Dispatch of network of collect lake home: On June 5, 2019 afternoon, community of look of Party committee of lake look community, lake is resided appoint meeting hand in hand lake look community serves Dang Qunzhong heart to hold the people’s livelihood small fact item looks ” affection is the setting sun, love is allowed in the lake ” birthday meets collective of better of lake look community. This second birthday invites 30 community better to happily gather under the same roof in all, company project chairs the introduction this second project, the blessing that workstation stationmaster also serves him for community better is better congratulate on sb’s birthday. Be in next game link, the person that company project takes neckline undertakes ” drum sends a flower ” ” Gong Ge is guessed ” wait for game program, when the song that hears that familiar time, better people happen to coincide sing together. After laughing at the game program of language through joyous sound, company project wears birthday hat for longlived people, ask them to appear on the stage to blow the candle to cut birthday cake, serve birthday cake and cordial blessing for better. The better when the activity ends people express to thanked community to organize this birthday very much meeting activity, those who let had removed they can come back to follow the neighbour associate previously people chat a little together, spend birthday together, nod assist for community.



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