Dispatch of network of collect lake home: To enhance the connection between community dweller neighborhood, on June 12, 2019 afternoon 14:30, burgeoning community Party committee, burgeoning community is resided appoint meeting and burgeoning community party group stimulative center of service center and communication of culture of blessing cropland Ou Yixing begins the 4th hand in hand ” savor the life, bake feeling is happy ” bake commonweal activity — yoke is crisp. Draw near the activity begins, dweller ground of land add add comes to mobile room, in everybody’s expectation, began yoke the crisp link that make. Bake is professional teacher of instructor the Tang Dynasty above all the edge starts work by the side of nuncupative operation flow set an example, knead dough skin, include stuffing material, besmear egg fluid, scatter sesame seed to wait, put its into our oven finally, such each reeky yoke are crisp give heat. After the yoke that takes a heat is crisp, dwellers seek advice from those who leave an activity to sign up in succession, already too impatient to wait wants to enter an activity. Thanks burgeoning community Party committee, burgeoning community is resided appoint can develop this activity for community dweller. Carry this activity, promoted community dweller not only good neighbors concerns, and the culture that abounded community builds an activity, still urged the construction of civilized and harmonious community further.   


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