Dispatch of network of collect lake home: To enhance the dweller’s knowledge poison gases defence consciousness, increase poisonous capacity of the refus that prohibit toxin, build restful and harmonious community in all, on May 30, organization of Party committee of plum garden community bans poisonous company to be versed in the staff member with teamwork work other stations is in the style square of plum garden community begins the propaganda that prohibit toxin. Mobile spot, project of the company that prohibit toxin bans poisonous banner with suspension, distribute the form such as manual of the conduct propaganda that prohibit toxin to develop an activity. Community dweller responds the job of workstation actively, order ground queues up to take manual of the conduct propaganda that prohibit toxin and little gift. The company that prohibit toxin is versed in also how does on-the-spot guidance dweller read propagandist manual, learn the sort of drugs, appearance and harm. This second activity serves a resident in all 50 much person-time, dweller enthusiasm is participated in, abide by order, build good danger atmosphere for this second activity, also lay a foundation to build harmonious community environment.



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