Dispatch of network of collect lake home: To promote the Chinese nation outstanding tradition, rich community culture lives, promotional neighborhood friendly feelings, build atmosphere of grumous day of dragon boat festival, party committee of Ni hillock community, community is resided on June 5 morning appoint association of old people of meeting, community was held hand in hand ” wave the sweet Zong that carry midday, share party public sentiment ” activity of day of party of theme of midday of strong feeling end. Early in the morning, volunteer of Party member of more than 10 community and justice labour people come to community party group service center, the beginning that upsurges enthusiasticly prepares material to wrap a zhongzi. Come each is the hotshot that wrap Zong, each show its can, revealed each district each zhongzi includes a method, see everybody takes page of 3 two Zong only, change a form, put into the burden such as polished glutinous rice, pork, Xianggu mushroom, earthnut, 29 fold, a zhongzi with respect to figuration, bundle up of reoccupy careless rope is good, the hand with one deft in pairs was finished very quickly each tightens the zhongzi with neat fact. Zhu Jiangzhou of the first secretary is leading community Party committee member of community Party committee will to the spot participate in among them, of itch to try also move removed both hands, in justice labour aunt people below guidance, wrap with one’s own hands give each to bearing the weight of the zhongzi of full blessing and intention. The activity lasts hover is in a happy and auspicious atmosphere, everybody upsurges enthusiasticly, experiencing dragon boat festival to the top of one’s bent outstanding and traditional culture and the harmonious and friendly atmosphere that community each other loves to help each other. Through groups of big joint efforts, appetizing zhongzi gives boiler, installed full a few a large bamboo or wicker basket. Party member volunteers bale the zhongzi that these thoroughlying cook after outfit is good, they expressed sympathy and solicitude for on belt of group of Chen Tong of secretary of community Party committee community is small preserve hemline family, visited community 70 years old above old Party member, what send a red-letter day to them is condolatory, the warmth that the move that makes them clear is knitted by community leading Party group and consideration.   


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