Dispatch of network of collect lake home: June 6 is the whole nation this year the 24th ” day love a look ” , the theme is ” the eye that caresses good child jointly, the future that lets them have a light ” . Cherish the eye, attention that protects vision to raise the school and student to be opposite, disease of collect lake area accuses a center to be in the pleasance activity that An Fang developed area under administration to give priority to a problem in order to love eye day inside elementary school campus, the activity has protection to inspect sieve of eyesight of muscularity schoolroom, spot to check exhibition of knowledge of experience, myopic prevention and cure, answering question to win gift 4 parts composition, content is rich, formal diversity. In the morning, prep against faces south aglitter, more than 1000 student’s shipshape rank is in An Fang elementary school on the playground, the staff member that comes from collect lake disease to control a center explains to public for all student the structure of the eye, how to cherish an eye to protect vision. Playtime, students around be in piece myopia is prevented accuse knowledge to exhibit board before, active study myopia is prevented accuse knowledge. Because 3 grade reach elementary school,6 grade are the age with the rapiddest rate of myopic rate growth paragraph, to raise this one age paragraph the love eye of children protects eye consciousness, remind the eyesight state of children and children of its parent understanding, collect lake disease accuses a staff member to be all 3 grade student to begin spot eyesight sieve to check especially, and install answering question win gift activity, increase the enthusiasm of students. Spot atmosphere is enthusiastic, attend a student to express, carry activity of thematic visit a garden or park, mastered eye of a lot of love to protect the knowledge of the eye, and knew oneself eyesight state, meet later more the window that notices to protect good intention spirit. School leadership and teachers are right activity of this theme of day of second love eye gave very high opinion, state the school is accountability the health that protects children grows, the eyesight health of children needs to get pay close attention to highly and attention especially.   


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