Dispatch of network of collect lake home: To enhance the consciousness accusing smoke of dweller of area under administration, improve the understanding that the dweller endangers to smoking and knowledge further, build a health, clean, smokeless community environment. On June 11 afternoon, golden roc community begins the 32nd when give priority to a problem with tobacco and lung health smokeless day propaganda. Zhang Cuigong of the first secretary reachs golden roc community the group that be stationed in a dot played this propaganda. Mobile spot, zhang Cuigong of the first secretary appeals golden roc community dweller: Be far from cigarette, abide by Shenzhen city self-consciously to accuse smoke byelaw. Publicize a banner through suspension, extend the harm that the form such as Zhang Chan of relevant conduct propaganda makes dweller understanding smoking healthy to human body, explain the general knowledge such as the method of smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline and measure, and the relevant law knowledge that our country dominates smoke, ban on opium-smoking and the opium trade. The accord that this propaganda gained a resident reputably, let broad dweller have more intimate knowledge to the health of smoking, consciousness accusing smoke also got rising, everybody also expresses to accuse smoke in succession is him care, want to be made beside, try hard together to build the smokeless environment of healthy environmental protection.



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