Dispatch of network of collect lake home: Project of Shenzhen city An Lan agency served party of community of station of shellfish of cropland of hillock of company bamboo shoot, north on June 11, 2019 group the 4 companies project of the service center, in the eastpart part of head of Yong Wangdan bamboo square of flower county holiday began a theme to be ” father loves to be like hill ” father’s day always activity of theme of flourishing yellow small bill, the activity drew wide attention of the citizen.  Will come as father’s day, shenzhen installs billows company to be versed in service company company is versed in people on June 11 always flourishing day this day, through distributing the form of greeting card, convey the wish to father. Although greeting card is small, bearing the weight of however heart of a filial piety. The company is versed in people the activity that hopes to pass this, advocate more people to pay close attention to commonweal, give other care with unique kind. It is ” always activity of small bill of flourishing happiness yellow ” day, consumer is OK will be in that day always inside the commonweal box of the commonweal group that him investment of maize small bill that flourishing consumes supports. The real operation that uses oneself supports commonweal project.  The activity arrived to ended at 5 o’clock afternoon continuously all the time, hundreds citizen participated in activity of maize small bill, understanding shares the sense of commonweal activity. Appeal more citizens pay close attention to activity of supportive charity commonweal jointly.



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