Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Dragon boat festival is one of Chinese traditional festivals, to build grumous festal atmosphere, the culture of rich and broad masses lives. On June 4, 2019, peaceful community looks through item of small fact of the people’s livelihood in peaceful community old people daytime attends the center is begun ” Zong of Xi Yingduan midday waves sweet, mutual affection of spend joyfully festival is enjoyed ” activity. Coadjutant association of peaceful community neighborhood calls together a volunteer to wrap the beginning with zhongzi intense action before today in the activity, the bubble rice, leaf that wash Zong, bacon waits a series of pre-construction jobs a moment, the volunteer comes from different place, the appearance of the zhongzi is sundry, have the beautiful zhongzi with the differ appearance such as form of triangle, pillow, strip form instantaneous figuration. Through full laborious of a day is made with one’s shoulder to collar, everybody has wrapped 600 zhongzis. After the zhongzi is thoroughlied cook, secretary of peaceful community Party committee Comrade Jiang Derong cooperates with the member that community worker reachs good community contact is being carried ” love Zong ” in sending community orphans and widows, advanced age better and deformity home, bless joy of their dragon boat festival, see the volunteer’s arrival, be overjoyed, appreciate extremely. This year dragon boat festival in all seek by inquiry 84. Those who pass 9 a period of ten years in one’s age poplar the grandma says excitedly: “Annual dragon boat festival, the staff member of community and volunteer deliver a zhongzi to me, I am really glad! ”   shares meeting site, according to Chinese traditional custom, activity with ” bag zhongzi, register sweet bag, taste rice wine ” for main content, the cate of theme of dragon boat festival that gives priority to body with community dweller, volunteer shares an activity, among them, we still alternated to carry the activity of interlocution having reward of midday little knowledge, the resident that lets participate in can share the pleasure of cate in the activity not only, what still can experience traditional culture afresh is distinctive. Carry midday theme activity this, make the dweller experiences thick traditional culture atmosphere not only, also make everybody promotional in the activity the feeling between neighborhood, more the goodness that invites group of care weak force got delivering.



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