Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Be located in shellfish of collect lake water — cloth heart piece the area of Shenzhen gem assemble of the area, still be ten years ago a rattletrap factory building, hire of every months of every square metre only a few yuan of money, every square metre returns one shop 89 yuan to be begged hard nowadays. As this area the fastest finishing city updates one of projects, square of Jin Zhanzhu treasure maintains the entering of 100% for a long time to live rate. Such hire is mixed rate is very supreme at the country the Luo Hu such as king of trade, ground is traditional office building. Hire is firm in having the trend backside that enter is Luo Hu make gold jewelry treatment actively the center upgrade for ” wisdom go to ” center, progressively to the result with industrial catenary outspread high end. Nowadays, here assemble gold jewelry production runs an unit many 4100, jewelry ” Chinese famous brand ” 23, occupy 1/3 above of countrywide. Upgrade through transforming, water shellfish — cloth heart piece the area will be made be ” the city zone of originality of international gem zoology ” , the building such as institute of art of center of design of office of jewelry company headquarters, gem, gem will unplug the ground and remove; to be dug through land go with reorganize and outfit, burgeoning industry belt will be large phoenix tree IT of Internet, new generation and its are outspread the burgeoning industry such as the industry offers construction of more than 500 thousand square metre to use innovation of the ground, 3 million square metre industry to use a room… … the city is updated become Luo Hu to dissolve a space, release industrial space for industrial assemble at the same time, quicken industrial transition to upgrade. In recent years, luo Hu undertakes the city is updated ceaselessly, release industrial space for industrial assemble, quicken industrial transition to upgrade. Does Lu Li of southern daily reporter photograph the current situation? ? Burgeoning industry shortage develops a space to regard the building with the earliest Shenzhen as the area, luo Hu builds the deficient that use the land, how to furnish continuously develop new space? The industrial structure after key company strategy is transferred is onefold, how to strengthen does motive force lay inside development? Luo Hu takes the lead in encountering the city zone old the problem such as bottleneck of old, space. Luo Hu’s practice is to hold to a city to update with industrial linkage, change development with the space, aggrandizement capital attraction, focusing enterprise serves. As Shenzhen first begin a city to update reform pilot, in October 2015, collect lake area was promulgated ” city of Shenzhen city Luo Hu district replaces executive method (try out) ” , whole town takes the lead in beginning a city to update working reform. In recent years, collect lake area rolls out the city of a batch of high quality normatively to update a project in order, the project floor area that already finished a program to examine and approve achieves 13.41 million square metre, released the communal space of above of 1 million square metre and industrial space 2018, can develop continuously for Luo Hu open new phase. In recent years, structure of Luo Hu economy is optimized ceaselessly, form gradually with line of business of financial industry, trade line of business, business affairs service industry of 3 big focal points is given priority to, industry of two big characteristic is originality of gold jewelry, culture complementary, strategical the modern industry system that burgeoning industry rises quickly, “Innovation of boreal science and technology, south financial trade ” amlposition development pattern is being formed on Luo Hu domain. Broken bureau? ? Perfect industry catenary aids   of transition of platform of force convention industry the square of Jin Zhanzhu treasure of official 2016 start business (next weighing ” gold exhibits square ” ) it is water shellfish — cloth heart piece the area is the fastest finishing city updates one of projects, practice maintains with relatively stable condition up to now of 100% enter rate. Enrolling business to be versed in oppose gold is exhibited is not tickler for square, hire is tenement consideration on one hand, integrated operation cost is the main factor that decides the company remains whether for a long time, the solidder industrial base that gold exhibits square to have and perfect industrial chain are become attract a business long-term ” be stationed ” ” a magic weapon ” . Gold exhibits square controller Wang Zhen to introduce, as gem wholesale with the integrated platform that reveal, the building of nearly 90 thousand ㎡ covered division of professional market, office, small business integrated platform and Shenzhen gem museum, deserve to express, content shedding and 4 authority detect orgnaization. Tenement is given priority to with medium and small businesses, the demand of the enterprise and dimensions are differ, bear lease an area endless also and identical, have the small company that hires bar of below 100 ㎡ already, also have hire below 2000 ㎡ the well-known company of division of office of an office building, market of estate of its technical secondary school is mean monthly hire interval is 200 — 400 yuan / ㎡, office division is mean monthly hire makes an appointment with 100 yuan / ㎡, 2016 up to now, hire is stabilized basically somewhat rise. Luo Hu is made through intelligence, high-quality goods is made, the brand changes the 10 big projects such as construction to plan, shellfish of construction of highway of gem museum, gem, water piece area traffic is special the 12 big projects such as the program, stimulative jewelry industry is changed to intelligence, standardization, brand is changed, specialization and internationalization way develops, shellfish of the water that help strength — cloth heart piece the area is made ” the city zone of originality of international gem zoology ” . “The Shenzhen gem museum that the hope builds this year can help gold exhibit and even whole water shellfish piece the area draws more consumer and high-end industry resource, condition of promotion line of business develops a standard. ” Wang Zhen says. From ” 3 will fill ” commercial pattern development designs research and development, production to make for collect, reveal trade, brand operation, examine detect and the whole industry catenary that relevant form a complete set is an organic whole, the transition of industry of collect lake jewelry upgrades is a reduction that Luo Hu makes industry of convention of strong dominant position. In recent years, luo Hu is passed start east the door transforms 2 edition, high level makes group of new trade of bamboo shoot hillock, sufficient play area advantage, send an advantage first, along Shenzhen river series connection compose of 3 big port builds pool of Luo Hu, Wen Jindu, lotus port economy belt, it is important to make travel of trade of deep Hongkong’s trader consume collaboration carrier and; of hub the city zone give priority to an axis to make innovation banking industry take with red mountain road, upgrade red mountain road become world-class ” financial market ” , exert oneself makes the assemble of orgnaization of the large finance that hold a card such as bank, negotiable securities, insurance expand a division, continue to develop industry of banking of traditional advantage estate ” the stone that press cabin ” action. Transition? ? Belt of new program industry attracts high-end enterprise assemble Yin Hushan rises on the west, road of hillock of edge north annulus, mud, cloth heart road eastwards outspread, burgeoning industry brings the large phoenix tree of area of ministry of radiation collect Hubei, making an area make an appointment with 57 square kilometer to upgrade the area of garden of science and technology of edition, future, what a the architecture system capacity of more than 10 million square metre, high level will appear here is integrated kind of university and soft the heavyweight enterprise such as a headquarters austral dynamical China. Burgeoning industry brings large phoenix tree special fund and industry use room policy privilege big, innovation industry uses principle of chummage gold price to be the same as class industry to assess the value with room market to be the same as an area 30% — 70% . According to the program, to 2020, will preliminary building high new developed area of the eastpart part, become Shenzhen state tall newly-added district to extend an area. Plan to show, burgeoning industry takes large phoenix tree to build area to achieve new ecosystem integratedly to be a target with compose, draw lessons from alley of new York silicon ” garden of industry of immensity bound innovation ” experience, layout ” one school 3 Gu Duoyuan areas ” , (One school: 3 cereal of; of urban combination university: The Tian Gu, Zhi Gu, ) that achieve cereal, health of originality of IT of key development Internet, new generation, artificial intelligence, culture, aerospace, life strategical burgeoning industry and prospective industry, the general quantity that 10 million square metre will release inside 5 years, become a region industry space, with Luo Hu traditional industry of the south forms the power that amlposition expands, form ” innovation of boreal science and technology, south financial trade ” brand-new industrial situation. Square project is set in be in the Shenzhen that burgeoning industry brings large phoenix tree (next weighing ” in set square ” ) in December 2016 complete, share space of industry of 73 thousand square metre, it is large phoenix tree of collect lake area the priority discipline that burgeoning industry takes the first fall to the ground in the plan and construction. The fixed position that square establishs in is ” garden of wisdom city industry ” , already introduced at present soft Hua Na headquarters joins a motive force be stationed in A ridgepole is whole. As we have learned, square is set in every are mean monthly hire interval is 100 — 120 yuan / ㎡, numerous those who achieve a space enter rate in 90% above. Square controller Zhang Zihao is set to express in, soft connect motivation to be able to drive whole industry belt and industrial garden development as bibcock enterprise, attract city of a batch of IT, wisdom, ” Internet + ” the enterprise gathers. Quickly strengthening housing support and help enterprise to introduce a talent is tenement is industrial assemble, main appeal to beg, garden of industry of prospective wisdom city 2 period will with soft connect headquarters of dynamical Hua Na be core, gather together industrial catenary resource, form industrial alliance, make IT and chain of wisdom industry modes of life and relation to their environment. ■ relevant section office building strengthens tenement aptitude to examined the author to visit Luo Hu a few representative office building, combine the circumstance discovery such as lunar hire and rental rate, edifice of king of trade of office building nation, ground has collect lake old brand the subway is direct, take mature commercial form a complete set oneself. Because the building is relatively old old, and both belongs to the office building that with coming loose carry out gives priority to, although hire drops somewhat, but rental rate stability is in 9 into above. Country at present hire level is trade edifice office building every months about 100 — 130 yuan / ㎡, hire is compared last year every months probably low 10 — 20 yuan / ㎡. The main body of property unit is relatively dispersive, still have partial empty place. The edifice of Tian Anguo border that tightens the trade that face a nation and country price of trade business edifice keeps balance basically, edifice of the trade that compare a country every months probably low 10 yuan / ㎡, rental rate is higher. Be in ground king edifice, integral hire interval is every months 180 — 220 yuan / ㎡, fall than last year it is about 10% , rental rate is in 95% above, tenement is stabler. The tenement such as the finance in tenement, negotiable securities, insurance is more. As we have learned, because there is Internet finance before this kind the enterprise is made by investigation owner and edifice fame are affected, at present the edifice already strengthened tenement aptitude to examine, internet finance kind the company is accepted to spend inferior. Zhang Tianming of manager of research center of whole nation of beautiful couplet property thinks, the industry gathers model area is in the situation that demand exceeds supply for a long time, bring about hire to rise somewhat. Blame industry gathers model fluidity of area office building is opposite bigger. Additional, medicinal powder an element that carry out office building also is influence hire, the part is small small company from hire higher area flows to low rent area, cause certain effect to rental rate, also pull low hire.