Dispatch of network of collect lake home: To promote health of community better body and mind further, on June 6, 2019, in Party committee of loose garden community support energetically below, party of loose garden community group service center of fitness of community of service center, loose garden is begun jointly ” live happier more ” better psychology lecture. In the lecture, the expert is mixed from the physiology after better is aged problem of psychological change, mood, improvement a few respects such as mood worry undertake explaining in detail. The key explains the reason that the mood perplexes, how adjust and loosen oneself psychology, life and body, achieve the health of body and mind. Better people serious listen to a talk, raise the question that oneself face in daily life from time to time, the expert uses the means of citing to undertake be solutioned in detail, offer reasonable proposal in the light of better individual circumstance. The activity got the accord of dwellers reputably, this job lane, let better have certain knowledge to mental health not only, and also had new knowledge to his psychological state.   


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