Dispatch of network of collect lake home: On June 10, 2019 morning, city east community party group the service center was begun smoothly with ” medicine ” safe, enjoy health ” the community better safety that gives priority to a problem studies a group with medicine last class. This second group activity is divided in all it is 5, in the process of 5 groups, company project explains through asking professional doctor spot, the means such as PPT, the basic knowledge that basically handed domestic security to use drug to community dweller, safety chooses those who be not prescription drug, hypertension to use medicine and precaution, tall blood sugar reach precaution with medicine, expire medicines and chemical reagents handles the content such as relevant knowledge. There is not a doctor to explain only only in this second group activity, of Ppt reveal, in the activity company project alternated a lot of interesting motion, be like: Number too extremely, in ” manhood is become self-improvement ” music is useful hand comparing delimits the number of 1-10. Still the finger that health doctor teachs the company everybody is held etc. Level reviews finally, panel member states results fine is much in succession, throw in the activity seriously, express oneself understanding and view actively, lv Shu says: “I have high blood pressure originally, thinking formerly is an as dry as a chip and bored study group only, but after passing this group study, I knew how safe use depressor, how to reduce oneself blood pressure at ordinary times, it is later in the life I more attention.   


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