Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Nowadays, to a lot of people character, this is a short person travel crossover, pass to end from the beginning, be less than a minute. Look at from the glazing of crossover, can see the figure of railway bridge dimly. 60 old before, it is a ligneous railway bridge — Qian Xuesen, Li Siguang, Qian Sanjiang, Deng Jia first, a batch of Guo Yonghuai scientists that had made outstanding contribution for new China, return the bosom of the motherland on foot from the footpath of rail both sides namely. Here is collect lake bridge and collect lake port. Regard coupling as Hong Kong and inland ” the first port ” , it witnessed Shenzhen to develop a miracle metropolitanly to internationalization from borderland fishing village not only, more land of the home in was being witnessed from break block to begin, march toward step by step great revived brilliant future. Come home 1950, by the side of the Shenzhen bank that is born in fireweed clump, soldier of ten edges check put up a spare building with board, hanged ” checkpoint of Shenzhen of bureau of frontier defence of Guangdong province Public Security Department ” brand. This is the model with first station of the check side Luo Hu. Of cabin nearby, the collect lake bridge that experiences hundred years harships namely — this railway bridge, chair by Zhan Tianyou build and become, be in deep harbor of closure of butt joint of two paragraphs of railroad hand in collect place. In October 1955, wearing the Qian Xuesen of black suit, getting the son Qian Yonggang that resents 7 years old, stand in collect lake either end of a bridge. From here, come home. In period of very long a paragraph of history, collect lake bridge is new China is the most important external one of passageways. “Here witnessed homecoming of a batch of another batch hardships of abroad a newborn baby, the development of their progress for the country and socioeconomy had indispensable effect. ” the check side the Luo Hu that is familiar with this paragraph of history stands Ceng Wei of 6 groups assistant team leader says. When historical hour hand shift arrives 1997, “Come home ” in Luo Hu port, had new meaning. Since Hong Kong is returned to, brethrens of more and more Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and outback dweller had crossed Luo Hu to the bridge returns inland or go to Hong Kong. Ceng Wei says, in collect lake port, “‘ give evening early to return ‘ had become normal state of a kind of life ” . Nowadays, everyday 6 when 30 minutes, ms. He that lives in area of Shenzhen collect lake can appear in collect lake port, await the first discharged opening floodgate to attend harbor work; Dusk time, she can appear in collect lake either end of a bridge again, pass a barrier comes home. “Both sides is connecting the subway, pass a barrier is very convenient also, I and husband were used to. ” Ms. He says. Current, collect lake port installed 112 self-help to check a passageway in all, ensure citizen discrepancy condition is connected close queue up not to exceed 30 minutes. In giving the 230 thousand person-time that enter a country via collect lake port everyday, 68% it is dweller of HongKong and Macow. “The schoolchild that goes there and back via collect lake port everyday between deep now harbor makes an appointment with 5000 person-time. ” Ceng Wei says, area of big bay of HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province ” a hour of life is encircled ” forming. Open 1968, the predecessor that Shenzhen custom enters in Zhou Ji — 9 dragon custom works. Deputy to becoming Shenzhen custom this later close long ” old Luo Hu ” , “Drip to with a tick answer ” alarm clock sound, it is that paragraph of time most the memory that remember to the end of one’s life. “Hear this voice, be about to take care to check close whether is there bomb in article. In the very long period of time after new China holds water, what we carry out in collect lake port is the double task that politics is guarded and economy guards. ” he says. As the ceaseless development of reforming and opening, here witnessed the joint development of Chinese inland and world. “Since reforming and opening, collect lake port has become compatriots to move toward the world, world to know main thoroughfare of China. Communication of China and foreign countries is increasingly frequent, the rate that also reflects a China to open to the outside world expands ceaselessly. ” Jiang Jizhou of seventeen division section chief says check of brigade of custom of Shenzhen collect lake. 1986, official investment uses building of check of new couplet of Luo Hu port. Thenceforth rises, 12 buildings of this yellow housetop, gules post, of land of the home in becoming a lot of people to understand ” the first station ” . Ceng Wei introduces, in recent years, more and more studying abroad personnel and professional personage are land of the home in coming via Luo Hu port. “Benefit of ball king shellfish entered inland from collect lake port namely 1976. ” ” leave the country respect, before basically is the herd that manages travel visa to go to HongKong and Macow to travel, there is those who hold mariner card to go abroad now, still have study going abroad, job, go to ‘ one belt all the way ‘ the person that along the line participates in construction also grows significantly. ” Ceng Wei says. On May 1, 2019, 144 hours of pass through the territory of a country avoid Guangdong province executive foreigner autograph policy, after the foreigner that accords with a condition enters inland from collect lake port, but from bead trigonometry random port leaves the country. Ceng Wei says, in this one policy drive below, collect lake port will be greeted more of diversity enter a country stream of people. The one’s previous experience of foliaceous winter jasmine that new journey just retired this year ” railroad old and well-known family ” , in proximate Luo Hu the Shenzhen railway station of port worked 30 old. In her memory, from narrow narrow old railway bridge turns capacious nowadays new railroad into the bridge, from receive the green skin car that sends a guest to arrive at first the high speed motor-car at the beginning of 21 centuries, collect lake port witnessed Chinese railroad span type develops. “‘ La Jian ‘ ‘ become known shark ‘ these precursory model of Gao Tie, also have a test in Shenzhen railway station. ” she says. Newest attempt was 2018 spring during carry, brush pay treasure, silver-colored couplet ” shine pay ” application is thrown in Shenzhen railway station by the car, the passenger that uses this one new method amounts to 250 thousand person-time. When new China holds water 70 years, collect lake port also is in greet brand-new future. 2018, as all fronts of tall iron of wide deep harbor formal be well versed in, reach Hong Kong Xi Jiulong railway station from railway station of Shenzhen blessing cropland, need the most quickly 14 minutes only, ” two check ” let connect close speed to promote further, more and more person selected choose take Gao Tie to go out row. With be apart of collect lake port not far lotus pond port also is in intense construction. Regard HongKong and Macow of another name for Guangdong Province as the important construction project of big bay area, area of prospective collect lake will own 3 overland port, total day all person discharge will achieve 300 thousand person-time. Sectional chief says related port, what build as big bay area is thorough, belt of economy of collect lake port is upgrading, what life of high-end business affairs, fashionable consumption, recreational recreation, travel will form to wait for functional overlay near port is compound model function piece area. “Come to us here, arrive with respect to can real experience, the gate that China opens to the outside world won’t be shut, can open bigger more only. ” Chen Yongfu of vice director of port government office says Luo Hu.