Dispatch of network of collect lake home: We often say, shenzhen is a young city, but Shenzhen is a city that has the history likewise, and Luo Hu’s phylogeny is a vivid reforming and opening history. 40 years, luo Hu is witnessing Shenzhen as a child fishing village develops to the high speed with metropolitan internationalization, each here street, each high-rise, have the story of reforming and opening that attributes oneself. Urban progress needs transition to certain level, reforming and opening goes to today, to Luo Hu, the city updates the breach that is transition, also be the hope place of transition. 2015, the collect lake city that start is reformed newlier pilot, 4 years past, luo Hu has many cities to update a project to undertake in ground of like a raging fire in the center. Mark of Shenzhen new ground still will be born here, luo Hu will witness the history again, the Shenzhen that help strength gallops to world center city. Panorama of plum garden storehouse. This period the key area that walks into Luo Hu city to be transformed newlier — — — bamboo shoot hillock. We write down the halo that next bamboo shoot hillock go, also look into the future of light of bamboo shoot hillock. In bamboo shoot hillock, the city is being performed newlier everywhere. Be located at the plum garden storehouse by crossroads of hillock of red mountain mud, bamboo shoot hillock is before this piece the large storehouse that division number still is not running storage business more group. Tens of year come, the heavy traffic of day after day, witnessed area of storehouse of bamboo shoot hillock to regard as ” the first storehouse of Chinese ” with of all kinds and professional market promote decline. Start a city to update as project of garden of city building plum, base of headquarters of an innovation finance is about to rise abruptly in bamboo shoot hillock. City of garden of city building plum updates project effect to pursue. Go up century business of storehouse of garden of 90 time plum is busy   by 1988, shenzhen city town builds development (group) company (abbreviation ” city building group ” ) the land of 110 thousand square metre that decides to take next bamboo shoot post, build plum garden warehouse here. City building group is Shenzhen city belongs to large nation endowment estate develops a group, its predecessor is the working group of engineering of Shenzhen city base that for Shenzhen inchoate construction establishs next distinguished meritorious service. On December 30, 1988, industrial limited company establishs garden of Shenzhen city plum formally. In March 1990, after storehouse of the first dried food builds, throw namely use, begin to manage storage, storehouse to rent reach the business such as freight representative. On September 10, 1990, complete of plum garden storehouse is finished, gross 11 storehouse and an office building build entirely, give priority to system structure mostly 5, local 6, total floor area amounts to 139400 square metre. Go up century 90 time are prime, area of storehouse of bamboo shoot hillock is the whole nation change trains of important goods of imports and exports, store base, also be at that time the throughout the country is the biggest muti_function storehouse area, be called ” the first storehouse of Chinese ” . And the bamboo shoot hillock at that time, the dimensions count as one of the best of plum garden storehouse. 1992, the Huang Xiaoyue that graduates from Zhongshan university enters city building group. He is recollected, the area of plum garden storehouse at that time is already special and busy, “The crate car of a platoon is when look every time, because professional work is very much, storehouse begins to execute 24 hour services, often have a client discharging thing is held in the late evening after 11 o’clock. ” the Wang Yachao that   removes to be engaged in a gleam of working in plum garden storehouse from 1993 is right also in those days hot occasion remembers profundity. “Besides explode combustibly, easily, danger is changed article, other storage business is done. The scattered client that basically makes foreign trade with countrywide each district at that time is given priority to, every arrive 56 month, come from the garlic of Henan, Shandong, one train goes to one train here pull, wait to export southeast Asia and Europe. ”   in those days area of storehouse of bamboo shoot hillock is very flourishing, greatly young storage other people sheds an enterprise to amount to about a hundred. The railroad industrial siding that 80 time build the century on is just as hematic arteries and veins, be well versed in is whole bamboo shoot hillock – clear water river piece area, everyday south come the goods and materials that north goes to is counted with 10 thousand tons plan. The two iron line that passes plum garden storehouse among them is vestigial all the time keep, witness that paragraph of years. Be open to traffic of industrial siding of railroad of plum garden storehouse and storehouse are formal practice. Transition collects the century on the ground for of all kinds and professional market 90 time evening, as the amplification that open to the outside world, a series of unlock with inland port city littoral, entrepot trade decreases, the stereo carriage system that gives priority to with the freeway is perfect with each passing day, year after year of volume of wide deep railroad decreases. In the meantime, bamboo shoot hillock piece the heartland that the area becomes a city from out-of-the-way suburb. In this one period, the onefold storage function with original division of storehouse of bamboo shoot hillock sheds change to modern other people stage by stage, initiative the of all kinds major that forms certain dimensions is wholesale trade the market, show at the beginning of growing latent capacity. However, because lack unified program, layout of together with road is dated, cross of person car mixed flow, railroad, traffic jam, violate the rules and regulations is built etc the phenomenon is serious, develop economic benefits adequately hard. 2000, shenzhen municipal government decides a bamboo shoot hillock – clear water river piece the area locates for Shenzhen city 6 old modern other people shed one of garden divisions, also be to be located in the content of Shenzhen downtown only to shed garden division. In the meantime, the government is right bamboo shoot hillock – clear water river piece the road of the area and establishment of communal form a complete set undertake be transforminged in the round. Originally rail of stagger of storehouse area freely, turned road of the operatic circle, plum garden road, Bao Gang into the road, baoan north road widens for two-way 6 driveway, get through a small loop of area traffic road. 1989, train of the first carry cargo sails the plum garden storehouse that tries line of business. What plum garden storehouse begins to introduce industry of car, household is long hire a client, the business remains the same flourishing. What enter Mei Yuan the earliest is difficult job wide this car 4S inn, enter in succession again later be stationed in Shenzhen to go in for sth in a large scale Feng Tian, go in for sth in a large scale Leikesasi, treasure promotes a car to sell service limited company to wait. Group of golden sea horse also leases below two warehouse in Mei Yuan, with will make office furniture and household sell greatly, become bamboo shoot hillock to live in the main force of building materials industry. Still course of study becomes writing material of storage, dawn, plain deep industrial… … in storehouse of Mei Yuan of bamboo shoot hillock on this land, a batch of another batch enterprises are initiative grow, managing all trades and professions such as car, furniture, electron, handicraft, food, medicine, textile, stationery vibrantly. An epitome that city of this no less than develops. These business volume each different, be by no means indispensable, wh some of which has an eye none even, but of the hand in spring breeze of reforming and opening and market economy batch move below, they assume a respective role, become this city and national socioeconomy the cornerstone of benign movement. Bamboo shoot hillock piece area city is pulled open newlier prelusive a few years short time, bamboo shoot hillock – clear water river piece the area walked out of the trade industry road with a bright characteristic. Household building materials, car trades, wholesale, medicine distributes handicraft exit, refrigerant food send, the flourishing of of all kinds and professional market such as stationery toy, the Baoan north road of bamboo shoot hillock, after becoming afterwards China strong north, market place is initiative group of spatial another characteristic trade. 2006, bamboo shoot hillock – modern other people sheds clear water river office of garden division government holds water, release a clear signal at that time — — the government decides pair of bamboo shoot hillock and clear water river piece the area undertakes large-scale transform, shed assemble division in order to make a brand-new modern trade thing. In March 2006, huang Xiaoyue transfers into from headquarters of city building group industrial limited company holds the position of Mei Yuan president. After two months, collect lake area holds bamboo shoot post – other people of clear water river sheds seminar of garden division job, requirement garden area must accelerate transition to upgrade, undertake the city is updated. “Still do not call a city to update at that time, but the government had such idea early to guide transition 2006, dispute often has sex of the look up before foresight is mixed. ”   Huang Xiaoyue feels excited for this with enterprise attending the meeting, but at that time, newer opportunity is far still crudely. 2009, shenzhen town city is newer method comes on stage early or late with executive detailed rules, bamboo shoot hillock and clear water river piece legal plan adjusts the area finish, this old old storehouse division undertakes large-scale city becomes a possibility newlier thereby. In October 2010, earth of Shenzhen city plan appoint government of district of associated collect lake begins bamboo shoot hillock – clear water river piece area program international seeks advice. Huang Xiaoyue expresses, “Plan showed the prospect of very rich vigor at that time, drew the outline of a river of completely different clear water of bamboo shoot hillock. Our enterprise also feels should try hard to this direction, no matter it this program has how many positive result is OK that this program has how many positive result be born, be opposite development had an area very big how-to effect. ”     2011, the bamboo shoot hillock that municipal government of Shenzhen municipal Party committee amounts to the area clearly 5.42 square kilometer – clear water river piece area, label 5 keys of whole town to advance ” the city develops unit ” one of. “The development change of city and industry is very big, program program also is in garden of city building plum to be optimized ceaselessly, ” Huang Xiaoyue thinks, the city needs newlier fine fine abrade, from at the beginning modern other people sheds garden division, to now fixed position is a service the base of innovation finance headquarters at innovation science and technology, “In different level, it is to comply with city and industry to upgrade the sequence of thought of development and change. ”   innovates as a whole solve   of difficult problem of building of bamboo shoots in spring 2016, project of garden of city building plum enters materiality phase. According to bamboo shoot hillock legal plan criterion, project of rich square of peaceful of storehouse of garden of city building plum and carry of the China and foreign countries that enrol business, difficult job is congeneric 01 child unit. This child inside unit, with be being mixed on the west in road of north of Lu Yina of the operatic circle, Baoan the Fujian material inn of difficult job home surrounds the point that close, have 7 when the name is building of bamboo shoots in spring old old houses did not bring into a city to update limits. Building of bamboo shoots in spring is an old village that shares many 200 house, the structure is outmoded, form a complete set is insufficient, and put in certain and safe hidden trouble, be a model ” often defeat small ” old uptown. Can infer, after when business of city building, action, difficult job Tai Fuquan ministry builds, building of bamboo shoots in spring will become by high-rise group surrounded triangle is land belonging to one production unit but enclosed in that of another region. This both neither accords with a program principle that the area updates as a whole, go with urban image photograph of future again very far. “Originally Mei Yuan’s property right is very onefold, come from efficiency it is OK to say very fast, ” Huang Xiaoyue expresses, the small or petty proprietor that involves as a result of building of bamboo shoots in spring is very much, have about a hundred small or petty proprietor, and plan according to legal plan, lot of building of bamboo shoots in spring does not belong to project of garden of city building plum, future will become communal greenbelt, in order to improve an area communal form a complete set. Huang Xiaoyue introduces, below this kind of circumstance, city building group assumed building of bamboo shoots in spring actively to answer change room task, be equal to the contribution that replaces policy regulation besides the city besides rate, the room answering change of building of bamboo shoots in spring of even additional contribution, also was to reflect the responsibility of state-owned company to take on. Notable is, considering area of bamboo shoot hillock development and public service are coordinated optimize, it is to be based on likewise plan as a whole principle, garden of plum of decision general city building piece the area updates what the project removes limit of the southeast outside limits to already was approved did not build the H301-0036 that use the land ancestor the ground is brought into make overall plans inside limits, ancestor the ground accumulates 9011.8 square metre with the ground, basically use at housing of construction safeguard sex to mix the room that answer change. In addition, plum garden project still gives tribute construction of 30 thousand much square metre to use the land, use at building safeguard room, municipal road, transformer substation, 36 make the school and nursery school and other society 9 years public facilities, rate of this project total contribution is achieved 46% . Make hillock of bamboo shoot of base of headquarters of finance of red mountain innovation – clear water river piece the area is welcoming unprecedented development opportunity. Become silent long already ” urban flat ” , gradually transition is industrial upland, with ” the sea before having on the west, there is bamboo shoot post east – clear water river ” attitude draws common people to fix eyes upon. Released 2016 ” Shenzhen city town is updated ” 935 ” program (2016-2020) ” in, bamboo shoot hillock – clear water river piece the area regards the Shenzhen with Luo Hu exclusive and selected area as one of area of 16 keys development, area of center of base of as super as Shenzhen bay headquarters, Baoan piece the area places on a par. Among them, bamboo shoot hillock piece the area is located be area of center of high-end business affairs, finance of trade of main development characteristic, innovation and river of clear water of; of culture originality industry piece the area is located be high new developed area of Shenzhen the eastpart part, basically make strategical burgeoning industry and area of prospective industry garden. On November 28, 2016, city of garden of city building plum updates the office to uncover a shop sign ceremoniously. Regard bamboo shoot as hillock – the important subproject that vogue of international of clear water river consumes center and base of city originality headquarters, the plum garden storehouse after updating will change to innovate as Shenzhen city financial headquarters base. According to introducing, this project is in large phoenix tree of burgeoning industry belt and corridor of finance of innovation of red mountain road hand in collect a place, the group of financial headquarters base that will not will make company of innovation of service science and technology, for Luo Hu region industry transition upgrades offer strong prop up. Project whole fixed position shops for collect, recreation, meal, office, meeting is exhibited, live the fashionable commerce synthesis that reachs public service function to be an organic whole, management industry condition covers residence of building of office building of hotel of class of shopping centers, star, first class, research and development, high end to wait. In August 2018, newer bureau classics discusses city of collect lake area release about bamboo shoot hillock garden of plum of street city building piece area city replaces unit program (draft) , give fair show. Plan to show, garden of city building plum is demolished rebuild to accumulate 75 thousand square metre with the ground, development construction accumulates 41 thousand square metre with the ground, plan volume ratio always builds a face to amount to 468 thousand square metre, always invest nearly 15 billion yuan. On December 19, 2018, base of headquarters of finance of Shenzhen city innovation finishs bookmark of contract of sell one’s own things of state-owned land access to order, the mark is worn this project already development of make one’s bow builds phase. On March 29, 2019, collect lake area is held major first quarter project centered start working ceremony and garden of city building plum 2019 piece area city updates unit project ceremony. To city building group, also mean deep look forward to of this old brand to upgrading toward strategic transition it is important to be stridden one pace, future will open new development space newlier through the city. According to introducing, the project of program of city building group that start still includes city building of cereal of cloud of city of Shenzhen live abroad, Shenzhen large building of headquarters of garden of wisdom cereal originality, city building. In addition, bamboo shoot hillock – clear water river piece be like,the area still was attracted difficult job, Hua Run, medium business of grain, action, treasure can, in continent, the heavyweight such as goods and materials develops business to garrison, make the industrial vacuum of nearly 5 million square metre jointly. Current, in bamboo shoot hillock piece area, already carry of China and foreign countries of business of action of start working construction, treasure can every phenomenon of center, Huarun feeds the home, difficult job content of international of edifice of center of arteries and veins of Tai Fuan field, city, Di Haojin be in harmony, Great Wall flows wait for a project, clear water river piece area already city of car of intimate industry of start working construction, difficult job is entered wisdom, Gong Gang innovates square, medium the project such as square of Hai Huizhi, Zhi Bo. In days of 40 years, bamboo shoot hillock – clear water river piece the development of the area witnessed this young city countless miracles. Focus the land to professional market from area of old old warehouse, nowadays luxuriant face about, become Shenzhen to have the area of center of high-end business affairs of latent capacity most, bamboo shoot hillock of future – clear water river, will not have but set limit to. Garden of plum of setting city building piece area city updates unit project   city of start working Shenzhen will innovate in August financial headquarters base, it is storehouse of garden of plum of bamboo shoot hillock formerly, be located in hillock of bamboo shoot of collect lake area street mud hillock east road and road of red mountain north are handed in assemble place northeast part, cover an area of an area to make an appointment with 84195 square metre, include garden of city building plum among them piece area city is newer 75183.3 square metre mix unit to already was approved did not build the H 301-0036 that use the land ancestor 9011.8 square metre of ground, original structure has a 11 storehouse, office building and a multi-purpose building, total floor area is 130922.84 square metre about. Garden of city building plum piece area city updates unit project to include Shenzhen city town updated unit to plan Luo Hu area the 2nd batch 2017, update priority discipline for Shenzhen city town, declare main body to be garden of plum of Shenzhen town city building industrial limited company (now already more the name is garden of industry of Shenzhen town city building to develop limited company) . Garden of city building plum piece area city updates unit project to develop construction to accumulate 41402.5 square metre with the ground, plan cubage leads floor area 468680 square metre (contain subterranean commerce to build) of twelve thousand eight hundred square metre. Among them, 10 thousand square metre of residential 7.52 (contain 2.4 of safeguard sex housing) of 10 thousand square metre, 10 thousand square metre of commerce, office and hotel 21.1 (contain subterranean business) of twelve thousand eight hundred square metre, business affairs apartment 86 thousand square metre (contain talent boarding house) of seventeen thousand three hundred square metre, industrial research and development uses 10 thousand square metre of room 8.18 (contain innovation industry to use a room) of 9800 square metre, 10 thousand square metre of 1.34 of establishment of communal form a complete set (contain daytime of old people of service center of fitness of transformer substation, community, community to attend the) such as 12 center, nursery school. H301-0036 ancestor the ground serves as already approved did not build with the ground, to solve Ou Lichun bamboo shoot building answers change problem of great the people’s livelihood, plan to update unit to undertake planning to plan as a whole with the city, building of bamboo shoots in spring answers change room, public transportation the station is in an end ground of this an administrative unit in Xizang is fulfilled. Considering to apply for ground of this an administrative unit in Xizang to include whole town ensure Fangan to reside project project to supply a plan with the ground at present, use room of safeguard of part of land of this an administrative unit in Xizang as building of bamboo shoots in spring answers change to find a place for room. Transform newlier through the city upgrade, the volume business that this project drafts to make, industry, residence and school bear the weight of the urban synthesis of function of center of bamboo shoot hillock, plan to build 3 residence of high in the clouds of an apartment of business affairs of an office building of research and development of an office building of business affairs of high end of a 81F, 48F, 36F, 60F, 46- 60F to ensure sexual housing, 1 36 make composition of a the school, nursery school 9 years. At present the project is deepening this program to devise plan further, predict August 2019 start working.