Dispatch of network of collect lake home: To build the community environment of healthy harmony, raise the sanitarian consciousness of community dweller, on June 4, 2019 afternoon, civilian new community Party committee is in green banboos is street family planning assist support energetically below, expert of health traditional Chinese medical science is in company of associated cropland shellfish community party group the service center is muti_function mobile room held ” healthy life, cong Cuizhu sets out ” — — make one’s rounds of 100 healthy accomplishment says Luo Hu division series lecture, about 50 people participated in this activity. Activity at the beginning, party group the community inmate register one’s attendance at a meeting or at an office that the company of the service center is versed in the lecture listens before guiding, enter. Subsequently, company project provides to the dweller that be present with justice labour drinking water satisfy one’s thirst. Although the activity begins celestial light rainstorm before 20 minutes, the participation of community dweller is enthusiastic however a bit is not decreased. Mobile spot, expert of give a lecture Doctor Chen Shiwei joins healthy knowledge of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine the healthy community of new era, the old age in be aimed at should take seriously ” spot piece ” risk knowledge, come to path of tirelessly of the dweller below the stage. He points out, the dietary Morpheus with good nurturance is used to, right amount motion, plus the heart of a sunshine, attach most importance to especially to healthy life should. Learn to go up in the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine think, the cause that causes a disease basically is by element body deficiency of yin with irritability, food not annals of section, affection maladjusted or fatigue desire is excessive wait for an element to cause. In lecture process, doctor Chen explains those who gained a resident straightawayly blast an applause. This second activity aims to popularize knowledge of fitness of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine and health care of preserve one’s health, incentive community dweller is in charge of for his health, change undesirable habits and customs, precautionary disease promotes health, improve life quality of everybody further.   


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