather data that observatory releases, provide direct weather data for the tourist, adopt a system the lamplight that automatic fine moves green way definitely, acoustics, creation is multidimensional spend organic experience, if encounter great weather calamity () of typhoon, thunder, especially big rainstorm, still can sow a newspaper automatically ahead of schedule. When of all kinds sudden incident (include: Incident of fire, typhoon, coast, public security) when happening, the system conducts changeover pattern to lash-up, monitoring screen wall magnifies the key and dog incident is relevant area, the information such as grade of the positional coordinate that wall of operation director screen also shows real time to incident happens, incident and processing rate of progress planned speed. The day that opens formally from green line is closer and closer, yang Shiming and his work in the same placing are undertaking be perfectinged finally to green line, arrive from 2012 2017, they crossed Luo Hu’s water from a mountain, walk along ave lane, the area with peculiar area of combinative collect lake advantage, traffic advantage and landscape are humanitarian the condition such as resource, it is a target in order to build high level green line, protection of zoology of give attention to two or morethings and green line are built, prove the plan that choose a route repeatedly, solve a variety of technology problems, wove network of green line of collect lake division plans two rounds early or late, coach green line is built. Current, luo Hu already built outskirt tough green talk 36.3 kilometers. The reporter still understands, luo Hu is beginning green line network to plan the 2nd times to repair arrange the job, the landscape resource advantage that produces Luo Hu further, union ” east into the strategy ” with large phoenix tree burgeoning industry takes overall planning, with outskirt tough green talk attachs most importance to a dot, tough green talk takes outskirt of side of north of Luo Hu of plan and construction, make a thing develop linkage axis to the industry, at the appointed time get through annulus green line reachs boreal side green line to reservoir, the Chinese parasol green line that join already built and the pan mountain green line that building, make the green line net of annulus Shenzhen reservoir.