Dispatch of network of collect lake home: To raise the witting rate that community reseau manages further, promote community reseau level of management, let community government be in the following job, can serve better at community dweller, on June 11, 2019 afternoon, emerald green bright and beautiful community workstation combines street reseau center to be in berth forest garden square began ” carry out community reseau to change, home of restful and happy ten million ” propaganda. Mobile spot, suspension publicizes scroll, distribute propagandist material, attract numerous community dweller to come round to participate in, the meaning that the staff member explained community reseau to manage to spot dweller and had done live register pair of oneself to have what profit, how has been directive dweller done declare oneself, and in at ordinary times how live and discover in the job and eliminate safe hidden danger, the spot often alternates a few interactive little game, made a dweller imperceptible in lively days acquire life little common sense. “Reseau is installed, criterion community installs; community, criterion the society is installed. ” this activity, pull close reseau member the distance with the dweller, the accord that gained community resident reputably, for next reseau the job laid a foundation.   


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